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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – April 2013

FBA Board Meeting April 29, 2013, 8:00 PM

Board members present – Tony Wolfe, Ed Hartwig, Marty Hyde, Katie Buchanan, Steve Brumm and Gail Cushing
Guests present – Wendy Wolfe, Mac McLaughlin, Lou Goldman

Email business – Katie Buchanan

  • Marty is opening a business solution account – Office Depot
  • Ft Pierce lead rep – Sheila Jones
  • Grant reps – Ida Isaacs; lead rep, Leon Isaacs, Ricky Ginsburg
  • Triple Crown Pro reps – Wendy Wolfe; lead rep, Tony Wolfe, Sheila Jones
  • Triple Crown Backyard – Lorne Brumm; lead rep, Steve Brumm, Bob Youngblood
  • Contests sanctioned – 321 Battle of the Bands, Melbourne FL, 13th & 14th September 2013

Treasurers Report – Marty Hyde

  • Available Balance $26,977.13, No outstanding bills
  • Established Mobil Charging capabilities with PNC Bank for FBA Merchandise only
  • No change with PayPal for on line payment

Membership – Katie Buchanan

  • 20 new members
  • 2 new restaurants
  • 1 new life member
  • Members 770
  • Life members 26
  • Restaurant 15
  • Corporate 5
  • Teams 193
  • Judges 486

Judges Committee – Marty Hyde

  • Tabled all Course of Actions dealing with Judges not being selected for contests
  • Requested Board Input on lowering minimum age to judge from 18 to 16; await Board thought and recommendations
  • Trained vs. Certified: Current policy is Judges aren’t Certified until they judge a contest. Judges have a difficult time getting into contest because they are only trained. Also, Judges Name Badges get lost because of the lapse on time. What would it take to Train & Certify at conclusion of Seminar? Have them judge all four meat categories. Requested Board Input.

Contests – Damon Wooley – Sebring has been canceled

ByLaws Committee – Final draft will submitted before deadline of 26th June 2013

Old business – nothing

New business

  • Marianna – problems with software have been solved, all monies & trophies have been sent out.
  • All Jack Daniels proclamations to be put into file to be held by the secretary.

No further business meeting adjourned at 8:43pm
Next meeting May 20, 2013

Minutes submitted by Katie Buchanan

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