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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – August 2014

FBA Board Meeting August 29, 2014, 5:00 PM

Present: Tony Wolfe, Steve Brumm, Ed Hartwig, Marty Hyde
Absent: Gail Cushing, Don Miller
Guests: Angela Iverson,, Bob Youngblood, Noel Stevem. Angela Steven, Lorene Brumm, Louis Goldman, Vicki Leonard, Tom Pippin, Donna Kendall, George Kendall, Karen Hyde, Rick DiMaggio, Jim Dehne

Tony Wolfe called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM
Minutes of the June meeting were unanimously approved

Business conducted by email – Connie Washam

  1. Tony Wolf submitted a possible FBA DQ Sheet for discussion. This form would be used to avoid confusion over proper procedures when a Disqualification occurs.
    Discussion moved to who should sign off who should deliver.
    Also discussed was points given for the DQ in order to remain a qualifier for the Jack Daniels
    Don Miller: online motion to adopt the FBA Disqualification sheet (one DQ per page). 2nd Steve Brumm. Motion Carried 4/2
  2. Clarification of a chicken disqualification (DQ) is needed.
    Online motion made: “When a chicken entry is disqualified for failing the napkin test, the entry will be immediately returned to the cook team by any two available reps at the direction of the lead rep.”. Motion carried unanimously and will be added to the FBA Rep Manual.

Treasurers Report – Marty Hyde
Income $30,134.34. there are a few outstanding invoices from the Fun Cook.
All invoices will be paid by September 2, 2014

Comprehensive Membership Report – Ricky Ginsburg
758 Members, 34 Life, 8 Restaurant, 7 Corporate, 137 Teams, 476 Judges

New Members – Connie Washam

  • Corporate: Sonny’s BBQ
  • Restaurant: Hardwood Smokehouse
  • General Membership: Patricia Embree, Brian Ketelsen, Sandy Autry, Craig A. Kinsman, Matt Harden, Lindsay King, John Bermingham, Camille King-Thompson, Emily King, Stephen E. King,, Roger Dick, Jerry Findley, Shawn P. Bancroft, Derek Asdot, G. Scott Bryant, Tim Williams, Ray Stamper, Dennis McClain, Keith Bowen, Russ Frank, Lisa Jackson, Robert Jackson, Scott chandler, Ruth Sumpter, Ray Stamper, Dennis Bryant, Kenneth Shiflett, Sherri Fields, Edward Nagler
  • Family: Kevin Cobb & Nancy Redding

New Contests – Marty Hyde

  • Spring Hill is requesting is paid and is requesting a 3 year commitment.
    “Choo-Choos BBQ and Blues”
    Co.: Central Pasco and Gulf Railroad
    1605 Ridge Top Drive
    Tarpon Springs, FL 34688
    Organizer: Bill Donati, 727-639-7639
    Ed Hartwig made a motion to accept Spring Hill as a new contest Steve Brumm 2nd. Motion carried. unanimously
  • Eagle lake submitted sanctioning paperwork for a contest 1st weekend in March.
    Historic Cocoa Village BBQ & Blues Submitted for their contest also.
    Both contests still need to submit payment before sanctioning will be approved.
  • Tony Wolfe has been working with Angela Iverson and Sonny’s BBQ. Together they have created a new invitational.
    Sonny’s Smokin’ Showdown Invitational
    January 29th through the 31st 2016
    $68,000. pay out.Every FBA contest will be a qualifier. The grand champion and RGC will qualify. An invitation will be extended to the American Royal winner invitational and Open, Jack Daniels Winner, Sam’s Club winner.

Bylaws Review Committee – Steve Brumm

  • Louis Goldman made inquiry about the new by-laws that he has worked very hard on to get ready to send to the membership.
  • The bylaws are very close to being finished. Changes are still being worked on
  • All changes and revisions have been reviewed by an attorney.
  • Marty Hyde would like there to be no confusion about bylaws vs the process that are used to get to the final result. By laws are bylaws, it’s not the process, individuals have confused the process with the bylaws.
  • If there are member comments and suggestions direct them to the Board of Directors. If this process is completed, and final changes are BOD approved by November, the bylaws will be resent to the membership for review and will go on the December ballot. Otherwise will be voted on by the new board/membership in January.

New Business

  • The FBA has been working 2 years to upgrade and implement a new scoring system and web site. There will be no need for any Contractors as the FBA will own it’s own scoring system. January 1st all changes will be implemented.
  • The following contests have been recommended to be the Championship contest for the particular state. Lake City for Florida, Barnesville, GA, Dothan, AL
    Marty Hyde made a motion to accept:
    Lake City for Florida
    Barnesville, GA for Georgia
    Dothan, AL for Alabama
    These contest for the FBA State sanctioned championships. Steve Brumm 2nd. Motion carried unanimously
  • Ed Hartwig felt there needs to be an incentive for teams to participate.
    Ed Hartwig made a motion to double the points for teams who compete in the FBA state sanctioned competitions. 2nd Marty Hyde. Motion Carried unanimously
  • Frank Jones has completed his FBA Rep Training
    Ed Hartwig made a motion to confirm Frank Jones as a full FBA Representative. Steve Brumm 2nd. Motion carried unanimously.

Funcook – Wendy Wolfe

  • Income: $12,215.00
  • Expenses: $8,511.16
  • Balance: $3,703.84 estimated profit

Meeting adjourned – Tony Wolfe
Tony Wolfe made a motion a to Adjourn the meeting Ed Hartwig, 2nd. Motion carried unanimously.
Meeting adjourned 6:05 PM
Next meeting: September 29, 2014 8:00 PM

Minutes submitted by Connie Washam

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