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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – June 2014

FBA Board Meeting June 30, 2014, 8:00 PM

Board members present – Marty Hyde, Ed Hartwig, Connie Washam, Gail Cushing, Steve Brumm
Guests present – Mac McLaughlin, Lou Goldman, Wendy Wolf

Treasurers Report – Marty Hyde

  • $26,339.09 in the bank, no outstanding bills
  • 2nd quarter Financial Report will be sent to Board Members on July 1, 2014
  • Membership renewals are continuing to come in

Membership – Connie Washam

  • 841 Members – 193 due to renew by 6/30/2014 and have not as of today
  • 33 life members
  • 10 restaurant
  • 6 corporate
  • 137 teams
  • 513 judges
  • 20 new members
  • Welcome New Life Member: Keith Harris
  • Secretary will get FBA Stickers from Marty Hyde to include in future mailings and He will give pins to those new members who are attending the Judges Seminars.


  • Barnesville Contest is moving to May 1-2 2015. This is the same date as the Ft. Meyers Contest but we are still waiting on the sanctioning of Ft. Myers.
  • West Palm Beach Contest is requesting march 1-2 2015. Angela Iverson will be going down to do the site inspection and speak to the organizers.
  • Madiera Beach Contest is changing their date to June 18-20, 2015
  • Spoke to Chuck Carsnesale (organizer) in Apopka, Contest is going to happen next year.
  • Marty has not cashed the original Spring Hill Contest Check. Marty is waiting for another check that will include multiple future dates.
  • Panama City Contest is closed. Only room for 20 teams.

Email Business

  • There was a brief email about the upcoming Fun Cook and nominations of new officers as well as when the election would be held.

Bylaws Committee

  • Waiting for new bylaws to get back from the lawyer. Should have them by the end of the month

New Business

  • Talk to Connie at Clerbrook we are good to go but a little problem no ice on the property anymore. Clerbrook will not be able to provide ice.
  • Contact Uncle Kenny about catering the Funcook. A caterer will be found if he is unavailable. Possible one of the teams that typically vend but maybe not competing
  • FunCook Judges Class was extended to 56 with 4 on a standby list 3 already on the Perry list.
  • Mac MacLaughlin: Have we received a check from Possible new member Rick Brown? Not at this time.
  • Nominations for Board of Directors will start August 1st. Election will be in December
  • Gayle is following up with American Royal.
  • Katie Buchanan sent Connie the 2015 American Qualifying paperwork.

Funcook – Wendy Wolfe

  • 11 Teams sign up to participate
    3 Kids Q
    6 Dessert Contest
    6 for Dutch oven
    12 signed up for Dutch oven class
    8 wings contest
    19 of 35 sites sold

No further business meeting adjourned at 8:45pm
Next meeting August 29, 2014, at 8PM

Minutes submitted by Connie Washam

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