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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – March 2013

FBA Board Meeting March 25, 2013, 8:00 PM

Board members present – Tony Wolfe, Ed Hartwig, Marty Hyde, Katie Buchanan, Steve Brumm and Gail Cushing
Guests present – Wendy Wolfe and Jimmy Brod

Email business – Katie Buchanan

  • FBA sent living memorial tree to Cindy Bennett in remembrance of Jim, who passed away on 3rd March 2013, Cindy requested to say “Thank you everyone”.
  • FBA Fun Cook is up and running, Thank You EJ. http://www.fbafuncook.com/
  • Updates for JOTY have been approved & posted
  • Sanctioned & Posted – Bainbridge GA, Elba GA, Grant FL & Haines City FL
  • Newsletter was posted & removed from FBA site
  • New NON-Sanctioned event post – Bay Area Renaissance Festival, Tampa FL
  • Reps for Fun Cook Chuck & Donna, Gail
  • Link was added to bbqjudges.org
  • St Petersburg FL contest was canceled
  • Ford sent email request 5-gallon grease buckets, with lids – Supplied by Home Depot or Lowes

Treasurers Report – Marty Hyde

  • Bank Account Balance $29,257.28
  • PayPal Account Balance $390.51
  • Total Available Balance $29,647.79
  • There is one outstanding Invoice from Clerbrook RV Report for $3,041.80. Treasurer was awaiting Board Recommendation of early Fun Cook payment. Board Approved.

Membership – Katie Buchanan

  • 744 members: 25 Life, 12 Restaurant, 5 Corporate
  • 191 teams
  • 495 judges
  • 21 new members
  • 1 new restaurant

Judges Committee – Marty Hyde

  • Gathering data from Organizers, Reps, Cook Teams and Judges on reducing samples down to 4 per category. Although this would become a hardship for Reps it would allow for more Judges at certain contests. Another Course of Action is at selected contests, Judges would pay a nominal fee to judge. This fee would go to Organizers Charity or scholarship fund.
  • It is up to the organizers to pick judges with a good mix between new, intermediate & master judges, confirmations should be done via email or push pin. Some Master Judges have been kind enough by giving up their seats to newer judges!!

Contests – Damon Wooley – no report

ByLaws Committee – no report

Marketing Committee – Gail Cushing

  • The marketing committee has begun to work on branding the FBA out into the Florida market. Angela Iversen is systematically sectioning off the state so it will be easier and more efficient to target tourist centers and Chambers. When this is complete the committee will contact the different centers and begin to promote the organization. In the meantime Matt Barber has shared his marketing techniques with the committee to use in the campaign. Ford Alison has begun sketching a plan to work with area supermarkets to promote the FBA. The committee is still looking for FBA members to come on board and help with the various projects.

Old business

  • Panama City Judges Seminar date finalized, November 2, 2013. Steve will provide information to the Webmaster once firmed up with Rotary.

New business

  • The Board approved putting World Food Championship Qualifier, Las Vegas, NV on the web-site much like the Jack Daniels Qualifier. The World Food Championship has increased invitation to 7 Grand Champions of the FBA Contests. Tony will peruse getting their logo.
  • Wendy – Cook teams should be there for roll call & orgainizers message, then should be able to be leave, meeting should not be manitory, if infaction of rules occur, it is team’s error for DQ.

No further business meeting adjourned at 9:20pm
Next meeting April 29, 2013

Minutes submitted by Katie Buchanan

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