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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – May 2014

FBA Board Meeting May 19, 2014, 7:00 PM

Board members present – Tony Wolfe, Ed Hartwig, Marty Hyde, Steve Brumm, and Don Miller

Treasurers Report – Marty Hyde

  • $21,108.65 in the bank
  • Discussion: If any member in good standing wishes to acquire additional information pertaining to the Status of Funds, they only need to send an e-mail to the Treasurer.

Membership – Marty Hyde

  • 861 members
  • 33 life members
  • 13 restaurant
  • 6 corporate
  • 152 teams
  • 511 judges


  • The most recently sanctioned contest is the new one in Haines City.
  • Jesup needs teams in order to continue with their sanctioning.

Bylaws Committee

  • The By-Laws have been submitted and approved by the Board to be placed before the membership for approval.
  • The only correction made was to state that the Secretary is responsible for sending out new membership packets, and not the Treasurer.
  • Extensive discussion was held about how to best go about submitting the By-Laws to the membership for approval. The following plan was approved and will be followed: By-Laws Amendment will be voted on a the same time FBA elections are held, 1 Dec. 2014. By-Laws will be mailed to all Members in good standing 1 August for a 30 day review by all. The FBA Board will conduct a Special Board Meeting, by telephone, to discuss By-Laws Amendments with Members on 1 Oct. 2014.

No further business meeting adjourned
Next meeting June 30 2014, at 8PM

Minutes submitted by Ed Hartwig

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