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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – October 2014

FBA Board Meeting October 27, 2014

Present: Tony Wolfe, Marty Hyde, Ed Hartwig, Steve Brumm, Connie Washam
Absent: Don Miller
Guests: Katie Buchanan, Lou Goldman, Wendy Wolfe, EJ Kraus

Tony Wolfe called the meeting to order at 8:01 PM
Minutes of the September meeting were unanimously approved

Business conducted by email – Connie Washam

  • The FBA Board of Directors accepted the resignation from Gail Cushing as an FBA Representative and as a member of the Board of Directors. She has also rescinded her candidacy for BOD 2015-2016.Gail is in possession of an FBA issued computer, printer, trays and other miscellaneous FBA property and will need to return them. Tony picked up these items from her.
  • FBA judges need to be reminded that they are not to fraternize with the cook teams after the Judges meeting. FBA Representatives will reiterate the message to the judges during judges meeting.
  • Because the air show in Tavares had changed its date, the organizer of Planes, Trains and BBQ – Tavares has requested a date change to coincide with the air show. Unfortunately the new Tavares contest date is the same date as the Suncoast BBQ & Blues. The contests are 150 miles apart which is within the rule of same date contests. Reluctantly Tony Wolfe granted the change. This is disappointing and Suncoast BBQ & Blues is blaming FBA, but our hands are tied lest we lose Tavares to another sanctioning body. The change was also reluctantly approved by the FBA Board of Directors.
  • Tony suggested that two Reps be assigned to any contest exceeding 90 teams with the sole responsibility of entering scores as they are turned in. These Reps will be compensated with a $50.00 stipend, and they would only be expected to report to the contest site by 9:00 A.M. the Saturday of the turn-ins. They will receive no mileage nor motel room.In response Ed Hartwig made a motion, Tony Wolfe 2nd, that we accept this proposal and add it to the Reps Manual as policy. Tony Wolfe 2nd the motion. In Favor, Tony, Ed Hartwig, Connie Washam – Opposed, Marty Hyde, Steve Brumm, Don Miller. The resulting vote ended in a stalemate. Don Miller made a motion to add a 4th rep to any contest over 80 no 2nd. Both Ed Hartwig and Don Miller withdrew their motions.

Treasurers Report – Marty Hyde

  • Current balance: 24,227.20
  • Naples remains unpaid. Expect it this week.
  • Several checks are still outstanding from the Fun Cook that have not been cashed. Totaling 300.00

Comprehensive Membership Report – Ricky Ginsburg

  • 794 members, 34 life, 8 restaurant, 8 corporate, 137 teams, 535 judges

New Members – Connie Washam

  • 9 New Members
    Michael Hrisco, Gene Lyle, Danny Coggins, William T. Carrington Jr., Robert Ashley, Gary Steck, Gilbert Randall, William McBride, Maury Jayson

New Contests – Marty Hyde

  • Possible new contest in Ocala, large Purse May of 2015

Bylaws Review Committee – Steve Brumm

  • Some comments have been received. The FBA is a 501(c)7 Club

Old Business

  • The FBA President, Tony Wolfe, received a letter from Mr. Ricky Ginsburg. Wendy Wolfe read the letter, confirming termination of his (RG) contract. FBA database will be erased from their server as well as support for the FBA scoring system and website. TOTY and JOTY etc.Password and User information will be terminated. As far as we know we have already paid for the host. Why are we paying for something that is ours? Tony will ask for the username and password. Tony will also email a copy of the letter from Mr. Ginsburg to the board so that everyone will have a copy.

    Angela Iverson, Kevin French, EJ Kraus and Will Clever, will need to move on this knowledge and make sure that the upcoming new scoring system/changes will be in working order and make for a smooth transition to the new system. With this new scoring system all comments on scoring cards will be included in the final recap.

    Rep Training for the FBA reps to get everyone together and trained on the new scoring system. Tony Wolfe is working on securing a place at a decent cost and see if FBA will cover those costs.

New Business

  • Meeting with Sonny’s BBQ 10/28/2014 to finalize the site and what the criteria will be regarding invitations to teams from other contests.
  • Phone-in open Board of Directors/membership meeting for next Monday 8:00 PM to address bylaw concerns. Meeting date changed to Wednesday November 5, 2014 same time.
  • The results of the election of the new board at Perry
  • Marty would like to pass the treasure’s business to Angela Iverson on December 1, 2014. Election results will need to be sent to the bank.
  • One of our Judges, Jeff Jocis, passed away 3 months earlier, but we are just now hearing about it. Tony would like this information posted on the website.

FBA Merchandise

  • Lou Goldman will send information about other companies to sell our merchandise on line.

Ed Hartwig Made motion to adjourn Marty Hyde 2nd. Meeting adjourned 8:44 PM
Next meeting: Monday November 24, 2014 8:00 PM

Minutes submitted by Connie Washam

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