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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – September 2014

FBA Board Meeting September 29, 2014, 8:02 PM

Present: Tony Wolfe, Marty Hyde, Ed Hartwig, Don Miller, Steve Brumm
Absent: Gail Cushing
Recorder: Connie Washam

Tony Wolfe called the meeting to order at 8:02 PM
Minutes of the August meeting were unanimously approved

Business conducted by email – Connie Washam

  • Eagle Lake submitted their paper work for Sanctioning. Contest will be held the first weekend in March and Historic Cocoa Village BBQ & Blues also submitted their paperwork payment for both contests was received September 2, 2014.
    Marty Hyde made a motion that both contests be approved. Ed Hartwig 2nd, the motion carried.
  • The Central Florida BBQ Blowout, Oviedo, would like to hold a Judges Seminar at the contest next year (April 2015,
    Marty Hyde made a motion to hold a judges seminar at the Oviedo contest in April 2015, Connie Washam 2nd, the motion carried.
  • There is a concern over some cooks pre-frying their chicken in grease before placing it in the smoker. He has suggested a change to the cooks rule #5. Any form of cooking with grease be prohibited.Steve Brumm made a motion to cooks rule #5 to read: “5. COOKING FUELS – The only approved cooking media are wood, charcoal, or wood pellets. Gas of any kind or any electrical heating element may be used only to start the initial fire or to start burn barrels, charcoal chimneys, etc. A gas starter, gas flame, or electrical heating element may not be used in the cooker after the meat has entered the cooker or during the cooking process. Gas bottles must be disconnected from the cooker once the fire has started and must be removed from the immediate cooking area. A gas flame or electrical heating element may not be used in the cooker during any part of the cooking process. Any form of cooking with grease is prohibited.”
    Tony Wolf made a motion to amend the wording of the motion to change the wording of rule #5 to include the words: Any form of cooking with grease and/or oil is prohibited.” Ed Hardwig 2nd. Motion carried unanimously. Original motion to approve the proposed change to Rule #5 including the amendment was approved unanimously.
  • Kevin French has completed his FBA Rep training. Ida and Wendy Wolfe have approved his completed FBA Rep training.
    Motion made by Tony Wolfe to approve Kevin as a full fledged FBA representative. Marty Hyde 2nd and the motion was carried unanimously.

Treasurers Report – Marty Hyde

  • Current balance: $22,396.21
  • Contest fees:
    Osceola – paid in full
    Mullberry – Paid in full
    Divinde Swine at the pitt – Paid in full
    Flamingo Lake – Paid in full
    Jessup Rotary – Paid in full
    Kids Pak check is in the mail
  • There are no outstanding invoices; all checked have been processed for the “Kids Pak” Contest

Comprehensive Membership Report – Ricky Ginsburg
783 members, 34 Life, 8 Restaurant, 7 Corporate, 137 Teams, 533 Judges

New Members – Connie Washam

  • General Membership: Catherine Parker, Dennis Strow, Roger Meiers, Lance Morrow, Lance Moore, Aaron Boesch. Kyle S. Jones, Marty Walton, Michael Scott, Paul Croson, Mike Turner, Cathy Turner, W. Edward Lovett, Nicholas Tomlinson, Will Claro, Raymond Lynn, Robby Royal, Jen Thereau

New Contests – Marty Hyde

  • Sonny’s Smokin’ Showdown Invitational – January 29th through the 31st 2016. $68,000. pay out. Every FBA contest will be a qualifier. The grand champion and RGC will qualify. An invitation will be extended to the American Royal winner invitational and Open, Jack Daniels Winner, Sam’s Club winner.
  • Contest date conflict
    KCBS sanctioned a contest in Kissimmee at the rodeo grounds. the same day as the Kissimmee Valley Rodeo. Maybe change the date. We are working with KCBS person to move their date, hopefully. March 27/28.

Bylaws Review Committee – Steve Brumm

  • The revised bylaws were sent to the FBA members September 29th & 30th by email. 30 day review all concerns will be addressed.

Judges Committee – Marty Hyde

  • Rick Dimaggio will teach the judges class in Perry. Marty will assist.
  • Marty will Teach the Oviedo Judges class in April.

New Business

  • Beginning January, Donna Ray will no longer be ordering badges, plaques (200 Perfect score, restaurant plaques, life members plaque.) or FBA rep supplies. Judges cards, specialty labels etc. Someone will need to be recruited to take on this import task.
  • Marty contacted Angela Iverson to see if she was going to stay with PNC bank since he had just ordered new banking supplies. She said she would more than likely change banks.
  • We have contests that are world food Championship qualifiers, Dana will continue to contact the WFC representative for any future contests that may be potential WFC qualifiers.
  • October 9th is the “Food Truck Wars” episode with Dana & Janet Hillis. Food Channel

Funcook – Wendy Wolfe – no report

Meeting adjourned – Tony Wolfe
Ed Hartwig made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Marty Hyde 2nd. The meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM
Next meeting: Monday October 27, 2014 8:00 PM

Minutes submitted by Connie Washam

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