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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – April 2015

Convenor: Ed Hartwig

Present: Connie Washam, Lori Frazee, Steve Brumm, Bob Youngblood, Jim Elser

Absent: Angela Iversen

Guests: Kevin French, Dave Haskett, Lou Goldman, Marty Hyde, Vikki & Louis Leonard, Cullen Logan, Tony & Wendy Wolfe, EJ Kraus, Kent & Jodi Harriss, Janet Hillis, Ray Sanders
Connie Washam

 April Working FBA Board Meeting 2015

Call to Order: Ed Hartwig Meeting called to order at 8:04 PM


Approval of previous months minutes:  Bob Youngblood made a motion to approve the March FBA BOD minutes as written.  Angela Iversen 2nd  Motion Carried the minutes are approved.

Bob Youngblood – Yes          Angela Iversen – Yes             Connie Washam – Yes

Steve Brumm – Yes                Lori Frazee – no response   Jim Elser – no response


Business conducted by Email – Connie Washam


Bob Youngblood made a motion to accept the changes Will Cleaver has made as is.  Connie Washam 2nd the motion.  Motion Carried

Bob Youngblood – Yes           Connie Washam – Yes            Angela Iversen – Yes

Jim Elser – Yes (would like to revisit later)     Steve Brumm – Yes

Lori Frazee – no response

Lori Frazee made a motion that Custom Graphics to be included on the Corporate Sponsor page as a lifetime participant as long as Terry McKay, Git-R-Smoked keeps an individual or family membership with the Association.  Jim Elser 2nd.  Motion Carried

Lori Frazee – Yes                    Jim Elser – Yes                        Bob Youngblood – Yes

Angela Iversen – Yes              Connie Washam – Yes Steve Brumm – no response

Jim Elser made a motion to let Wink Yelverton and his team to present a new website design to be considered for the FBA which we will have the option to accept or reject.  Steve Brumm 2nd  No motion is needed, Jim withdrew this motion.

Steve Brumm made a motion that a one-time experimental waiver be given to the Dothan contest to have the 12 backyard teams judged by two tables dedicated to backyard.  Bob Youngblood 2nd.  Motion Carried

Steve Brumm – Yes                 Bob Youngblood – Yes           Angela Iversen – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                    Connie Washam – Yes Jim Elser – no response

Steve Brumm made a motion that the FBA BOD appoint Bob Youngblood as a rep for Dothan, since they have gone over 61 teams.  Angela Iversen 2nd  Motion Carried

Steve Brumm – Yes                 Connie Washam – Yes Angela Iversen – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                    Bob Youngblood – Abstain    Jim Elser – no response

Proposal from Wink Yelverton.

I propose we begin from scratch.  To do so will avoid hindering our development because we are building around or accommodating a pre-existing construct.  Although there are many features in the current website that are OK, we will rebuild them consistent with the newer architecture.  To that end, I have set in motion the beginning phases of extracting the valuable/desirable features out of the current website to be retained in the new build.  Many of the complaints I’ve heard have centered about the current website being difficult to navigate.  We have also begun the process of storyboarding a site map that should make user navigation to the information they desire very intuitive.  We will begin coding based on this storyboard in an incremental fashion.  As we complete major increments, we will host them on the web for the BOD and members to see and offer feedback as we progress.

The website will be comprised of 3 primary areas: Public, Members Only, and Judges Only… of course, with each expanding access into information that is of particular interest to these groups.  For example, the public area would emphasize information about the organization and how to become a member; the members area would expand into contest results and standings; and the judges area would expand into signing up to judge a contest.

A great deal of aesthetic emphasis will be placed on making the website engaging to the viewer and impactful.  We will be going for a contemporary, edgy look and feel.  Why?  Because all of the e-commerce research right now suggests this is the most effective way to catch the eye of the user and to drawing them in.  We want our website to do more than serve the needs of our membership.  We want it to attract and increase our membership census.

Our secondary emphasis will be to make membership access to the information that is most important to them: the schedule of contests, contest results, and TOTY standings.  We will make this interface simple to navigate and easy to view the information by breaking down the data into easily consumable segments.  We want to take it away from the spreadsheet look and feel.

We are early in this process… process being the operative word.  It is a process that involves an evolution of concepts as the development progresses.  I hope this is enough of an idea of where we’re headed to gain your confidence to proceed further.

If so, I will need the WordPress username/password and the FTP credentials to gain access to the fundamental elements of what we have now so we can gain an understanding of how certain operations are being done now (e.g. how the content is being populated).  So, please forward that along to me ASAP.  Thanks.  -w

Steve Brumm made a motion to accept Wink Yelverton and Team’s proposal.  Jim Elser 2nd The motion Carried

Steve Brumm – Yes                 Jim  Elser – Yes           Angela Iversen – No, until Wink and Will communicate                                    Lori Frazee – Yes        Connie Washam – No, until Will and Wink talk                                             Bob Youngblood – No, until changes are not done until upcoming contests are held                       Ed Hartwig – Yes

Lori Frazee made a motion in clarification of the motion to Allow a Cook Team to name an additional head cook at the beginning of each season, as long as both are members in good standings, are not a Head Cook or alternate of any other team.  Angela 2nd  The motion carried

Lori Frazee – Yes                    Angela Iversen – Yes              Bob Youngblood – Yes

Connie Washam – Yes Steve Brumm – Yes                 Jim Elser – no response

Connie Washam made a motion that we commit $500.00 for Will Cleaver to continue working on the data update and other necessary small projects.  Bob Youngblood 2nd

Bob Youngblood – Yes           Angela Iversen – Yes              Steve Brumm – Yes

Connie Washam – Yes Lori Frazee – Yes                    Jim Elser – Yes

Connie Washam made a second motion that we allow Will Cleaver to continue and complete the 3 project automation of Team standings, Membership management and automation of the application process for contest organizers.  Angela Iversen has 2nd. Motion Carried

Angela Iversen – Yes              Connie Washam – Yes Steve Brumm – Yes

Bob Youngblood – Yes           Lori Frazee – Yes                    Jim Elser – Yes

Steve Brumm is unable to represent FBA at the Tallahassee contest.  and has made a motion that Charles Golden rep in Tallahassee.  Bob Youngblood 2nd  Motion Carried

Steve Brumm – Yes                 Bob Youngblood – Yes           Angela Iversen – Yes

Connie Washam – Yes Jim Elser – Yes                        Lori Frazee – no response

Lori Frazee made a motion that the phantom table remain listed with the same judge numbers actually judging the box, even if it calls for separate lines in the score packets.  Jim Elser 2nd.

The motion failed

Lori Frazee – Yes                    Jim Elser – Yes                        Bob Youngblood – No

Connie Washam – No              Angela Iversen – No                Steve Brumm No

Angela Iversen made a motion to table the previous motion.  Connie Washam 2nd.

Angela Iversen – Yes              Connie Washam – Yes Bob Youngblood – Yes

Lori Frazee – No response       Steve Brumm – Yes                 Jim Elser – No

Angela withdrew the motion.

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the sanctioning application and Rep requests of the organizer of the Smokin’ Flamingo BBQ & Music Festival in Jacksonville, FL.  Lori Frazee 2nd.

Steve Brumm – Yes                 Lori Frazee – Yes                    Bob Youngblood – Yes

Connie Washam – Yes Angela Iversen – Yes              Jim Elser – Yes

Lori Frazee made a motion that we secure in D & O Policy through Ocala Insurance for Great American.  Bob Youngblood 2nd.  Motion Carried

Lori Frazee – Yes                    Bob Youngblood – Yes                       Steve Brumm – Yes

Angela Iversen – Yes              Steve Brumm – Yes                             Jim Elser – Yes

FBA Representatives Sheilah and Frank Jones have resigned for personal reasons.  It is disappointing, we wish them well.  Efforts are being made to fill the vacancies left in several contests.

Lori made a motion to appoint EJ Kraus as lead rep for the Ft. Meyers contest.  Bob Youngblood 2nd

Lori Frazee – Yes                    Bob Youngblood – Yes           Angela Iversen – yes

Connie Washam – Yes Steve Brumm – Yes                 Jim Elser – Yes

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the following reps for their respective contests.

  1. Cocoa Beach: L – Dennis Schmidt, Tony Wolfe, Bob Youngblood
  2. Madera Beach: L – Ida Isaacs, Leon Isaacs, EJ Kraus, Gary Washam
  3. Mulberry: L – EJ Kraus, Gary Washam, Bob Youngblood
  4. Haines City: L – Wendy Wolfe, Tony Wolfe, EJ Kraus, Gary Washam

Angela Iversen 2nd  The motion carried

Steve Brumm – Yes                 Angela Iversen – yes               Bob Youngblood – Yes

Connie Washam – Yes Jim Elser – no response            Lori Frazee – no response

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve Gary Washam as a Rep for the Smokin’ Flamingo BBQ & Blues in November. Connie Washam 2nd  The motion carried

Steve Brumm – Yes                 Connie Washam – Yes            Bob Youngblood – Yes

Angela Iversen – Yes              Lori Frazee – no response                    Jim Elser – no response

To avoid future motion confusion and allow for discussion, motions will be made, 2nd and listed in the working minutes.  Only emergent motions will be voted on and all others will be voted on at the next board meeting.

Treasurers Report – Angela Iversen

Reconciled Bank Balance = $14,842.21

Book Balance (including uncleared checks) = $13,460.61

7:42 PM 04/26/15

Florida Bar-B-Que Association

Profit & Loss

March 2015

Ordinary Income/Expense
     4000 Sanctioning Fees1,925.00
     4010 Judges Seminar Fees360.00
     4020 Membership Dues Paid
        4022 Membership Dec1,690.00
        4020 Membership Dues Paid –


     Total 4020 Membership Dues


  Total Income4,400.00
Gross Profit4,400.00
     6000 Advertising843.00
     6300 Bank Service Charges69.21
     6450 Computers / Automation3,650.00
     7400 Office Expense50.41
     7600 Postage28.41
     7650 Printing & Reproduction788.10
     8200 Supplies – Office377.98
     8450 Trophies72.61
     6460 · Wi-Fi Expense598.75
     7850 · Contract Serv – Rep Fees1,300.00
     7900 · Award prize money-100.00
  Total Expense7,678.47
Net Ordinary Income-3,278.47
Net Income-3,278.47


  • Advertising is our payment to National Barbecue News.
  • Bank Service Charges includes the PayPal fees that are taken out of income.
  • Computers / Automation include the website and scorecard development.
  • Printing & Reproduction was high because we ordered a bulk supply and Vikki Leonard, Supplies coordinator, mails out supplies to the REPs as needed.
  • Wi-Fi Expense is for two months to Verizon Wireless for our Wi-Fi service.
  • The negative amount for the Award prize money was the $100 reimbursement from Wink’s Barbeque for the Apopka, FL, prize money after the discovery of the change in positions. Wink was notified that he was not obligated to return the funds since the mistake was the FBA but he insisted for his own principals.

Comprehensive Membership Report – Connie Washam

712 Active members

New Members – Connie Washam

9 Individual: Chris Clark, Vladimir Paje, Tim Giebeig, Joseph Hodge, Matthew Lightfoot, John Enos, Robert McNally, Luke Marquis, Scott Townes, Mark Milanovitch

3 Family: James & Ben Mattingly, Tim & Sherry Currie, Richard Fisher

Website Update – Kevin French

Members are having a hard time finding the Minutes of the BoD.

Kevin asked Wink to have a weekly meeting regarding what he is doing to improve the website

by Sunday the committee should have the master judges list updated

two weeks from Sunday the entire list of Teams who is members and the TOTY updated.

Working on fonts and sizes.  Contest update into 2016

Proposed Website Enhancements – Wink Yelverton needs 4 to 6 weeks to complete his work.  Make sure he has what he needs.  Our website is “WordPress” based and he is a WordPress pro.

Score card functionality:  Dothan scoring glitch and Okeechobee glitch.  It happened also in Tavares, but was not caught until after the awards.  Fortunately Grand & RG were not affected.

Gary Washam has been testing the problem very intensely.

There are two people entering scores.  Scores are entered once left to right and double check top to bottom.  Lead rep needs to go through the packet to look for discrepancies.  Phantom table is scored by a table of 6 judges but only one entry on the score card.

Will the judges ever be able to see how they did on any particular table?  Kevin will put it on his list of future projects.

New Contest – Angela Iversen

Email sent earlier

1st annual South County Smokin’ Good BBQ

Sunset Cove Amphitheater,

2045 Amphitheater Circle, Boca Raton, FL  33498

Sent check to reserve the dates for 3 years  $150.00 check included on the application.

November 7-8 2015

November 5-6 2016

November 4-5 2017

$10,000. purse

Even though this event falls on the same weekend as the World Food Championships, the organizer is not concerned because they only have room for 30 teams, max.

There will be water and electrical hook ups with at least 20-30 amps.

There will be a judges tent with sides provided.  Reps office would be inside a permanent building nearby.

There is plenty of parking and hotels nearby.

Angela Iversen is scheduling a site visit.  Once the site visit has been completed, this will be brought to the board for a vote.

Judges Committee – Marty Hyde is  Finalizing the Oviedo Judges Seminar.  43 on the list and wants to order badges.  Marty will send the list to Vikki Leonard who will order the badges and will bring the badges Friday night of the class.

Old Business: The BOD approved a motion to purchase liability insurance $750.00 annually.  Angela will need to complete the transaction.

New Business: 

It is requested that the treasurer put out a quarterly report in addition to the monthly treasurer’s report

Jim Elser will take care of the paperwork for teams that qualify for the American Royal or the Jack Daniels Invitational.

Fun Cook: Dennis Schmidt still needs Volunteers.  Dennis may want to check with last years volunteers to see if they would do it again.

If you would like to be recognized at the Board of Directors meeting you will need to contact President Ed Hartwig one week prior to the next BOD meeting.

Because the last Monday of May is Memorial Day the

next BOD meeting will be: May 18, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Call in number is 712-775-7100          Participant code is 1040678#

Please identify yourself when prompted

Motion to adjourn, Meeting Adjourned 9:13 PM