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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – April 2017

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

April 24 , 2017 at 8:00 PM


Present: Jim Elser, Matt Barber, Robin Yelverton, Ben Purvis

Absent: Steve Brumm,  

Recorder: Connie Washam

Guests: Jim Dehne, Tim Giebeig, Angela Iversen, Karen Hyde, Chris Cannon, Lou Goldman, Ed Shemanski

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 8:02


Robin Yelverton made a motion to Approve Minutes for March 2017.  Matt Barber


Business conducted by email

Sheilah is having emergency surgery for an appendix and so she and Frank will not be able to Rep the Sun Coast BBQ and Blues in Venice, FL event this weekend.  Gary and Connie have volunteered to replace them.

Due to the short notice, Steve Brumm made a motion that the BOD approve Gary and Connie Washam to replace Sheilah and Frank Jones as Lead Rep for the Venice contest. The motion carried.


Financial ReportRobin Yelverton

PNC 20,900.09

PayPal 5807.05

Total $26,707.14


Membership ReportConnie Washam

New members

Individual: Victor Adame Jr., Tyrone Brooks, Samuel Albright

Family: Kristin D. Gallup and Carrie Smithheart

Card sent to Sheilah Jones who had surgery

Card sent to the family of FBA judge Rodney Higginbotham who passed away in April


FBA president, Jim Elser has asked the BOD to approve Ed Shemanski to take the vacant director position. 

Connie Washam made a motion to approve Ed Shemanski to fill the vacant director position. Matt Barber 2nd. The motion carried


Consent Agenda – President

  1. Approve sanctioning Lake City for the weekend of September 16th
  2. Dennis Schmitz, Bob Youngblood and Lori Frazee to Rep Lake City.
    3.  Gary Washam and Jim Dehne to replace Sheilah and Frank Jones at Ft Myers..
    4.  Approve the purchase of 15 copies at $10 per copy of Kerry Farrell’s book on organizing an event.
    5.  Approve the Valdosta Contest in August as the 2017 FBA Georgia State Championship.
    6.  Approve the Dothan Contest in September as the 2017 FBA Alabama State Championship.

Matt Barber moved to approve the consent agenda, Robin Yelverton 2nd.  the motion carried.



Removed from the consent agenda for further discussion.

  1. Approve Emma Kirkpatrick’s request for a judge’s seminar at the Cocoa Event in June.
  2. Approve Gary Washam to teach the Cocoa Seminar.
    6.  Approve Cocoa FBA Judges Seminar Budget for supplies $481.00


Cook Teams – Ben Purvis: Recommendation for FBA State Championship.

Suggested Minimum Requirements:

Space for 50 teams with at least 20 spots available 20×50

Power 20 amp with some 30-50 amp available

Payouts 12K minimum and pay out top 10 places in all 4 categories

Good contest report for a minimum of 2 years



RV hook ups

Custom Handmade or Unique trophies

Great Location or Venue

Unique Events that make your contest stand out

Ancillary food categories.


These options could be used to help decide between two or more contest that may be appealing for the same year.


There was some talk about not requiring a minimum payout because that could stop some contest. My personal feelings is that we are not requiring 12K to hold a contest only to apply to be a state championship. If we don’t set the bar slightly higher than the average contest then we just have another contest nothing special. I would hope that our state championship contest would be one of those contest that everyone wants to attend because it’s not just another contest. I feel the extra exposure we could give these contest along with additional teams coming because of double points and taking the shot at being able to say I am the state champion is worth these requirements.


Connie Washam would like to see the language on the brochure developed by Matt Barber be softened some.


Judges – Louis Goldman:

When the Judge’s Handbook that is currently on line was changed to include taste and tenderness the Table Captain Instructions, previously approved by the BOD, was mysteriously left out.


The Judge’s Committee is asking the BOD to put the attached TC instructions back in the handbook. This and the changes asked for in the March report should be included in the handbook before the next training session.


Table Captain Instructions


Table Captains are responsible for their tables – that they are set up properly, initially and

between the categories, with pencils, plates, paper towels, crackers, water for each judge and

anything else that is supplied by the organizer. TC’s are the liaison between the judges and

the Reps.

If a judge has a question, it is directed to you, and if necessary, you should call for a Rep. Before each category the TC passes out the judge’s scorecards. Ask the judges to keep the tops on their water bottles and keep the bottles flat on the table. Ask the judges to refrain from taking any pictures during the judging process. Remind the judges that the scoring consists of whole numbers and half numbers and to not put a zero after a whole number. If at any time during the scoring one of your judges sees anything that could be a rules violation call for a Rep.

Steps to take:

  1. When TC’s are called, go to the turn in area and find the tray for your table
  2. Verify that the numbers on the boxes and the routing sheet match and no number has previously been used on the routing
  3. Take the tray to your serving table.
  4. Read all of the box numbers to your judges and have verification from one of the judges.
  5. Check the first box and verify at least 8 portions and no rules violations
  6. Announce “For presentation only”, and have the first judge verify box number.
  7. Show the box to each judge until they nod or say OK.
  8. Ask if all judges have finished scoring
  9. After all judges have scored, announce “For taste and tenderness”.
  10. Serve each judge and yourself last. Never pass the box around a second time.
  11. Place box back on the tray and pull the label halfway up and bend back.
  12. After each judge has scored, repeat steps 5 – 11 with the rest of boxes, starting with the next judge
  13. After all boxes are scored, collect the completed score cards and verify all are properly completed, if any 7’s, comments on       back of card and check if all scores are within 1 – 1 1/2 points of each other. Make sure that there is no zero after a whole
  14. Ask the judges to leave their plates in place until a Rep approves the scorecards. When approved the judges can then dispose               of their leftovers or place them in their storage bags if they have an iced cooler to preserve the meat safely.
  15. Turn in the scoring cards to a Rep and receive approval of the scorecards.
  16. Start a discussion of best samples, scores and reasons for any low scores.
  17. Set up table for next category
  18. Repeat the process for the next three categories.

If a judge is scoring too high or too low, you may take the judge aside and ask them why they gave those scores.

After all scoring is completed assist cleaning up your table.

Have fun!


IT Committee – Gary Washam:

Following are significant IT Committee tasks worked and/or completed during the month of April 2017:


  • Website
    1. Updated Event Calendar with new events, updated information / event details
    2. Conducted judges signup for Valdosta contest using the online SignUp Sheets functionality on the FBA website. Problem encountered relates to spike in user traffic at a precise time when the sheet was announced to go active.  An hour after the announced time, the signup sheet went active and 47 judges were signed up in 27 minutes.  All 56 slots have now been filled.  Will Cleaver is working with Bluehost (our website hosting provider) to explore configuration changes to our server that may reduce congestion problem for next trial – Davenport on May 8th.  I have enabled the server cache plugin to also reduce loading on the server in preparation for the next signup trial.  Not announcing a set hour for the sheet to go active will likely eliminate any congestion problems.
    3. There is a conflict between the calendar function and the online commerce plugin on the website that is preventing using the Ticket module to register and receive payment via PayPal for Judges Seminar registrants. If this is not resolved by Wednesday, the seminar signup will be configured using the SignUp Sheets function and payment will be accepted at the door.
  • Scorecard
    1. The auto box routing algorithm is not producing the desired random distribution of boxes to tables. After analysis of the proposed routing for Venice and Tavares, the Lead REP decided to use manual routing.  Further testing and analysis of the algorithm is being done to refine the solution.
    2. All contests running smoothly with existing implementation.
  • Code Audit
    1. No action
  • REP Equipment
    1. No changes to REP equipment.
  • Misc
    1. Lori Ware volunteered to help the IT Committee vet the member benefits offerings previously identified by Lori Frazee. All of the offerings have now been vetted.  Some are not viable for FBA and will be removed from the list.  The remaining offerings will be added to the FBA website under the SHOP menu item and announced to the membership as they become available.


New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz

  1. There are no new developments in any of the events that have requested information about sanctioning.
  2. The wing contest at UF went off with FBA assistance, they are still talking about sanctioning a BBQ contest in the future.
  3. The non-sanctioned event in Keystone Heights went off with 14 teams.  They are still interested in growing their event into a sanctioned event.
  4. Have provided information to several new contacts, but no positive response from any of them
  5. There are no new developments in any of the events that have requested information about sanctioning.
  6. The wing contest at UF went off with FBA assistance, they are still talking about sanctioning a BBQ contest in the future.
  7. The non-sanctioned event in Keystone Heights went off with 14 teams.  They are still interested in growing their event into a sanctioned event.

Have provided information to several new contacts, but no positive response from any of them

Rep Committee –  Dennis Schmitz and Lorne Brumm


Marketing Committee – Matt Barber

Sent out the recommended criteria for a State Championship.  Matt will soften the tone of the brochure.

Still tweaking the new marketing flyer.

Two more people are going to join the marketing committee.

Still waiting to hear back from the boys and girls club, the weekend of December 9, 2017.  With the two new members the planning of the fun cook should be in order.


Old Business – President

  1. Fun Cook – Date, location, organizers, new ideas

Winter Haven December 9th with Frank and Curtis willing to help.

  1. FBA handling the selection of judges.  Gary gave a report on that.  We really need to have a set time to make it fair.
  2. Requirements to hold an FBA Florida State Championship.  Matt Barber sent out a more formal brochure with the criteria above under the Cooks Committee.


New Business:

  1. Judges class to only provide 2 meats instead of all four. Robin feels that there should be all four meats presented to the judge trainees. Board consensus that all meats should be provided for judging.
  2. FBA Sanctioned Backyard events. Dennis Schmitz has been interacting with some non sanctioned event and possible Turn them into a sanctioned event.  It has the potential for good benefits for FBA.  We need to look into it further.  We need to nurture new teams.
  3. FBA virtual Hall of Fame. The board will discuss it further.
  4. May Board meeting date falls on Memorial day.


Comments from members:

Karen Hyde: what about if you cut the number of students.  from 40 to 18 and it will make it easier to have all 4 meat categories

Chris Cannon: If a sanctioned back yard contest were held it might be a seed to grow into a bigger event and will give BY teams more opportunities to succeed and stay with it.


Next BOD meeting Tuesday, May 30, 2017, 8:00 PM


Call in number 1-712-451-0294   Access Code: 184732


The meeting adjourned at 9:04 PM