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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – August 2015

Florida BBQ Association

Special Board of Directors meeting

August 2015, held

September 1, 2015


Present: Steve Brumm, Lori Frazee, Jim Elser, Robin Yelverton

Guests: Recorder: Connie Washam


Call to Order:  the meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM

Approval of July Minutes: Robin made a motion to approve the minutes of the July BOD meeting.  Lori Frazee 2nd, the motion carried unanimously

Board of Directors Special Executive session

In attendance: President, Ed Hartwig, Lori Frazee, Robin Yelverton, Jim Elser and Steve Brumm.

Absent: Secretary, Connie Washam (previous commitments)

Recorder: Jim Elser

8/31/15 10:00 am

FBA Executive Meeting

Lori made a motion that the BOD give Ed Hartwig a vote of no confidence as it pertains to the fulfilling of his duties as the president of the Florida BBQ Association and formally ask for his resignation he has violated the bylaws in keeping with private communications, lack of effected leadership, creating a division within the BOD itself, routinely failing to respond to board members, publicly criticizing BOD members, clearly not working toward a unified voice and allowing fiscal mismanagement.  Robin seconded the motion.

Steve suggested that Lori withdraw the motion since Ed Hartwig would submit his resignation before the end of the day

Steve asked the BOD if we wanted to reschedule the meeting that was set for 7:00 PM tonight to

Tuesday 9/1/15 at 8:00 pm est.  Meeting rescheduled

Lori moved to adjourn, Jim seconded  10:10 am


President Ed Hartwig, Letter of Resignation;

“Dear FBA Membership,
It is with a genuinely heavy heart that I am offering my resignation to the surviving members of the Florida B-B-Q Association Board of Directors. I will pull no punches in telling you this, because I think you have a need to know what just happened.  A BOD member scheduled her own BOD Meeting along with 3 other members, which did constitute a Quorum, with a 12 hr. notice for 10 A.M. this morning.  I had actually already scheduled the meeting for 7 P.M. tonight, but she could not wait. You also need to know that we have our regularly scheduled General Business meeting scheduled this Saturday evening at the Fun Cook.  Furthermore, I intensely dislike “executive sessions”, which are secretive, non-transparent gatherings usually to espouse one’s own agenda.

The first and primary part of her agenda was to level several inaccurate and exaggerated charges against me, and ask for my resignation. I have been forced out, but I saw this coming.  Folks, I am tired – I have been fighting the agenda of these four members for too long a time already.

They do not care for the FBA in the long vision – they are only interested in their own agendas.

Now I am the 3rd BOD member to have resigned due to the actions of these people in the past few months.  There may be more coming.

You need to ask some questions, because you, the general membership, need to try to understand what is happening here. If one more BOD member resigns, then there will be 4 non-elected, appointed members running your organization, based on their own agendas.

Unfortunately there will probably be a large imbalance within the BOD as to who is represented, rather than representing the entire FBA. I really think this is part of the power agenda being put forth by certain surviving members of the BOD.

Ask yourselves, if four BOD members can literally kick out 3 or maybe 4 folks who truly love the FBA, and were elected to serve on its BOD, then what or whom may be next?

This should be of genuine concern to all of you.

Actually I do see a solution to regaining the fairness and honesty that has historically been a major part of the FBA since its inception. I would strongly suggest calling for a special election, getting these people out of office, and voting in some caring, professional cook teams, Judges, and Reps to regain the respect of the membership.  This situation is so out of control, that drastic corrective measures need to be taken, and taken quickly.

Folks, I must admit that it has been a rough few months dealing with these people, but now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  The sad thing is now it has been placed squarely on the shoulders of you, our valued membership, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck in dealing with it.

Thank you for allowing me to serve,

Ed Hartwig”


                                First Communication from Steve Brumm as the new President of the FBA.

“Dear FBA Members,
It is with a heavy heart that I address you for the first time as your President.  I want to say first of all that Ed Hartwig has served the FBA for a long time and has contributed a great deal to the organization.  I am sure that his decision to resign weighed heavily upon him and I admire his doing what he felt was best for the FBA rather than his personal goals.  The meeting this morning was called legally in accordance with our bylaws and a quorum of Board members were present.  Ed stepped aside and I presided, again in accordance with our bylaws.  A motion was made and seconded for a vote of “no confidence” in the President and to call for his voluntary resignation.  Ed asked to be recognized and stated that we would have his resignation by the close of business today.  The motion and second were withdrawn and no further action was taken.  Lori Frazee has posted a link to the recording of that meeting for those that are interested.  I will say again that I think Ed Hartwig demonstrated courage and personal integrity in order to stop the divisiveness that has racked our organization for the last month or so.

The next most important thing I have to say is that effective immediately, I am declaring a cease fire and truce in the ongoing battle.  Mistakes have been made and poor decisions have been made.  I see nothing to be gained by spending time and energy digging into what has happened when we could be using the same time and energy to move forward and play the hand we have been dealt.  To that end, I see three things that need to be done in the near future.

  1. Restore the Board of Directors to a functioning body that is in contact with the membership and making decisions based on what is best for the FBA.
  1. Get an accurate picture of our finances and create at least an informal budget to get us through until the first of the year.
  1. Get an accurate picture of where we stand with the computer system and web page and as funds are available get it fixed.

I have great hopes that this morning was the last executive session board meeting that I will have to attend during my term in office.  I think the membership deserves to know what is being done by their Board.  To that end, there will be a special meeting of the Board tomorrow night at 8 PM Eastern Time.  I will do my best to get an agenda and the information members need to listen in out late tonight or early in the morning.  My intent for this meeting is to get some routine business out of the way so the General Meeting of the Members at the Fun Cook can be dedicated mostly to listening to what you the members have to say to your Board.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave the tar and feathers and the nooses at home for the General Meeting. Let’s restore the Fun Cook to being fun.

I am in the unenviable position of having to appoint two new members to the Board of Directors.  I will attempt to do that at tomorrow night’s meeting so they can be in position for the Fun Cook.  To that end, I will reopen the chance to nominate someone or nominate yourself for one of these positions until 1400 Central Time tomorrow, September 1.  Please email me and let me know why you should be on the Board and what you would stand for if selected.  I will nominate one current Board Member to be Vice President and two FBA members to serve on the Board of Directors.  The current Board will then approve or disapprove of my nominees.

There have been many calls for various changes in bylaws on Facebook.  I agree that we need to have a review of the bylaws and make some changes.  I would prefer not to make these changes one at a time.  It is actually a rather cumbersome process to make changes.  What I would like to propose is that in three or four months, once we get re-stabilized, that a committee be formed of Board Members and Members to give the bylaws a thorough review and recommend all the needed changes at once.

The last thing I would like to say tonight is communicate.  To the best of my knowledge, no one on the Board reads minds, particularly across the state.  If you have something you would like to make the Board aware of or something you feel we should do, please send at least one of us an email.

Those of you who called or emailed me in the last six weeks or so know that I had no blazing desire to take over the Presidency nor did I take sides in the debate. When I took the VP job, I knew it was a possibility but I always assumed that it would happen if the President was abducted by aliens or run over by a train.  But it did not work out that way.  All I can say is that I will do my best to help restore the FBA to a fun place to be.”

Business Conducted by Email: Connie Washam

Since the motion carried to change the scoring for DQ’d contest entries to reflect a 2 (two) across the categories. Entries that were late or nothing was turned in will still receive a zero (0) across the categories.  The BOD wants the Reps Manual as well as the cooks and judges rules to reflect the most clear and comprehensive verbiage.  There has been much discussion.

Lori Frazee made a motion to approve new contest, Grilling for a Cause in Lakeland, FL May 7 & 7, 2016.  Bob Youngblood 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously

Lori Frazee made a motion to approve the Eagle Lake contest in Eagle Lake, FL  for the next three years.  March 4/5,  2016, March 3/4, 2017 and March 2/3, 2018.  Bob Youngblood 2nd.  The motion Carried

Bob Youngblood – Yes                       Lori Frazee – Yes                  Connie Washam – Yes                        Jim Elser – Yes

Robin Yelverton – Did not vote                         Steve Brumm – Did not vote

Robin Yelverton made a motion to approve the sanctioning of the “Big Swamp Cook Off”, in Naples, FL, 1/9/2016.  Lori Frazee 2nd  The motion carried unanimously

Robin made a motion to sanction SF  3rd 4th and 5th  11/20-2102015, 11-18-1902016


Robin Yelverton made a motion to approve the sanctioning of “Smoke on the Water”, in Thomaston, GA, April 1,2, 2016.  Steve Brumm 2nd. The motion Carried

Robin Yelverton – Yes                        Steve Brumm – Yes                             Connie Washam – Yes

Jim Elser – did not vote                       Bob Youngblood – Yes                       Lori Frazee – Yes

Robin Yelverton made a motion that she shall be the only person who possess the passwords to the PNC Bank account and the Paypal Account.  Steve Brumm 2nd.  Connie felt the vote was out of order because there was no discussion and the president did not call for a vote.  Steve felt that more discussion is needed after Gary put forth his explanation of why he as the chairman of the Information Technologies (IT) Committee should also have access to the Paypal account for the purposes of making website adjustments when there are changes that need to be made for dues increases and Judges seminar increases and all must be linked to the website.  He has no access to the PNC bank account and if the treasurer is timely in her removal of any funds in the Paypal account there is nothing in there for long.

Minor changes are needed to the “Judges manual” as updated (approved by Rick Dimaggio, Judges Seminar Instructor), the “Cooks Meeting” script as updated, the “Judges Notes” as updated, the “Table Captain” script as updated, the “Cooks Rules” as updated and the “Sanctioning Request” as updated.  (removing reference to the Triple Crown)

Steve Brumm  made a motion that the latest editions of the following documents which have been supplied to the board under separate cover be approved.

  1.  Cook Team Rules
  2.  Judge’s Handbook
  3.  Sanctioning Agreement
  4. Judge Meeting Script
  5. Table Captain Meeting Script
  6.  Cook Team Meeting Script.
  7.  Judges. Notes

Robin 2nd.  Motion has carried unanimously

Treasurers Report – Robin Yelverton

Current PNC Balance: $11,436.36

Robin does not believe there has been anything underhanded done with the financials by any of the previous treasurers.

Comprehensive Membership Report – Connie Washam

143 members did not renew and were moved to inactive status

87 judges did not renew

8 master judges

Total inactive members for 2015 is 272

662 Members

119 Family memberships

Total membership 781

41 Life

132 Team members

Lori  Frazee tasked herself with calling the members who did not renew.  Connie Washam sent her a list of those persons and phone numbers.  Some of the calls made were appreciated for the FBA contact interest.  there were some errors in membership and corrected quickly.

New Members – Connie Washam

Individual: Casey Bates, Bob Wagner, John Zelatis, Francis Kenna, Nancy Signorino, Barbara Stuart, Daniel M. Causey Sr., Joshua Koester, Michael Ludden, Margot McKinney, Darren McDaniel, Tony Piscopo, Richard Moolick, Wayne A. Ray, John Dickerson, Christopher Wood, Michael Schwirian, Marc Miles, Cory Beckwith, Sean Volberg, Michael Williams, Kevin Lang, Danielle Dimovski, Bracken Smith, Robert Altomari, Brad Sufficool, Ricky Phillips (27)

Family: Pam Murphy, Ricky & Susan Burts, Mark & Kelsey Arons, Matthew & Lorna PIerce, Mark & Tina Zondervan, Toby & Angela Mullins, Craig & Ashley Thompson (5)

Restaurant: Andrew Hutchinson, Old Florida Bar & Grill

Life: Tim & Bridget Walter

Organizer Liaison: Angela Iversen

Report Only – no vote needed

  1. Melbourne, FL – Brevard Sheriff’s office

Organizer: Steve Shortridge

Two years ago they had scheduled a contest and had to postpone. He has reached out to start up the process again.

Dates:  Looking at Second weekend of May 2016.  Sent him a sanctioning agreement to fill out.

  1. North Port, FL –

Organizers have filled out the application.  Tony is bringing the application to the Funcook for the board to review.

Site inspection has been conducted and approved.  Is paying $150 for three years to sanction.

Dates requesting – Third weekend of March 2016 – 2018

  1. Dothan, AL, has sent in application to re-sanction. Once funds are received by Treasurer, need a board vote.
  1. Cocoa, FL – Emma emailed us the sanctioning agreement and is mailing the hard copy and the check to the Treasurer. Once received, board can vote.
  1. Archer, FL – Bill Foster – Spoke with him again today. He called me. City is undergoing new management so everything is on hold right now. He will contact us if and when they are ready.
  1. Sonny’s Invitational is looking to possibly move the second weekend of March 2017. No application for that year as of yet. Will forward if the request comes through.
  1. Jaime Green with the new Lakeland, FL, contest, 1st weekend of May, 2016, has posted his judges’ registration for his contest and will have online registration for the teams up soon. I assisted him with his judges’ registration online form and have asked him if he needs any assistance with his online signup for the teams as well. I told him that I would be happy to help him with any organizer issues or concerns but his rep will help him and contact him concerning the contest and walk him through that as well.
  1. Sent out reminders to contest organizers who did not sanction for multiple years to re-sanction to secure their dates for their next contest. We get requests from groups and although as a courtesy we double check with the contest, our rules state that they have 60 days after the completion of the contest to secure their dates without fear of losing the dates.
  1. Question to the board: I have not heard anything concerning Tavares. They signed up for three years but I am unsure as to the sanctioning fee status of the last contest. Will they be holding another contest next year? I want to make sure to hold open their weekend if they are wanting it. Please advise.

Robin has received the Dothan check.

Motion Robin Yelverton moved to approve sanctioning of the Dothan, AL Contest.  Connie Washam 2nd. Motion Passed unanimously

Discussion of the Bylaw re: appointment of a new VP

Robin Yelverton moved that we interpret Article V section I of the FBA bylaws, running for President or VP be interpreted as the bylaw reads literally.  Jim Elser 2nd.  Motion has carried.

President Steve Brumm opened the meeting up for member comments

Don Miller asked to have his name put in the running for VP

Tom Snow asked to have his name put in the running for VP

Bret Ingerman agreed that when running for VP should be interoperated literally, but when a vacancy appears. an appointment is at the discretion of the president with board approval.  Would hope that the membership would get behind the new board as appointed and is looking forward to the direction the FBA

Mac MacLaughlin believes an interim VP should be appointed and a reelection occur to elect a new VP

Louis Goldman this is not an election it is an appointment.  Does not necessarily have to follow the literal language of the bylaw

Steve Brumm, thanked all participants for their input.

New President, Steve Brumm, is appointing Jim Elser to replace the VP position that was vacated by Steve after the resignation of previous president Ed Hartwig

Robin Yelverton made motion  to approve the appointment of Jim Elser to the position of VP. Lori Frazee 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously.

New President, Steve Brumm, is appointing Kevin French to fill a director position vacated by Bob Youngblood.

Lori Frazee made a motion to approve the appointment of Kevin French to fill the director position filled by Bob Youngblood. Robin 2nd.  Motion passed unanimously

New President, Steve Brumm, is appointing Pat Brannen, 2014 Judge of the year and 7 year member, to fill a director position vacated by Jim Elser.  Robin Yelverton moved  to approve the appointment of Pat Brannen to fill the director position vacated by Jim Elser.  Jim 2nd Motion carried unanimously

Pat Brannen and Kevin French both joined the meeting and will be voting on all future motions.

Judging credit for FBA Representatives at contests.  Pat Brannen commented that no, “Reps” should not be given judging credit for Repping.  Repping is not judging  and Reps are being paid to facilitate the contest not judge.  BOD left it at that.  No motion made, The Rep manual will reflect this.

President Steve Brumm again, opened up the Board meeting for member comments and concerns.

David Haskett congratulations to all the appointments to the board.  would like to see the bylaws committee start right away, rather than wait until January.   There is an issue with the “Smokin’ Flamingo”. Applications were lost please make sure that this contest is voted on for the three years.

Keith Hall Congrats to the appointees.  Headed in the right direction.  Never lose sight of why we are here, for the kids as a group of BBQ fanatics.  Just people getting together doing BBQ for the kids.  Each of us are dues paying members.  “I want to know where my money is going”

Mac McLaughlin Feels that there are unqualified Reps that should not be making any contest decisions if they are not qualified to be a rep in the first place.  He will send the names of those persons in an email to the president.

Marty Hyde Rick is the lead of the Judges Committee and Judges Seminars.  Marty is support at this time

Nick Wunder Thanks us to a great board meeting getting on the right path.

President, Steve Brumm, would like everyone to give this new BOD a month to get its feet on the ground.

New VP, Jim Elser, felt this was one of the best run meetings since he was elected Director to the BOD

Old Business: Paypal Password.  Robin Yelverton and President, Steve Brumm,  will hold the pass word when IT manager, Gary Washam, needs it he will contact the president for it.  When finished with PayPal business will advise the president who will change the password and advise the Treasurer, Robin Yelverton, of the change.

Lori Frazee made a motion made to accept that Treasurer, Robin Yelverton and President, Steve Brumm, will hold the administrative password and will give it to Gary Washam as needed for PayPal updates.  Connie Washam, Secretary, will be given limited access to look up member renewal or new member information.  Robin Yelverton  2nd The motion Carried unanimously.

Robin Yelverton made a motion that the Smokin’ Flamingo BBQ & Blues be sanctioned for three years; 11/20/2015, 11/18/2016 and 11/17/2017.  Lori Frazee 2nd.  The motion Carried Unanimously.

Website: Wink Yelverton sent a link although the website is still under construction, Steve Brumm found it to be intuitive.  Some of the data is outdated.  Wants all board members to try it out.

Next BOD meeting: Fun Cook, September 5, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Meeting Adjourned Lori moved to adjourn at 9:12 PM

Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam