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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – December 2014

Florida BBQ Association
Board of Directors meeting
Minutes: November 29,02014

Convener:Â Ed Hartwig
Present: Angela Iversen, Jim Elser, Lori Frazee, Bob Youngblood, Steve Brumm
Guests: Vickki Leonard, Mac , Marty Hyde, Louis Goldman, Tim Hughes, Louis Leonard
Recorder: Connie Washam

Ed Hartwig called the meeting was called to order at 8:00PM
Ed Welcomed the new Board of Directors.Â

Business conducted by email – Connie Washam
1. Sanctioning application came in for the Sonny’s Smokin’ Showdown Invitational.Â
No money included, therefore no vote. Non-traditional contest more discussion forthcoming

2. Because of the new scoring system, discussion on how to handle adding extra ‘floating’ reps to a large contest for the purposes of inputting scores. whether to pay them mileage and one night hotel. Will FBA be responsible for the increase in cost or the organizer or can we ask that they split the extra cost? More discussion during phone meeting.

3. Tallahassee Contest date is the same date as the Thomaston, GA contest outside the 150 mile separation
Tallahassee would like to change their dates.Â
Ed Hartwig has asked for a vote to approve the contest. Table the vote until they have decided on the date for the contest.

4. The Dothan, AL contest has been in touch with Steve Brumm and would like their representatives to be closer than the ones assigned. Steve Brum made that Bob Youngblood and Gregg Snyder be dropped a reps for this event and replaced with Kevin French and Charles Golden. (Both live within commuting distance so the mileage will be seriously reduced.) Angela Iversen 2nd. Motion carried unanimously

5. Training for the new scoring System will be January 10th in Lake City, Estimated cost: 7,003.06
For those reps who cannot make it to the training and future new reps, Kevin French suggested a screen share with voice that Will Clever can provide.Â
Angela Iverson made a motion that we accept the proposal of training for the software as presented below. Expense includes mileage, hotel and cost of the developer to present.
Bob Youngblood 2nd
Unanimously approved

6. Chuck & Donna Ray have resigned as FBA Reps. Lori Frazee picked up their computer and other items belonging to FBA.Â

7. In addition to rep supplies, Vikki Leonard will take on the responsibility of ordering Plaques for Life members, and Restaurant members.  She will order a plaque to thank Chuck & Donna for their years of dedicated service.Â

8.  Marty Hyde will keep track of members participating in the Judges Seminars.  He will order badges for the Judges Seminars.  Â

9. Only Vikki Leonard and Marty Hyde will be the points of contact for the trophy company.Â

2014 Election ran for a 24 hour period December 9. There were some glitches but Gary and Connie Washam were available at all times to help prospective voters. Mail in ballots were sent on November 25th and had until December 9th to mail them in.

Election results:
President – Ed Hartwig
Vice President – Steve Brumm
Treasurer – Angela Iversen
Secretary – Connie Washam
Board members at large
Jim Elser
Lori Frazee
Bob Youngblood

Treasurer’s Report -Â Marty Hyde
Available Balance
Annual Final financial statement is available to all members upon request flbbqmarty@aol.com

Angela and Marty will meet in early January to transfer Treasurer business. Connie will send preliminary minutes in order to facilitate that process.

Comprehensive Membership Report -Â No report

New Members – Connie Washam
Ronald Robinson, Chris Evans, Nathaniel Voxburgh, David Niblett, Charles Epp, Jim A. Robinson, Wayne Peterson, Lance M. Gardner, John C. Darby, Anthony Mullins, William Howle, James Molino, Russell Short, Jason Lutz, David Young, Jody Kaufman
Family: Curtis and Kerry Conner
Restaurant: Snook Haven
LIFE Member: John Holic

Judges Committee – No Report

Old Business
FBA is maintaining both websites at this point. we are still posting information on the old websit. The new website will hopefully be available shortly after the Lake City training the 10th of January
Cost of the new website less than 5,000.

Calendar: Somewhere on the website it is written that new members will be given a certificate and a calendar.  Remove this comment from the website.  There is no discretionary money to spend on this gift to the membership. We will revisit the calendar for 2016.

Merchandise: Board has decided to liquidate all the inventory and sell the trailer.Â
We want to provide a means for the membership to be able to purchase a t-shirt, Visor, cap etc
Louis Goldman recommended Cafe Press 15% profit to us.  At this sale we got over $750.00
Bid of $1,000. for the trailer. Bob Youngblood will look into this further.

New Business
Rick Dimaggio – Judges
Marty -Â judges seminars
Ed Hartwig – tracking Judge of the Year
Angela  Iversen IT committee: Jim Elser, Gary Washam, Kevin French and EJ Kraus.
Connie Washam – Bereavement committee

Discussion to modify the wording of the Sanctioning agreement so we don’t have any contract issues going forward when a contest should grow larger than 90 Teams.Â

*Steve Brumm made a motion to change the organizers contract Lori Frazee 2nd. Â
1. The FBA will provide a minimum of three (3) FBA representatives to the sanctioned contest. Where the contest exceeds 48 teams, Professional, Backyard, or a combination of the two, or where there is both a Professional and a Backyard contest regardless of size, the FBA will provide one (1) additional representative. For each additional 12 teams the FBA will provide one (1) additional representative to a maximum of six (6) representatives at a contest. For contests that exceed 72 teams, an additional representative shall be appointed for every additional 15 teams up to a maximum of eight (8) representatives at a contest. Representatives seven and eight will report at 0800 on the day of the contest and work until all scores are entered into the computer and they are released by the lead rep. These representatives will act as contacts with the contest organizer prior to the date of the contest and will be on the contest site to monitor the contest and ensure that all FBA rules, regulations, and judging procedures are followed. The FBA will provide the Contest organizer(s) with official FBA rules and regulations.

Application fee (non-refundable, due with application) – $75.00 for one year, $150.00 for the 3-Year Option.
FBA sanctioning fee (non-refundable within the last 30 days prior to the contest) – $550.00 for a total of $625.00 for up to 3 FBA representatives. Each additional FBA representative required as per Section 4, article 1, will require an additional $125.00 in sanctioning fees with the exception of representatives number seven (7) and eight (8) who will require and additional prevailing rate, as established by the Internal Revenue Service on the date of the event, or airfare and/or rental car; lodging – maximum three days and a maximum of $25.00 per day for meals – three days maximum. For representatives seven and eight: expenses for round trip mileage at the prevailing rate as established by the Internal Revenue Service, lodging – maximum of one night, and a maximum of $25.00 for meals – two days maximum. Contest organizer(s) will make all reservations for lodging.
*In the original email motion we were asked not to vote until the December board meeting. This motion was over looked and will be take up in the January meeting.
Bob Youngblood is lead rep for the Apopka contest, the only contest that will fall under this size issue.Â
He does not to want to go to Chuck Carnesale for more money
Connie Washam made a motion that the FBA take responsibility for the cost of the extra part time representative. Angela Iverson 2nd,  motion Carried unanimously
Rules are vague re: the pork butt. some teams were just purchasing the ‘money muscle’ only and cooking that…should they have to cook the entire Pork Butt. Lori Frazee and Jim Elser will look into changing the cooks requirements for this meat.

Fun Cook
Wendy will not be doing the fun cook again. We need someone to chair the Fun CookÂ
Some discontent with Clerebrook RV Resort. They do have over 1,500 sites and cabins pools etc.
In the past Cheryl Fishel was hired to run the fun cook.Â

Lori Frazee will look into a place on lake Russo Campgrounds and Camp Mack  Because site cost would be 38.00 or 32.00. Jim Elser will contact Theme World RV Park

Meeting adjourned – Ed Hartwig
Bob Youngblood made a motion to adjourn Steve Brumm 2nd, meeting adjourned 9:21 PM

Next meeting: January 26, 2015 8:00 PM
712 – 775 -7100 ID number 1040678#.

Respectfully submitted, Â Connie Washam

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