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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – December 2016

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

December 26, 2016 at 8:00 PM


Present: Steve Brumm, Lori Frazee, Jim Elser, Pat Brannen, Kevin French, Robin Yelverton

New Board Members: Matt Barber

Absent: Ben Purvis,

Recorder: Connie Washam


Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 8:02 PM


Approve Minutes for October and November BOD meetings Lori Frazee moved to approve the minutes for October and November minutes


Business conducted by email

12/13/2017 A maintenance contract, proposed by Will Cleaver, was significantly rewritten for us by an attorney who is an expert in contracts. Will Cleaver has agreed to the corrected contract.

Connie Washam made a motion that we approve the maintenance contract and web support with Will Cleaver as rewritten.  A fee of $250.00 to be paid monthly in lieu of $75.00 per hour.  This contract will begin 1/1/2017.  Kevin French 2nd the motion  The motion carried

Connie Washam – Yes               Kevin French – Yes                   Pat Brannen – Yes

Robin Yelverton – Yes               Lori Frazee – Yes                      Jim Elser – No response


12/15/2016  In reference and response to Mike Deming’s inquiry into his status as an FBA Contest Representative.  We are now changing the rules on him. Granted, he didn’t complete the first training, and it was likely poor training, but he was at the last stages of the prior “program”.  Mike has worked very hard for the FBA, and losing him would be a disservice to the organization and a black eye for the FBA.  Knowing Mike will likely have to start over, and should Mike pass, he will be entitled to another round of reimbursement.   Kevin French made a motion to give Mike Deming a $250 reimbursement for his past training. I further move to allow him to enter the Rep Training program presented by the Rep Committee (based on BOD approval of the training program) and allow him to continue his Rep training – pass or fail.  This is a onetime accommodation due to the good faith Mike demonstrated by performing his training and the lack of oversight provided by the FBA.  Connie Washam 2nd  The motion carried

Pat Brannen – Yes        Kevin French – Yes                   Connie Washam – Yes

Jim Elser – Yes             Robin Yelverton – Yes               Lori Frazee – No response


*12/18/2017 Lora Donley, organizer, Ribs on the Ridge, Haines City, requested a date change for their contest from February 17-18, 2017 to February 17 and 18, 2017.  There is no FBA contest conflict.  Kevin French made a motion that we change the Ribs on the Ridge, Haines City contest From February 24th and 25th to the new dates requested, February 17 & 18, 2017.  Pat Brannen 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously


12/18/2016 The BOD has received a money order in the amount of $75.00 and on 11/28/2016, the signed sanctioning agreement for the Double Ts professional BBQ Contest.  Robin Yelverton made a motion to sanction the Double Ts professional BBQ contest to be held September 8 & 9, 2017 in Davenport, FL.  Connie Washam 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously


*12/19/2016 Lora Donley, organizer of the Haines City, Ribs on the Ridge BBQ contest has changed her mind and would like the contest to be held on its original date of February 17 & 18, 2017  Connie Washam made a motion that the Haines City, Ribs on the Ridge BBQ contest be held on its original date of 2/17-18/2017.  Jim Elser 2nd.  The motion has carried.

Connie Washam – Yes               Jim Elser – Yes             Kevin French – Yes

Pat Brannen – Yes                    Lori Frazee – Yes          Robin Yelverton – No Response


Financial Report – Robin Yelverton

Treasurers Report December 2016


PNC –      $21,606.75

PayPal –  $  2,100.60


TOTAL – $ 23,707.35


Have not yet separated out the TOTY and JOTY payout and put into a separate account.


Membership Report – Connie Washam

366, December31, 2016, expiring membership reminders have been sent.  To date there are 247 left to renew of those 63 are teams.  A 2nd reminder will be sent to those remaining expiring members.


New members

Individual: Faithy Harris, Steve Libero, Brian Haugh, Brian Loschi (4)

Restaurant: C. Leonard Verosky, Pittsburg PA, Swhinery BBQ Company (1)

Corporate: Eric Jimenez, Just Grillin, LLC

Jeffrey Welch, Megabyte BBQ Supply Store, Winter Garden, FL (2)


Consent Agenda – President

  1. Authorize Secretary to destroy contest files from 2009-20012.
  2. Accept Bob Youngblood’s resignation as Rep Trainer and Chair

of the Rep Committee.

  1. Appoint Dennis Schmitz as Chair of Rep Committee.
  2. Appoint Lorne Brumm as a Rep Trainer.
  3. Appoint Gary Washam as an Assistant Rep Trainer.

Lori Frazee made a motion to approve the above consent agenda.  Pat Brannen 2nd

The motion carried unanimously among board members present.


Election Results – President Steve Brumm

A total of 281 members voted which is over twice as many as in previous elections. It is truly heartening to see this many members voting. Just about a third of the FBA membership voted in this election.

764 eligible to vote via email

260 voted

132 ballots were sent by snail mail

21 were returned.


All of the proposed amendments to the By-Laws passed.  Amendment 3 provides staggered terms for the officers and directors. In order to make this happen, the new officers will serve the length of term indicated.  After next year’s elections, all officers will serve a two year term.


The officers for the next year will be:

President:                    Jim Elser                                   One year term

Vice-President             Steve Brumm                            Two year term

Secretary                    Connie Washam                        One year term

Treasurer                    Robin Yelverton                        Two year term

Director                      Matt Barber                              Two year term

Director                      Kevin French                            One year term

Director                      Ben Purvis                                One year term


The results of the bylaw vote are:


Amendment 1 – organizer member –                  278 for  3 against

Amendment 2-  organizer member –                  274 for  7 against

Amendment 3 – staggered terms –                     270 for 11 against

Amendment 4 – family members on BOD –       257 for 24 against


Committee Reports

Cook Teams – Ben Purvis  No Report

Judges – Louis Goldman: Our Judges Committee has been asked to make a recommendation on how the FBA should handle No Shows.



When a judge is confirmed for judging in a contest it is the judge’s responsibility to show up at the contest in time for the judges check-in and meeting. If for some reason the judge is unable to attend the contest then it is the judge’s responsibility to notify the Organizer that they will not be able to attend the contest. This notice should be in a reasonable time period ahead of the contest so that the Organizer is able to obtain a replacement.


A No Show is described as:

  1. A judge who has been confirmed by an Organizer to judge at the Organizers contest, and there has been no phone call or email from the judge, before the contest, notifying the Organizer or the Lead Rep, that the judge would not be able to judge the contest.
  2. The judge does not show up at the contest in time for the Judges Meeting.


After the Lead Rep and the Organizer agree that a judge is a No Show at a contest, that judge will receive a Letter of Reprimand from the FBA stating that the judge was a No Show at the (name) contest and their name will be put on a list of No Shows. If, within a year, the judge is a No Show a second time then the name of the judge will be available to any Organizer who asks for a copy of the list. The name will stay on the list for a period of one year from each No Show incident.


IT Committee – Gary Washam   Downloaded a plug in so FBA can assign judges to contests and hopefully reduce the amount of no shows…  and he is very close to importing members into the web


New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz Called all unresolved possible contests

Rep Committee –  Dennis Schmitz and Lorne Brumm 

Marketing Committee – Matt Barber The committee will have a report for next month


Old Business – President


  1. Request the Cook’s Committee and the Judge’s Committee to finish reviewing the judges’ handbook and update the definitions and criteria for judging tenderness and appearance.


  1. Status of the availability and cost of a code audit for the web site. Can this be done in house?  Gary has tried to contact a new person recommended by Kevin French he has not returned any email messages.


  1. Status of Rep manual rewrite by Rep Committee.


  1. Approve the following:

The Lead Rep shall provide the Secretary with the following documents prior to the contest:

  1. Sanctioning Agreement
  2. Copy of the insurance certificate.  If a copy of a liability insurance certificate for at least one million dollars and with the FBA as a named insured is not received by the Secretary at least two weeks prior to the date of the contest, the Board of Directors shall withdraw the sanction for that contest with no refund of any fees paid.


Within one week of the completion of the contest, the Lead Rep shall forward a copy of the contest evaluation, any DQ paperwork, and any paperwork on judges who have cooked with a team to the Secretary.  NOTE:  The Secretary can recover all other required information for the contest file from the web site.


  1. If full payment of the sanctioning fee is not received at least two weeks prior to the event, the Treasurer shall notify the Lead Rep.  The Lead Rep will attempt to resolve the problem with the organizer.  If full payment is not received at least one week prior to the event, the Board of Directors may withdraw the sanction for the contest with no refund of any fees paid.


Lori Frazee made a motion to update Jim Elser 2nd

Motion approved unanimously


New Business – President


  1. Approve the new Rep Training Program. (Note: Due to its length, each BOD member has received the program in a separate email.)


  1. Approve the following requirements for Rep Training:

Kevin French made a motion to accept the new Training Program.  Robin Yelverton 2nd  the motion carried unanimously among board members present


FBA Representative Qualifications


*Must be an FBA member in good standing for at least three years

*Must take and pass application survey

*Must speak and read English

*Must be able to lift 30 pounds and physically able to step into and out of team trailers safely.

*Must be computer literate and have email

*Must be willing and able to get along with people

*Must submit written application to the FBA Rep Training Coordinator

*Must be recommended by the Vice President to the Board of Directors

*Must be approved by the majority of Board of Directors to enter Rep training program

*Must complete both pre-training assignments prior to working contests

*Must train for a minimum of 5 sanctioned events at your own expense

*Must complete Rep training within 1 year and receive final Board of Director approval.

Lori Frazee made a motion to accept the new rep qualifications. Kevin French 2nd the motion

the motion carried unanimously.


Kevin French believes the 50 question survey will give us a real good idea of the candidate’s qualification so there will be no need to make any exceptions.


FBA Representatives in Training

The Vice President, with the concurrence of the Board of Directors, shall appoint no more than two designated Rep Trainers to supervise the Rep Training Program.

  1. A) The Reps Committee, with the concurrence of the Board of Directors, will determine the need for additional Reps and the areas they are needed in.
  2. B) The Reps Committee with the concurrence of the Board of Directors will solicit the membership for those who would like to consider becoming a Rep in the areas of need.  Those responding must submit a written application to the Rep Training Chairman. Any member may petition the Vice President or a Rep Trainer to be considered.
  3. C) All applicants will be given a survey of fifty questions to determine their abilities, experience, skill and knowledge.  These questions are assigned point values according to the answers given or lack thereof.  The answers are in essay format so the applicants can provide as much information as possible about themselves. The surveys shall be scored by the two Rep Trainers and the FBA Vice President (or their designee). Those applicants scoring eighty percent or higher will be interviewed in order by the highest score, by both the Rep Training Chairman and Assistant Chairman.
  4. D) The Rep Training Chairman will recommend to the Vice President those who qualify, for Board approval to start training and provide the Board with a copy of each recommended applicant’s survey.
  5. E) Once approved by the Board, the applicant will enter Pre-Training 1.  This is mainly reading assignments associated with being an FBA Representative, with an open book exam of thirty questions when finished.  This phase of their training will be completed on their own.
  6. F) When completed, the Trainee will enter Pre-Training 2 which is an extensive amount of training on every phase of the Scorecard system.  This also will be completed on their own with telephone guidance.  A training contest has been setup for this purpose that they can access as often as they like.
  7. G) When the trainee feels comfortable with Scorecard he/she will select five contests to train at.  The Lead Rep at these contest will be notified by email of the trainee’s participation at their contest.  They will also be given a task sheet listing assignments the trainee must do as well as additional duties to be assigned at the Lead Reps discretion.  The Lead Rep shall evaluate the trainee and note any additional training needed.  This applies to all five training contests.

The Lead Rep shall complete the task sheet and return it within seven days to the Rep Training Coordinator.

  1. H) The exception to the above will be, the trainee will be supervised and evaluated by a Rep Training Coordinator in addition to the Lead Rep for contest five.  For contest five, the trainee will have to advise the Rep Training Coordinator what needs to be done next.
  2. I) If at any time during the training process, the Training Coordinators feel an applicant is not a good prospect, they will advise the Board of Directors to receive authorization to remove the trainee from the program.
  3. J) All applicants successfully completing the training program will be recommended to the Vice President for appointment as Contest Representative. Each trainee that is declared an FBA Rep will be reimbursed $50 per contest they worked while training to a maximum of $250. Shadowing expenses are the responsibility of the applicant.
  4. K) The Rep Trainer shall be paid one-way mileage by the FBA for any contest that they are not otherwise working where they are officially evaluating a trainee. In addition, if the contest is more than 50 miles away from the Rep Trainer’s home,

a one night hotel stay will be paid by the FBA.

Lori Frazee made a motion to accept the changes to the training manual. Connie Washam 2nd the motion.  the motion carried unanimously.


The State Championship for 2018 should consider making Mulberry the state championship.  Lori Frazee moved that we approve Mulberry for the 2018 State Championship.  Robin Yelverton 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.

Lori Frazee – Yes        Robin Yelverton – Yes   Connie Washam – Yes   Pat Brannen -Yes

Kevin French – Yes     Jim Elser – No


We have the sanctioning agreement and check for the 2017 Cocoa BBQ and Blues contest.  Because it is a year to year sanction we need to approve the contest.

Connie Washam made a motion that we approve the Cocoa BBQ & Blues 2017.  Robin Yelverton 2nd.  and the motion was approved unanimously.


Members Comments:

Lou Goldman: Taste and tenderness between the cooks committee and judges committee.  The cooks committee was going to define this but the judges committee has not heard anything.

Steve Brumm – Thanks to Lori Frazee and Pat Brannen for their service to the FBA.  to Jim, Have Fun you are in for an interesting year.  Thanks to all for the support during his term.


Next BOD meeting January 30, 2017

Call in number/procedure may change and we’ll all be advised before the next BOD meeting.


The meeting adjourned at PM 8:43 PM