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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – December 2013

FBA Board of Directors Meeting – December 30, 2013

8:00 PM Meeting Open

Board Members Present: : Wolfe, Ed Hartwig, Marty Hyde, Don Miller & Katie Buchanan
Guests in Attendance: Wendy Wolfe, Lou Goldman

E-Mail Business:

  1. Cindy Bennett was in the hospital & is now home
  2. Bert Snyder’s wife, Karen Hyde’s mother passed away, memorial service will be 3rd of January 2014, Bushnell National Cemetery
  3. TOTY winner to receive 3 entry fees to FBA contest, paid for by the FBA
  4. JOTY winner to receive $200.00 gift card
  5. 2014 calendars have been sent out – Thank you Connie!!
  6. Reps for Ft Myers – Sheila Jones, lead rep, Gail Cushing & EJ Kraus
  7. Two more reps needed for Haines City – Sheila Jones & EJ Kraus
  8. Best of the Bone BBQ Challenge, Madeira Beach FL – site inspection was done, organizer will be mailing in check. This contest will be 12th, 13th & 14 of June, 2014

Treasurer’s Report – Marty Hyde

  1. $28,824.30 in bank
  2. No outstanding bills

Membership – Katie Buchanan

  1. 846 members
  2. 32 life members
  3. 12 restaurant
  4. 14 corporate
  5. 152 cook teams
  6. 497 judges

Judges Committee: Marty Hyde

  1. Nothing new

Contests – Tony Wolfe

  1. Contest only needs total of 25 teams to qualify for American Royal, pro and backyard.
  2. Ed has been working with Jellystone Park, Madison FL, contest to be in November

New Business:

  1. Fun Cook, Tony is meeting with Connie on 12/31/13. Wendy Wolfe & EJ Kraus
  2. CLY Party – Don Miller, 54 have currently signed up for the dinner
  3. Election – nominations will begin sometime in September, voting will be 1st week of December. Swearing in of the board will be done via phone at the first board meeting in January 2015.

Being no other business meeting closed at 8:42 PM
Next Board meeting will be 27th January, 2014 8 PM ET

Minutes submitted by Katie Buchanan

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