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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – February 2015

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors meeting

Minutes: February 23, 2015

Present: Ed Hartwig, Angela Iversen, Bob Youngblood, Jim Elser, Steve Brumm

Absent: Lori Frazee

Guests: Louis Goldman, Rick Dimaggio, Gayle Dimaggio, Nick Wunder

Recorder: Connie Washam


Call to Order: Ed Hartwig      Called the meeting to order 8:02


Approval of January Minutes.  With Bob Youngblood’s, Angela Iverson’s and Ed Hartwig’s amendments to the January minutes, Steve Brumm made a motion that the amended minutes of the January BOD meeting be approved.  Connie Washam 2nd.  Motion Carried unanimously.

Connie Washam – Yes             Steve Brumm – Yes

Angela Iversen – Yes               Bob Youngblood – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                     Jim Elser – Yes


Business conducted by Email – Connie Washam

While going through the entire member list, cooks, judges, restaurants, corporate and life members, Angela Iverson and Connie Washam discovered that there were a few teams whose lead cook were not FBA members.  However, other than bragging rights, a banner and free entry to three contests, what was the incentive.  Many cook teams vend at FBA sponsored contests and have the potential to make a lot of money there.

Angela Iversen made a motion that we allow the current teams on the Team of the Year list that do not have a head cook as a FBA member the opportunity to join FBA by February 14, 2015 (two weeks) as stated in the Team of the Year program rules. This will allow the teams to keep their accumulated points and continue in the Team of the Year race.  Lori Frazee 2nd the motion.  Motion carried unanimously

Steve Brumm -Yes                   Bob Youngblood – Yes

Connie Washam -Yes              Angela Iversen – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                     Jim Elser – Yes

As suggested by EJ Kraus, Connie Washam made a motion to remove from cooks rule #5 and adopt the wording in Rule  #6 “frying with any form of fat, butter, or any type of oil is prohibited”.  Bob Youngblood 2nd

Bob Youngblood – Yes                        Connie Washam – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                     Angela Iversen – Yes

Steve Brumm – Yes                  Jim – Yes

It has come to our attention that cooking schools and non sanctioned charity events are put on the FBA website calendar as a courtesy and a token of good will.  FBA has done this, particularly, with unsanctioned contest with hopes that eventually those contests would become large enough to warrant FBA sanctioning.  We are the only sanctioning body to do this.  It is important that the organizers become an FBA member.  Angela Iversen made a motion to allow only posting on our website calendars of cooking schools and charity BBQ events from Members who are involved in putting these events on.  Jim Elser 2nd.  Motion Carried.

Angela Iversen – Yes               Jim Elser – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                     Connie Washam – Yes

Steve Brumm – No                   Bob Youngblood – Abstain

Bob Youngblood’s computer has taken a turn.  He needs to get a diagnostics run on it to see if there is a fix or a replacement needed.  Kevin French is helping Bob determine if it is a fixable problem or not.  However FBA needs some kind of protocol in place in the event this happens again.  An initial motion was made to allow Bob to have his computer fixed.  Ed didn’t feel a motion was needed that Bob should just go get it fixed.  No 2nd.  Steve withdrew the motion.

Angela Iversen made a motion that we accept the following Support Protocol to be applied to REPS with the FBA computers:

1)      Contact someone on *FBA Support to get help.

2)      FBA Support determines if it can be easily fixed or if IT needs to look at the machine.

3)      FBA REP gets okay from FBA Support to take to local IT if needed.

4)      An estimate from IT will be obtained. If under $200, go ahead and fix. If over $200, contact FBA Support to determine if worth the fix or if a new computer needs to be obtained.

5)      If a new computer needs to be obtained, this issue needs to come to the board for a vote.

Connie Washam 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously

Connie Washam – Yes             Angela Iversen – Yes

Jim Elser – Yes                         Bob Youngblood – Yes

Steve Brumm – Yes                  Lori Frazee – Yes

*Computer Support Group:

Angela Iversen – Lead

Gary Washam

Kevin French

Diagnostics tests have been run on two FBA computers resulting in the need for two new computers.  Angela Iversen made a motion to purchase new computers for Bob Youngblood and EJ Kraus immediately. The cost will be $246.09 each plus $19.99 for one wireless mouse for EJ.  Connie Washam 2nd.  Motion carried unanimously.

Connie Washam – Yes             Angela Iversen- Yes

Bob Youngblood – Yes                        Jim Elser – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                     Steve Brumm – Yes

Lori Frazee has gotten a quote from Connie at Clerbrook!!!  We are on, with 35 sites,21.00 per night, 4 villas  99.00 (unless we need more or less) 10% off on Cabins and Villas.  The Club House, checking on availability for the other one for the Sat, TOTY party.  I am expecting a contract with a deposit required (will forward to Angela for payment).  As before, we would make our payment with check prior to check in.  Dates are September 4,5,6.  Anyone wanting before and after days will have to pay for each night additionally.  Ed would like to wait until we have board approval before an announcement is made.  Steve Brumm made a motion to accept the Clerebrook RV Park offer.  Lori Frazee 2nd.  Motion carried unanimously.

Steve Brumm – Yes                  Connie Washam – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                     Angela Iversen – Yes

Bob Youngblood – Yes                        Jim Elser – Yes

The cook teams are beginning to buy their briskets and maybe other meats in bulk wholesale, then reselling it to their buddy cook teams, to save a lot of their costs.  There is only one label, and it is on the wholesale large case size box.  The individually distributed packages of meat do not have a label thus a confrontation has and could occur between teams and inspecting Reps. Also there has not been to anyone’s knowledge a cook team butchering their own animals, especially cattle, for briskets.  In order to continue to protect our organization we are in effect having them sign off on their meat that it is FDA inspected.  Lori Frazee made a motion to have all head cooks formally sign a sheet that their meats are to be purchased from a USDA approved outlet.  Continuing meat inspections for the temperature and treatment of meats.  Jim Elser 2nd  The motion carried

Lori Frazee – Yes                     Jim Elser – Yes

Bob Youngblood – Yes                        Steve Brumm – Yes

Angela Iversen – Yes               Connie Washam – Yes

“The Old Florida Outdoor Festival” had a couple of scoring problems both human and system. due to the human errors the final standings were incorrect in the announcing but correct in the final stats.  This is FBAs largest contest and it is important to show our good faith.  A letter of apology was sent to the contest organizer Chuck Carnesales as well as an explanation to the teams.  Teams who received checks in error are not being asked to send them back however Teams that are owed for their change in status deserve to be paid. Connie Washam made a motion to reimburse Chuck Carnesale and “the Old Apopka Outdoor Festival” their sanctioning fees in the amount of $1,000.   Also included in this motion is the team payout of $1,300. For those teams whose overall team position was moved up.  Which will make the total FBA expenditure $2,300.00.  Angela Iversen 2nd  The motion carried

Connie Washam – Yes             Angela Iversen – Yes

Bob Youngblood – Yes                        Lori Frazee – Yes

Jim Elser – Yes                         Steve Brumm – Abstain

An application and sanctioning fee sent to previous treasurer and is being forwarded for new contest “Grills Gone Wild”.  Falls on the same date as the Smokin’ Flamingo in Jacksonville but is 187 miles away.  Steve Brumm made a motion made to approve the sanction for “Grills Gone Wild”.  Angela 2nd.  The motion carried

Jim Elser – Yes                                     Steve Brumm – Yes

Angela Iversen – Yes               Connie Washam – Yes

Lori Frazee – Abstain               Bob Youngblood – Abstain

Jim Elser made a motion to get rid of the “phantom table” and if there are more than 6 entries being judged by the same table it needs to be noted on the score card that it was judged by the same judges.  Lori Frazee 2nd  The motion failed.

Lori Frazee – Yes                     Jim Elser – Yes

Steve Brumm – No                   Bob Youngblood – No

Connie Washam – No              Angela Iversen – No

For the sake of timely distribution of FBA rule changes and other information,   Bob Youngblood made a motion that we start sending out a bulletin to cook teams that are members.  We can keep them informed of everything.  Lori Frazee 2nd  The motion passed unanimously

Bob Youngblood – Yes                        Lori Frazee – Yes

Connie Washam – Yes             Angela Iversen – Yes

Steve Brumm – Yes                  Bob Youngblood – Yes

Treasurers Report – Angela Iversen

Need to clean up some chart of accounts with accountant so Balance Sheet reflects correct standing.

Bank Balance as of 1/30/2015 Statement = $25,270.79

Book Balance (include uncleared transactions) = $24,658.69

Income for the Month of January 2015 = $3345

(includes Sanctioning fees, membership dues, judges seminar and sold trailer)

Expenses for the Month of January 2015 = $11,944.82

Net Loss for the month = ($8599.82)   (parenthesis means negative)

We knew with the software development and training costs there would be a loss for January.

New Members – Connie Washam

Greg Woodhams, Ted Koogle, Harold Barwick, Travis Millender, Tommy Harden, Jason Whitcomb, John Scott, Tim Canada, Vince Bolen,

9 new members

674 Active FBA members.

138 members were place on an inactive list and their subscriptions to the National BBQ News were cancelled.


Scoring System  Gary Washam, Angela Iversen, Kevin French and Will have been testing and making adjustments for double checking to make sure there is a checks & balances so nothing is left out or duplicated.  The calculations have been correct.  Need to have auto fill for the judges numbers per table.  New IT member vetted and Wink Yelverton and Brian Mroczka have offered to help in the system testing.

Website: The website is up, but not pretty.  Angela will be working on it shortly.

Judges Committee – Rick Dimaggio

No show judges: not as big a problem judges will be assigned double duty.  already rules in place for no shows.  if you fail to show for 3 contests if you will be removed from future judging.  Cancel within one week of the contest.  A dedicated email box that the rep can check.


Unconfirmed judges  Unconfirmed judges are welcome to come to any contests.  However, unconfirmed judges should be used only if the contest at hand is short of judges.  no additional tables will be created.

Grazing Table:  Some teams believe that many judges come just to graze and don’t care what their scores are.  We really have no way to compare our scores to a table.  Judges committee does not feel we should make any changes.  We need to ask that judges to show some civility while at the grazing table.

Ed Hartwig: There is a problem with the grazing table when it is time to let judges bag the remains.

Bob Youngblood believes that the lead rep should take responsibility for the grazing table, another Rep.  12 boxes of meat were given to the volunteers and there was plenty left over for the judges.

Jim Elser doesn’t like to have the perception that the judges are there for the wrong reasons.  Big wheeled coolers.

For now we will leave control of the grazing table to the Lead Rep

Old Business Cafe Press Ed Hartwig will contact Lori Frazee to see where we stand, and if need be will also look into the contract process with Cafe Press.  Jim Elser believes she did contact Terry McKay for a high resolution FBA logo.

Routing Boxes:  Jim Elser would like to see the double blind routing be done via the computer.  Angela said it can be done.

New Business

Liability Insurance: Angela will get a couple of more quotes from her sources and contact Lori Frazee to see what her quote is and then the board will vote.

judges who have relatives who cook can/cannot judge.  However if your family member cooks on a pro team the judge can judge Back Yard.  The information in this motion should probably be placed somewhere on the website.  Bob Youngblood made a motion that  “if a pro cook team has a family member who only judges, he can only judge Back Yard if there is a stand-alone Back Yard Contest and vice versa if the team cooks BY the family member judge can judge the Pro division.  However, if there is any intermingling of both Pro and Back Yard and the family member’s team is cooking, he cannot judge that contest.”  Angela Iversen 2nd .  The motion Carried.   (intermingling, meaning, the possibility of too few BY competitors to make a stand alone contest and some judges will be judging samples from both contests)

Steve Brumm –  yes                 Bob Youngblood – Yes

Angela Iversen – Yes               Connie Washam – Yes

Jim Elser – Yes

Fun Cook –  We need to start nailing down some chairmanships for the Fun Cook.  Will there be a Judges Seminar, Kids Q, Dessert Cook off, Chile Cook Off, any special classes.

Meeting Adjourned: In Ed Hartwigs absence, (dropped call) Steve Brumm made a motion to adjourn the meeting Angela Iversen 2nd.  Motion carried.  Next meeting: March  30. 2015  8:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Connie Washam