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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – February 2016

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 29, 2016 at 8:00 PM


Present: Jim Elser, Lori Frazee, Pat Brannen, Kevin French, Robin Yelverton

Absent: Steve Brumm

Recorder: Connie Washam


Call to Order: Vice President, Jim Elser, called the meeting to order at 8:01

Roll call to establish a quorum


Approve minutes of the January 25, 2016 meeting

Lori Frazee moved to approve the January BOD meeting minutes. Kevin 2nd.  Motion Carried


Business conducted by Email – Connie Washam


Jim Elser made a motion to approve Connie Washam to start shadowing reps for 2 contests so she can begin the Rep Training process.  Kevin French 2nd  The motion carried unanimously

Jim Elser – Yes                         Kevin French – Yes                              Lori Frazee – Yes

Robin Yelverton – Yes                         Pat Brannen – Yes                                Connie Washam – Abstain

Jim Denhe has completed two shadow rep requirements to enter the rep training program.  The Reps who worked with him in Winter Haven and believe he will make a good FBA Representative.  Due to the need of all the help available for the Apopka Old Florida BBQ Competition, Lori Frazee made a motion that Jim Denhe be approved as an FBA Representative in training. Robin Yelverton 2nd.  The motion carried

Lori Frazee – Yes                     Robin Yelverton – Yes                         Jim Elser – Yes

Connie Washam – Yes             Kevin French – Yes                              Pat Brannen – No response

Robin Yelverton made a motion to approve the sanctioning of the “Baddest BBQ on the Bone” contest in Madera Beach, FL  for three years.  6/16-17/2016, 6/15-16/2017, 6/14-16/2018.  Kevin French 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously

 Lori Frazee made a motion to approve Dennis Schmitz as the new Contest Liaison.  Jim Elser 2nd

The motion carried unanimously

Robin Yelverton made a motion that we buy 10 copies of Kerry Ferrell’s book, How To Put On a Barbeque Festival.  $14.00 per copy for a total of $140.00 there may be added shipping & Handling. Kevin French 2nd the motion carried

Robin Yelverton – Yes             Kevin French – Yes                              Lori Frazee – Yes

Connie Washam – No              Pat Brannen – Yes                                Jim Elser – Yes

Kevin French made a motion to repay Wink Yelverton for the money he fronted for the development of the new FBA website, if the total is less than $2000. If the total is more than $2000, the payment be split in two with half to be paid now and the second half to be paid after the next round of membership renewals in June. Lori Frazee 2nd.

Kevin French – Yes                  Lori Frazee – Yes                     Connie Washam – Yes

Pat Brannen – Yes                    Jim Elser – Yes                         Robin Yelverton – Abstain

Due to a very mysterious scoring issue at the Haines City contest, competing team Pullin’ My Pork disappeared from the Brisket and Overall final scoring categories only.  The team was in the system, but did not appear nor was the score showing.  Our developer saw, in his time lines, the moment it happened, and was able to give a corrected Brisket and overall final tally.

Kevin French made a motion that the FBA reimburse Russell Short $175.00 for his 3rd place in Brisket and $100.00 for 6th place overall, for a total of $275.00.  Connie Washam 2nd The motion carried

Kevin French – Yes                  Connie Washam – Yes             Jim Elser – Yes

Robin Yelverton – Yes

Financial Status Report – Robin Yelverton

$21,118.27 PNC

$3,371.47 PayPal

$24,489.74 Total

approx $3250. outstanding checks(waiting to clear)

Kevin French made a motion to approve the treasurers report, Robin Yelverton 2nd motion carried

Budget Report: Robin Yelverton moved to new business

Membership Report – Connie Washam

New Members

Individual: Mark Borneman, Mark Baker, Alex Rahmings, Richard Hodge, Christopher Gentry, Tim Godfrey, Cline Walters, William Dehart, Sam Christian, Thomas Berden, Jeremy Thomas Simons, John Sheils (12)

Family: Sharon & James Padgett

Organizer: Theodore Berry

Restaurant: Joy Cobb, Malibu Sports Grill

Life Membership:

Contests Report: Brooksville contest has been cancelled and the Live Oak contest will not happen this year.

 Consent Agenda:

  1. Approve Dennis Schmitz as new contest liaison. (previously approved)
  2. Approve change to sanctioning application – adds organizer membership sign up
  3. Change sanctioning agreement to require clamshells to be undivided 9”x9”x3”
  4. Approve change to Rep Manual for Vice President to oversee Rep selection and training
  5. Approve tentative fun cook budget
  6. Authorize Lori to obtain perfect score plaques for the three teams we owe them to.
  7. Authorize Bob Youngblood to draft a new Table Captain training program. (Bob Youngblood talked about his responsibilities as a table captain training program. Bob get various committees and judges involved)
  8. Approve Rep assignments dated 2-24-15
  9. Approve change to Rep manual to require prospective Reps to shadow 1 event as opposed to 2 events

Robin Yelverton made a Motion to approve the Consent Agenda, Lori Frazee 2nd.  The motion carried.  (Connie would like to have her 2nd shadow rep waived and to begin the rep training process right away)  The BOD agreed to waive Connie Washam’s 2nd shadow rep.)

Marty Hyde: supports the table captain special training, but feels the Master Judge program will have to be rewritten.

 Committee Reports:

  1. Organizers – No report
  2. Cook Teams – Ben Purvis

Review the letter from cook teams to organizers with expectations for participation in their contests.  The content is acceptable it is the tone of the letter.  Table until next month and send it back to the committee for a softer rewrite, Keven French has offered his assistance if they want. 

 Judges – Louis Goldman

  • There should be a line on the judges application for any given contest that they/judges can designate that they want to be a table captain.
  • definition of what an FBA judge is. The Judges Committee wants the requirement to judge at least 1 time in a year reinstated.
  • scoring cards. The judges committee would like to have the scoring system be printed on the score cards just below the name but above the scoring section
  • they would like to recommend the organizers to have at least 1 hand washing station at each contest
  • would like to have the BOD establish the cost for a replacement name badge.

 New Contest Liaison


Date NotifiedContest LocationDate ContactedAction/StatusFollow up
02/19/16Wild Adventures-Valdosta02/20/16Met with Org 2/25/16 Waiting to here if they want us or KCBSWill send prodding email 03/04/16
02/19/16Tavares02/22/16Telecon with Org, they plan to host non-sanction this year with FBA assistanceWill verify progress 03/04/16
02/23/16Chattahoochee02/23/16Sent Organizers Manual and web page info, waiting to hear backWill send 2nd email 03/04/16
02/24/16Marianna02/24/16Sent Organizers Manual and web page info, they are in holding pattern forWill send inquiry in 30 days
community support and venue improvements-Do want to sanction in the future
02/26/16Mims02/26/16Sent email with basic info, waiting to hear backWill send 2nd email 03/04/16


Old Business:

Status of the website.  Gary Washam reported that he sent the status of the website out to the Board.  All but a couple of contests have been moved to the new site.  The Team list needs to be moved over.  Access to the old site sends people to the new website.  There are items that need to be discussed by the BOD.  Significant improvements and enhancements will have a significant price.  There was an issue at the Haines City contest but developer and Gary are investigating.  The same crew will be in Eagle Lake this coming weekend.  Membership will go to the new site.  The domain is owned by FBA hosted on a server Blue Host.  The domain at this point in time is implemented and maintained by our developer.  The “Old”, old site is redirecting members to the new site.  Moving data from the old site to the new site is not necessarily cut and paste unless the new page is the same as the old page.

Merchandise: With Chef Works, there will be a limited menu of merchandise and the more that is ordered, they will add items to the menu. 

Lori Frazee made a motion made to have Chef Works as a 2nd merchandise company. Kevin French 2nd.  The motion carried.

 New Business

Budget Report – Robin Yelverton

Robin looked at last year’s income and expenditures.  Robin Yelverton and Steve Brumm have put together a starting point.  The numbers may change.  The budget is very broad and may get fine tuned and tightened up as we go forward

Income: Mainly comes from dues, sanctioning fees, judges seminars.

$71,800 income

expenses: Rep fees, Paypal fees, Verizon WiFi Hotspot connection, computers and printers, paper supplies, enhancements to the new website and possible automation upgrades, pins, badges, stickers, postage, printing, banners and signs, travel expenses for the Organizer liaison.  Plaques, state championship and TOTY banners, perfect scores plaques.

Lori Frazee moved to approve the budget for the remainder of the term. Kevin French 2nd.  Motion carried

Marty Hyde: Mileage is a reimbursable at the state rate.  He agrees with the new judges manual.  The last paragraph of the current judges manual, to paraphrase, simply says, if you get a bad piece of meat just discretely remove it from your mouth because there is nothing the table captain can do.

Discussion of reimbursement of mileage for the Organizer Liaison when site visits are necessary.  Submit a reimbursement to the treasurer.

Table the new printer/computer purchases

The rep scheduleJim Elser

The spreadsheet that goes out to the reps is very confusing.  There are a lot of changes and it is very confusing. the rep schedule needs to be resent with every little change.  Can there be a rep section for the rep to log in with information schedules and revisions.  The page has been created and it is in the process of being populated.

Reps asking the judges to write a comment

At what point should a judge be asked to make a comment if the score is different from the average of the table

Meeting open for member comments

Bob Youngblood: This is something that will be covered in the Certified Table Captain training.  The whole point is to talk with the judges.  Table Captains will lead a discussion. 

Lou Goldman: The judges committee will suggest that the minimum score for a comment should be raised

Marty Hyde: There are rogue judges out there and for whatever reason they score low.  We need to be keeping track of the judges average scores

Kent Harriss: He does not agree with asking the attendees to print their own judges manualsHe thinks they should be presented with a manual with a nice cover.  Would like to see an itemized treasurers report.  So the membership can see what is being spent where.

Meeting adjourned at: 10:01

 Next meeting: Monday, March 28, 2016 at 8:00 PM EDT Via Teleconference. Call in number: 347-989-1121

Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam