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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – February 2012

FBA Board of Directors Meeting – February 27, 2012

8:00 pm Meeting Open

Board Members Present: Dana Hillis, Tony Wolfe, Gail Cushing, Ricky Ginsburg, Ed Hartwig, Damon Wooley, Ray Lesko
Guests in Attendance: Henry Scott, Wendy Wolfe, Lou Goldman

January minutes approved by email

E-Mail Business:

  1. Noel Davis wondered if there was an available FBA laptop for him to use at the contests. One is getting prepared for him and he will be receiving it soon.
  2. Jimmy Brod suggested a FBA Smart Phone App. Ricky worked on the particulars. You can read about on the FBA web site, the FBA Forum and the FBA FB page.
  3. Dana Hillis was assigned Admin on the non-sanctioned FBA FB page as of 02-21-12.
  4. Jimmy Brod wants FBA to be involved with his cooking school “Everglades BBQBash School & Contest. (May 4-6) Location in Lake Wales. Marty Hyde will be conducting a judge’s refresher course and he will be using his newly updated slide presentation.
  5. FBA member Joe Goodman passed on Saturday 02-04-12. He lived in Warner Robins, GA.
  6. There were many questions about what Newnan GA was doing about their contest. After much discussion it was concluded that Newnan would be dropped and Live Oak will be added in their place.
  7. Lou Goldman has issues regarding the special meeting scheduled for March. He was directed to register for a spot to speak at the meeting.
  8. There are 7 contests scheduled in March: Dublin GA 2-3; Punta Gorda 2-3; Clermont 9-10; Pompano Beach 9-10; Ft. Myers 16-18; Ashburn GA 23-24; and Ocala 30-31.
  9. There was discussion about “hiring” someone to input data at the contests. This would reduce the cost of an additional Rep an organizer would have to pay. The idea was deemed “not practical”.

Treasurer’s Report – Ricky Ginsburg:

  1. Total Assets: $45,018.32, no outstanding bills
  2. Database: 677 members of whom 18 are lifetime members, 22 are restaurant members, and 7 are corporate. We have 174 cook teams and 407 judges. Judges numbers and membership numbers are down. Most of this has to do with non-renewals of memberships.

Membership – Gail M. Cushing: 32 New Members, 1 Corporate Member

Contests – Damon Wooley: There are several potential new contests in the works, but nothing definite to report.

Old Business:

  1. FBA is still looking for sponsors for the Triple Crown.

New Business:

  1. The FBA tax returns have been filed. No money is owed and no money is to be refunded. Dana is checking on getting our 2011 audit completed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:31 pm

Respectfully submitted by: Gail M. Cushing

Next Meeting: March 26, 2012

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