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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – January 2016

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

January 25, 2015 at 8:00 PM


Present: Steve Brumm, Jim Elser, Lori Frazee, Pat Brannen, Kevin French, Robin Yelverton

Recorder: Connie Washam


Call to Order: Steve Brumm called the meeting to order at 8:03 PM

Roll call to establish a quorum


Approve minutes of the November meeting (no meeting in December)

Lori Frazee made a motion to approve the minutes from November meeting.  Kevin French 2nd.  The motion carried.


Business conducted by Email – Connie Washam


Kevin French made a motion to change the reinstatement clause to read, “A Rep may return to active status at their request. A Rep requesting to return to active status must, at their own expense, work at least two events under the supervision of the Lead Rep in order to refresh themselves on current policies and procedures. This requirement may be waived by the BOD on a case-by-case basis.”  Robin Yelverton 2nd

Kevin French – Yes                 Robin Yelverton – Yes             Connie Washam – Yes

Jim Elser – Yes


Angela Iversen, Organizer Liaison, has resigned.


Financial Status Report – Robin Yelverton

711.57 in PayPal

22,976.20 in PNC


for a total of $23,687.77


At a previous meeting we approved the allocation of $1500.00 for web development.  We have exhausted that allocation.

The Reps have been paid for all past contests and for the upcoming Sonny’s contest.


Verizon bill is Zero.

BBQ Scores bill is Zero.

We owe Rick Dimaggio $100.00 for teaching the class in Perry

It is time to file our corporate report with the state – that fee is $61.25

We don’t have anything else outstanding at this time.  Some of those checks I wrote for Sonny’s Rep might not have cleared so those might be outstanding – I am not worried about January – I am trying to finish out December.  I just haven’t had time to sit down and get it done.

The books will be balanced and closed out for 2015 tomorrow.  The 1099 info will either be printed by me and mailed or sent to the accountant.  I will speak with him tomorrow and we will decide how to best handle it.  I know they have to be out by the 31st.


Membership Report – Secretary

923 Members, 171 Family


141 did not renew,

37 Teams

15 Master judges

63 judges


New Members – Connie Washam

Individual: Dave McBee, Chad Greer, Brian Booker, Brandee Harris, Ric Sinclair, Shawon Lee, Curtis Kelly, James Kamen, Richard Forlifer, Wade Morris, Bruce Rosenblatt, Todd Lemaster, Graeme Love, Tim Busby, Danny Luera (15)

Family: Timothy & Alison Strachan, Michael & Barbara Richter, Kenny & Angela Hall, (3)

Life Membership: Ken and Sue Fluker


Contests Report:

New sanctioning request for Grills Gone Wild contest in Panama City.

This is the same date as the Smokin’ Flamingo contest in Jacksonville.


Consent Agenda:

  1. Approve Table Captain Script
  2. Approve Ben Purvis as Chair of the Cook Team Committee
  3. Approve Ben Scott to the IT Committee
  4. Approve Lori Frazee as an FBA representative. She has completed the training.
  5. Approve Lori Frazee to rep the Winter Haven contest.
  6. Approve Bob Youngblood to edit “Smoke Bits” beginning 2/1/2016
  7. Approve Grill’s Gone Wild contest in Panama City on November 18 & 19, 2016
  8. Approve the following State Championships
  9. AL – 4/9/2016, Dothan
  10. FL – 6/4/2016, Cocoa Beach
  11. GA -4/2/2016, Thomaston


Kevin French made a motion to approve the consent agenda Jim Elser 2nd.  Motion carried unanimously.


Committee Reports

  1. Organizers – No report
  2. Cook Teams – Ben Purvis; The committee submitted a letter to the board for review and hopefully we can move forward with it. Ben has been impressed with how the committee has come together with a lot of input.


  1. Judges – Louis Goldman; there is a form that the judges have to use when a judge is working toward their master judge “Master Judge Cook Team Form” should be in the manual.


Old Business:

  1. Status of the Website – Gary

major issues that are being tested, PayPal connection to the judges seminar registration.

new information that needs to be generated, smoker suppliers, recipes, and other data.  the only things we need Will for are cosmetic and minor corrections on the scoring system.

Robin Yelverton made a motion to allocate another $1,500, for and the BOD/Gary should guide for continued work on the website.  Pat Brannen 2nd. The motion carried unanimously


before the vote, Members are asked to comment.

John Kelley: when he logs on he gets an indicator from his computer that he is accessing an unsafe site.  What he needs to do is go to his computer and mark the FBA site as an authorized site.


  1. Method to sell Logo Items, Queensboro, there is no upfront costs for us or restrictions on quantity buys. If you get into low cost order on small items we would have to buy 20/30 as they were sold.  Gary will set up the account with Queensboro.

Pat Brannen made a motion to let Gary Washam proceed with Queensboro account. Kevin French 2nd.  the motion carried unanimously.


  1. 2016 Fun Cook, Mike Deming & Pat Brannen co-chair to be held in Perry, FL

MD, DT, PB are planning to meet this Wednesday.  City of Perry and the Florida Tourist Bureau are backing this event.  Pine Tree Forest has been donated to the FBA for our use during this event.

Restaurants are interested in fixing meals.  We want it to be the best Fun Cook ever.

Bob Youngblood: might have an issue with team participation.

Mike Deming; What Pat’s talking about is the Local Tourist Council.  we might be able to get some monetary support for this event

Kevin French made a motion to hold the Fun Cook in Perry. Pat Brannen 2nd. motion passed unanimously


  1. Newspaper – Informal survey had 47 for Smoke Bits and 15 for other options.

Bob Youngblood; the judges are interested in the two pages about FBA the Teams are the only ones who are interested in the entire newspaper and I suggest one NBBQN subscription per Team that has a current membership

The FBA BOD will continue to pursue other options as well as the Smoke Bits.

Gary Washam: Find out what it will cost because we might need to subscribe to a paid “Mail Chimp” account.


  1. Badges for new judges: we will sort this out internally


New Business

Approve new dues structure

  1. Individual – $50.00 (1 vote)
  2. Family – $75.00 (2 votes)
  3. Lifetime

Individual, $500.00. (2 votes)

Family – $600.00, (2 votes)


Lori Frazee made a motion to approve the new dues structure to include restaurant, corporate, and organizer to have one vote, Kevin French, 2nd.  Lori withdrew the motion as amended.


Lori Frazee made a motion to restructure the Corporate, restaurant and Organizer dues as written below

  1. Corporate – $250.00 (1 vote)

logo on the home page, link to webpage, contact information,

special member status designation if they are offering a FBA member benefit

  1. Restaurant – $150.00 (1 vote)

Plaque with annual renewal plate

Spot on a Florida BBQ Stop Map with information and link to their site.

  1. Organizer- $40.00 (1 vote)

Robin Yelverton 2nd and the motion passed unanimously


Meeting open for member comments:

Kent Harriss: If we’ve got 23,000 in the till and we have another cycle of membership in June and we are not paying                                for a newspaper why are we increasing the dues again?

John Hokanson: With the increase in dues does FBA have a budget?  one thing I wanted to mention would like to see                    perpetual membership.  Lifetime membership should be invested.

Gary Washam: When will the dues increase take effect?  Steve: March 1st 2016

Approved motion for corporate, restaurant to take effect now.  Organizer dues is the current individual                           dues.

Marty Hyde: Comparing our dues schedule with four other Sanctioning bodies, and feels that there will be a big drop                       off in membership.

Lou Goldman: Thinks we should not raise the dues again

Ford Allison: Believes that Marty and Louis are right that we should not raise the dues.  He believes we should have                                  a 12 month budget for where money will be spent so that members can see where it’s going.

Tim Giebeig: there should be a budget for the membership to see where the money is going to be spent.


Approve ‘letter to organizers’ submitted by Cook Team Committee

Send the letter back to Ben Purvis for revision and we will take it up next month.


Should restaurants be required to have a restaurant membership to have their establishments listed on the FBA website.

Policy for listing BBQ restaurants on the web page.  Lori Frazee made a motion that the only way a restaurant can have their restaurant on the website is to become a member.  Pat Brannen 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously.


Leave the existing policy for Charity/non sanctioned events.

Should we sanction backyard only contests?  Create a ‘Back Yard TOTY’?

Bob Youngblood: had suggested this in the past.  trying to generate more contests in the GA and AL contests.  Possibly a “New Team’, TOTY award.

John Hokanson will take on the task along with Lori Frazee to investigate this possibility.


Should the following changes be made to the current judges manual?


FBA Scoring System (below crossed outs were removed changes would read as follows)

The highest score you can give is a 10 and the lowest is a 5. You may enter scores in half point increments: i.e. 8.5, etc.. You may not change your score once you have recorded it and moved on to the next judging criteria. The only time a score can be changed is by the FBA representative disqualifying that entry. If for some reason you get the score in the wrong box, notify the Table Captain and you will be instructed how to correct the error.  You are responsible for judging and not giving everything a 9.5 or a 10. Remember to follow the FBA way of scoring.

Disqualification of an entry will be scored a 2 (two). The FBA representative is the only person who can tell you to give this score. If you have already scored the entry and it is deemed illegal, at the direction of the FBA representative you will cross out what you have scored and enter a 2 (two). You will then turn over your scorecard and put the entry number on the back and the reason as to why it was disqualified.

If you have a bad piece of meat and don’t want to swallow it, discreetly remove it from your mouth and notify the Table Captain immediately for determination of disqualification.

The chances of you having less than average barbecue at an FBA Sanctioned contest are slim.

No action on this until next month.


Meeting open for member comments

Marty Hyde: KCBS starts their average at 6.  recommends leaving the average at 7.5.  Each judge will have to determine their own average.

Louis Goldman: Who really knows what average is?  most of the judges do not start at 7.5.  most judges say you know what is great BBQ is.

Kent Harriss: by telling a new judge that average BBQ is 7.5 we are doing the teams a disservice.  New judges may not have any idea what average is.

Bob Youngblood: as a rep, the new judges they are counseled if their scores are seriously lower than the average of the table.


Open the meeting to membership for comments.

Jim Bowe: about the “Event Bright” that tells us that we may or may not be a judge.

Marty Hyde: There have been several discussions on budget and establishing a budget take the last two or three years financial reports as a starting point.  When he was the treasurer, 32% of the budget goes to reps.  16% went to the magazine so when the board starts looking at a budget. 

Ford Allison: Making changes to rules or judges manual as well as cooking rules changes should only be implemented between Labor Day to Labor Day.

Nick Wunder: I am a master judge with KCBS and FBA. when I first started out I was a low scoring judge I had no idea what I was doing.  until he/Nick started talking to other judges he realized how low he was scoring.  He wanted to have the 7.5 removed from the judges notes.


Pat Brannen made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Jim Elser 2nd.  Meeting adjourned at 10:12 PM


Next meeting: Monday, February 29, 2016 at 8:00 PM EDT Via Teleconference. Call in number: 347-989-1121


Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam