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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – January 2015

Florida BBQ Association
Board of Directors meeting
Minutes: January
Present: Ed Hartwig, Angela Iversen, Lori Frazee, Bob Youngblood, Jim Elser, Steve Brumm
Guests: Kenny Nadeau, Mac McLaughlin, Louis Goldman, Dave Haskett, Louis & Vikki Leonard, Cullen Logan, Gail & Rick Dimaggio Recorder: Connie Washam
Call to Order: Ed Hartwig Meeting called to order 8:05
Approval of November & December Minutes: Amended minutes from November and December Board of Directors were submitted for approval.
Angela Iversen made a motion to approve the Amended November and December minutes. Bob Youngblood 2nd the motion. The amended November and December minutes were approved unanimously.
Business conducted by Email – Connie Washam
Connie Washam made a Motion to waive the Master Judge requirement for entering Rep. training in the case whereby Angela and Lori are requesting to begin training.
Jim Elser 2nd
(Lori Frazee and Angela Iversen have been asked to recues themselves from the vote to avoid any conflict of Interest.)
Connie – Yes
Bob Youngblood – Yes
Steve Brumm – Yes
Jim Elser – Yes
Motion carried
January 10, 2015 was the training session for the FBA Contest Representatives. 5 FBA Board members attended. BOD held an impromptu Board Meeting in attendance: Ed Hartwig, Steve Brumm, Bob Youngblood, Lori Frazee and Angela Iversen. Absent: Connie Washam & Jim Elser
1. Bob Young blood made a motion to sanction the Tallahassee Contest for the 1st weekend in June, 5th -6th. Steve Brumm 2nd. Motion Carried
2. Steve Brumm made a motion that Lorne Brumm be allowed to purchase a new Printer. 2nd Bob Youngblood. Motion Carried
Wi-Fi “hot Spot” devices are needed to process scores at contests. Their cost is $170.00 monthly
Steve Brumm made a motion to purchase 7 “Hot Spot” devices Angela Iversen 2nd. Motion carried unanimously. Lori, Bob, Steve, Angela, Connie – Yes Jim Elser-Abstain
Ed Hartwig has appointed following people to serve on the Judges Committee
Chairman Rick Dimaggio
Gayle Dimaggio
George Kendall
Nick Wunder
Ron Lerigo
The Judges Committee will be tasked with the issue of judges who are confirmed at a contest but who do not show up, leaving the organizer and lead FBA reps scrambling to make spur of the minute changes
Angela Iversen made a motion that we accept the Southeast Regional Pigfest in Tallahassee, FL to be sanctioned by the FBA with the dates of June 5-6, 2015
Connie Washam 2nd
Treasurers Report – Angela Iversen
Available bank balance as of 1/26/2015 = $27,008.62
Treasurer will provide to the board each month a Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement after reconciling the bank account for the previous month. Then they will be posted on a members only area for the membership.
Angela would like to create a budget for the association. Lori Frazee would like to work with Angela on the budget committee. The budget will be a guideline of how the FBA will operate for the year.
Angela read off the 2014 yearend figures from the Balance Sheet as of 12/31/2014 and Profit & Loss Statement for the period of 1/1/2014 to 12/31/2014.
Book balance of bank account (including outstanding checks) as of 12/31/14 = $29,569.06 (this is before the accountant adjustments)
Some of the INCOME we had in 2014:
Sanctioning Fees almost $24,000
Judges Seminar Fees over $9200
Membership Dues Paid over $30,000
Total Gross Income was almost $73,000
Some of the EXPENSES we had in 2014:
Advertising/National Barbecue News over $12,000
Computers/Automation $8200 ($3800 for new software and website) Also included new printers and computers purchased.
Judges Badges almost $2000
Postage just under $1000
Printing $2300
Expenses for Judges Seminars $2900
Office Supplies $4600
Rep Fees (38 contests sanctioned) = $24,000
Total 2014 Expenses just over $74,700
There was a loss of $2100 for the year but it was down from the previous year and included the new expense of the software and website. Our bank balance handled the loss. A budget will help guide us with a plan for the organization.
Comprehensive Membership Report – Connie Washam
Spread sheet being consolidated there is no finalized membership breakdown. We have just over 800 Members.
Renewal will conclude the end of January. non renewing members will be place into an inactive status and their subscription to the National BBQ News will be terminated.
New Members – Connie Washam
Lyndel Freeman, Allen Morris, Anthony Mullins, GA, Gene Proffitt, KY, Wade Jackson, Mark Bateman, NM, Peter Golob, OH (7)
New Contest –
1. Last Year Haines City moved it to November 14 – 15 November.
2. Big Swamp Smoke off, Naples, Nov 6-7 barely getting 20/25 teams Let the organizer know that top teams will go to the World Food Championship.
3. Panama City Rotary 8th year want to book their contest on the same date as the Flamingo contest in Jacksonville. 150 mile (same weekend as the KCBS Plant City Pig Jam)
4. Live Oak has confirmed 24-25 July.
Judges Committee – Rick Dimaggio
Chairman Rick Dimaggio
Gayle Dimaggio
George Kendall
Nick Wunder
Ron Lerigo
Louis Goldman (added at the BOD meeting)
Old Business
Bob Youngblood Merchandise report: Bob Thanked Louis Goldman for the help in identifying Cafe Press as a company to use for our merchandising. Cafe Press is a massive website selling all manner of merchandise. We need no up-front money. There is no specific inventory. if someone wants to order something, the item is produced at that time. The only drawback, we have to purchase their items in inventory and they put our logo on it. Price is a base price we add 10% as our profit base. Bob sent out a link to the pricing policy pages. They send us a monthly check (one month behind in case of returns/refunds). Customer pays shipping and they handle any returns and subtract that from our payment at the end of the month. We need to have a high quality graphic of the FBA logo sent to them. No personalizing. No embroidery.
Lori made a motion to go with Cafe Pres. for our merchandise sales with a 10% mark up. Angela Iversen 2nd. Motion passed unanimously
When an account has been set up and finalized with Cafe Pres, we will put their link on our website.
Lori will contact Terry McKay for a vector or high resolution file of the FBA logo to send to Cafe Pres. She will also complete the application process to have our logo be included in the Cafe Pres
Rep shirts would have to be ordered separately.
New Business – Availability of the new website.
Ed will continue to follow JOTY
Historically the reps pay for their shirts, and the FBA pays for the embroidery.
Steve Brumm made a motion to pay the cost of embroidery for the FBA rep shirts, Jim Elser 2nd Motion passed unanimously.
Jim Elser proposed certain changes to the cooks rules
5. COOKING FUELS ‐ The only approved cooking media are wood, charcoal, or wood pellets. Gas of any kind or any electrical heating element may be used only to start the initial fire or to start burn barrels, charcoal chimneys, etc. A gas starter, gas flame, or electrical heating element may not be used in the cooker after the meat has entered the cooker or during the cooking process. Gas bottles must be disconnected from the cooker once the fire has started and must be removed from the immediate cooking area. A gas flame or electrical heating element may not be used in the cooker during any part of the cooking process. Any form of cooking with grease and/or oil is prohibited.
6. APPROVED COOKERS ‐ Any wood, charcoal, or wood pellet fired cookers homemade or commercially manufactured, will be allowed to be used in FBA contests. Electric or manual operated rotisseries or rotating shelves are permitted during the cooking process. Electric or manual operated wood, charcoal, or wood pellet augers are permitted during the cooking process. Electric or manually operated power draft devices are permitted during the cooking process. Any electric, gas, wood, charcoal, or wood pellet fired frying with any form of fat, butter, or any type of oil is prohibited.
10. MEAT CATEGORIES ‐ the following categories are sanctioned by the FBA:
a. Chicken: The team may cook chicken whole, halved, or individual pieces.
b. Pork Ribs: Loin back (baby back) or spare ribs only, meat on the bone. No country style ribs and no chopped, pulled, or sliced rib meat loose in the box.
c. Pork: Whole shoulder, Boston butt or Picnic only which must weigh a minimum of 4 pounds. Must be cooked as a single piece of meat, once cooked it may be separated and returned to the cooker for finishing.
d. Beef Brisket: Packer trimmed, flats or points.
Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the proposed changes to the cook rules #5 & #6 & #10. Lori Frazee 2nd. Motion passed unanimously.
Teams, not cooking, who would like to observe the turn in process are welcome to do so up to 5 people.
There was an issue with judges only judging 4 boxes per table at a contest. FBA needs to set up the tables to where there are 6 sample boxes to judge. Reps should not feel obligated to seat those judges who just show up to judge any particular contest However, on the other hand there was an issue of confirmed judges not showing up to most contests in 2014.
Heavy discussion of the grazing tables
ï‚· there must be ways to civilize this process.
ï‚· No consolidation of sample boxes until the grazing is over.
ï‚· Rather than totally do away with it let volunteers bag it up in 1 QT baggies and judges can have one and if some don’t get any that is the way it goes..
ï‚· Allow quart sized baggies only.
Both issues, what to do with too few and too many judges and the grazing table were turned over to Rick Dimaggio and the Judges Committee for further discussion and suggestions for resolution.
If a judge at a table is scoring 1 1/2 lower compared to the rest of the judges Possibly the score card needs to be returned to that judge for comments. More responsibility could be put on the Table Captains. Possibly track the judges.
Turn in location should be out of the site of the judges.
The FBA is sanctioning the Sonny’s Smokin’ Showdown Invitational.. FBA will be sending out invitations to Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion in other sanctioning bodies. This contest is an FBA invitational we can invite who we want.
Kenny Nadeau would like to see a clarification of the invitation process. He feels it is confusing and unprofessional. Angela Iversen made every effort to help him understand.
Mac McLaughlin, was reminded that he must remain quiet during the Board of Directors discussions. He was thankful that the minutes for Nov. and Dec. meetings were posted to the website but complained that his last name was not included in the minutes.
New Scoring process – Scoring issues. Web host Go Daddy was our problem. Go Daddy thought we were spamming their website when it was actually just data. We have changed web hosts. We are in the process of transferring the code over to the new host.
Fun Cook – Lori Frazee, Clerebrook RV Resort. $21.00 per site 35 sites and 10% off of the cabins. Use of clubhouse & Pool with a cleaning deposit.
Camp Mac plenty of room little hotel other amenities, boating $30.00 per site will
cost a little more here. & Lake Russo 31.00 a site.
Camp Mac has mosquitoes,
Theme World is much smaller location. Their clubhouse will not hold the numbers of attendees for the fun cook.
Meeting Adjourned: Bob Youngblood Motion made to adjourn the meeting, Jim Elser 2nd. Meeting adjourned at 10:22 PM
Next meeting: February 23. 2015 8:00 PM
Access Code, 104678
Respectfully submitted

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