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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – January 2012

FBA Board of Directors Meeting – January 31, 2012

8:00 pm Meeting Open

Board Members Present: Dana Hillis, Tony Wolfe, Gail Cushing, Ricky Ginsburg, Ed Hartwig, Damon Wooley, Ray Lesko
Guests in Attendance: Mac McLaughlin, Marty Hyde, Lou Goldman

November minutes approved by email

E-Mail Business:

  1. Secretary Gail has designed spreadsheet trackers to show: Date/Motion Phrase/ Proposed By/Second and the Initials of all BOD and what the vote of each was. This will be the format going forward so everyone can see in an easy readable format. There are four tabs “BOD” , “Reps”, “Contests”, and “Contest Reps”.
  2. Jimmy Brod suggested online voting. Ricky has been researching the different sites and working out the details for us to enjoy online voting.
  3. The BOD formulated a 4 step process to assign Reps to contests.
    1. General contest info email is sent to all Reps.
    2. If Organizer wants to change Reps from the previous year the contest opening is made aware to all.
    3. When the Rep responses come back via email the BOD votes.
    4. Motion is made, assignment given and “motion tracker” is updated for next month’s minutes report.
  4. Ida Issacs (rep trainer) needs more trays for contests. She will go to Restaurant Depot, purchase what she needs and submit her receipts.
  5. Ricky Ginsburg wants all the Reps computers brought to Winter Haven so he can check them out making sure everyone has the correct software and database installed.
  6. Cold Meat. There was a big discussion both on the Forum and in the emails about the temperature of contest meat. There was a temperature test done in Ft. Pierce on the turn-ins. The conclusion was there will be no new rule. The judges will be instructed to judge the samples according to the rules.
  7. Ida is working with the BOD to revise, correct, and review the FBA training manual.
  8. Noel will help with the judges training seminar in Tallahassee.
  9. The BOD discussed, in detail, the use of the FBA facebook page as an official real-time communication devise for all the members to use. It was decided that the BOD did not like the idea of using facebook as a means for the organization to communicate; Mainly because it is not “ours” for “only us” to discuss our issues, complaints, triumphs, tribulations, ideas and thoughts with us and about us. FBA facebook has many members that are not FBA members. The motion was brought to the floor by Gail Cushing to create our own FBA forum linked to our FBA web page. Tony Wolfe second the motion and the above chart shows the other votes (Damon was not on the BOD at that time). Ricky created the forum and published it. The forum was motioned again about a week later and voted on; this time to be a FBA member only arena. The BOD agreed to have the forum so all could communicate, but decided that it would be monitored for decency and respect. Not policed for point of view. It was also agreed upon that the forum link would be a main focus on the web site so members would find it and was introduced on the FBA facebook page. The link held its main spot for several weeks.

Treasurer’s Report – Ricky Ginsburg:

  1. Total Assets: $41,602.77, no outstanding bills
  2. Database: 791 members of whom 18 are lifetime members, 16 are restaurant members, and 8 are corporate members. We have 174 teams and 416 judges

Membership – Gail M. Cushing: As of the end of 2011 and December (many from previous months) 54 members.
January: 31 total members (2 of which are Restaurant members)

Contests – Damon Wooley: Below is the list of potential new contests Damon is working on for us.

  1. Roast & Toast – Apalachicola, FL – Jan. 7 2013??
  2. Barwick, GA- Nov. 10, 2012? –
  3. Deerfield Beach, FL- May 2012?
  4. Bartow Bluegrass & BBQ- Bartow, FL- Nov. 2-3 2012?
  5. Space Coast BBQ & Music Festival-Melbourne, FL- Nov. 16 2012?

Old Business:

  1. Dana Hillis is happy how “things” are moving forward.
  2. Terry from Git-R-Smoked is handling the ordering of the plaques for members.
  3. There is still concern with members not renewing. As of today there are 163 members who have not renewed. Discussion was made about dividing the 163 members up amongst the BOD to call and remind them it is time to renew. Ricky Ginsburg stated emails and notices have been sent to all members with upcoming renewals. The floor is open to suggestions.
  4. We may be taking over the Plant City Contest.
  5. Pensacola is cancelling. Organizer is concerned with money this year but will reschedule in 2013. Ray Lesko stated the organizer was not supplied sufficient information about costs, Ed Hartwig stated they were supplied all the information needed.
  6. There is some concern with the amount of contact surrounding the Newnan Georgia contest. Dana Hillis will call and talk to them.
  7. 2012 Triple Crown Contest has a minimum sponsor amount of $500. We have 6 sponsors already on our banner. Tony Wolfe had a 4×8 banner donated and there is plenty of room for additional sponsors to be added. We even have the Florida Wound Care Dr. Michael Cassio as a sponsor along with Jacks Old South, Florida Meat Market, Terry McKay, Dan & Katie Buchanan. Stop by the Winter Haven contest to get a look. Don’t forget to mention BBQ to your doctor or financial person. They can have their name on the banner and be mentioned in the BBQ news also.

New Business:

  1. Business Cards – Marty Hyde made us business cards. He will be sending the BOD an email with all the info and pricing. Marty will work along with Tony Wolfe to get this completed. Online Voting- Online voting for FBA elections was discussed. BOD feels we have reached a point where we need to get modern and electronic. It is a free process. There are still issues to be worked out. Such as who will receive the paper ballots from members who do not have email addresses. Discussed how to set up an electronic voting system, but there is not conclusion as of this meeting.
  2. Lou Goldman suggested a By Law Committee. Everyone agrees we need to go over our bylaws. Dana wants a committee, suggested rewriting if needed, but most of all a conclusion. He feels we have been talking about a bylaw committee long enough and need to just get it done.
  3. Marty Hyde will conduct a judges training seminar at Live Oak.
  4. Mac McLaughlin mentioned that the BOD is not informing members of what is going on and is upset that a forum was created and no one was told.
  5. There is an issue surrounding Cook Teams that fail to pay their entry fees. This was brought to the BOD by Damon Wooley. The conclusion of this discussion was that the teams in question are not FBA members. But it is not up to the FBA to tell the organizer how to run their contest, BUT any team caught not paying their entry fee or having a check bounce will be put on a (black) list and the list will go to both the contest organizers and the FBA reps. The FBA hopes any organizer who does not get paid will make us aware so the team can be placed on the list, or opposite, if a team makes their entry fee right than be removed from the list. It was suggested that only cash or money order be accepted 3-4 days before a contest.
  6. Term of Office
    Gail Cushing put a motion to extend the BOD term to 2 years. An extended BOD will stabilize the organization and its members. It will eliminate the problems of BOD members who are not re-elected fading away before January. It will give the BOD the ability to focus long term on the duties at hand. Ricky Ginsburg second the motion. There was a unanimous “yes” vote (7-0).
    Below are the thoughts, suggestions and discussion surrounding the motion. Also a copy of what the new ByLaw will look like.
    1. Need a special meeting to amend. Need a special “place” to hold the meeting. Tom Sadaka (via email) said our conference call can be our “special place”. Everyone has access to the call and we can all be on together.
    2. Dana Hillis wondered if it should be staggered terms. Ed Hartwig did not agree and Dana agreed with Ed.
    3. A Bylaw change needs to be voted on by the membership. The how, when and where are being worked out.
    4. If this is passed by the membership, the new BOD will start the new 2 year term. It will not extend the current BOD’s term.
    5. Dana Hillis will talk to Tom Sadaka about all the legalities as to when and where we can have out special meeting.
    What the change will look like:
    Section 2. Number, Tenure, and Qualifications. The number of Directors shall be seven (7), including the Officers. Directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of members, and the term of office of each Director shall be for one (1) full year beginning on January 1 of the year following their election .
    Section 2. Number, Tenure, and Qualifications. The number of Directors shall be seven (7), including the Officers. Directors shall be elected on the second Tuesday of December both online and by mailed paper ballot for those members without Internet access, and the term of office of each Director shall be for two (2) full years beginning on January 1 of the year following their election.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:26 pm

Respectfully submitted by: Gail M. Cushing

Next Meeting: February 27, 2012

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