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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – July 2012

FBA Board of Directors Meeting – July 30, 2012

8:02 pm Meeting Open

Board Members Present: Dana Hillis, Gail Cushing, Tony Wolfe, Ed Hartwig.
Guests in Attendance: Marty Hyde, Henry Scott, Katie Buchanan, Lou Goldman.

June minutes approved by email

E-Mail Business:

  1. Ray Lesko, long time FBA Rep passed away at 1:15pm on July 23rd.
  2. Ricky Ginsburg sent out a spreadsheet showing 87 judges that need to renew their membership.
  3. Board of Directors need to finish voting on the election/voting process. Approval was met by voting and elections will be counted by an outside source.
  4. Let us all welcome our newest Lifetime Members: Bart & Tracy Welch and Susan Green & Earl Doty. Our newest Restaurant members: Smok’n Mo’s BBQ – Homosassa, FL, and Big Bill’s Barbecue – Winter Haven, FL., and Pat Post from Southern Fuelwood Inc. our newest Corporate Member.
  5. Our total merchandise sales at SOTW in Live Oak was $1140.
  6. Pam Marmar has finished contacting all past organizers in regard to the raffle prizes for the fun cook. Certificates have been created and sent to Wendy Wolfe.
  7. Amend the sanctioning agreement to include the following options for reps:
    1) I would like the same reps as last year.
    2) I would like the same lead rep but would like the closest available reps for the other positions.
    3) I would like to be contacted about the availability of reps closer to my event.
  8. No new Reps in training.

Treasurer’s Report – Ricky Ginsburg:

  1. Total Assets: : $36,747.05, no outstanding bills
  2. Database: 708 members of whom 21 are lifetime members, 10 are restaurants and 6 are corporate sponsors. We have 179 cook teams and 422 judges.

Membership – Gail M. Cushing: 1. New Members – 33, Lifetime Members – 2, Restaurant Members – 2, Corporate Members – 1

Contests – Damon Wooley:

Old Business: no old business

New Business:

  1. Tony Wolfe and Gail Cushing will work with Ricky Ginsburg to discuss updating the FBA website. Proposed “new” website will be presented to the BOD at the Funcook for discussion.
  2. Until we have positive actions on the part of the membership in regard to recruiting sponsors for the Triple Crown there will be no further discussion for a plaque or pin as a momentum.

Judges Committee: Marty Hyde

  1. Almost completed the JOTY tracking program. The committee will finish up this week and send a proposal to the BOD for discussion, voting and approval.
  2. Next subject to work on will be: How judges gain entry into different contests.

Bylaws Committee: Tom Snow – no report

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:38 pm

Respectfully submitted by: Gail M. Cushing

Next Meeting: August 27, 2012

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