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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – June 2012

FBA Board of Directors Meeting – June 25, 2012

8:02 pm Meeting Open

Board Members Present: Dana Hillis, Gail Cushing, Ricky Ginsburg, Tony Wolfe, Damon Wooley, Ed Hartwig.
Guests in Attendance: Marty Hyde, Tom Snow, Henry Scott, Wendy Wolfe, Katie Buchanan, Lou Goldman, Mac McLaughlin.

May minutes approved by email

E-Mail Business:

  1. The FBA Forum was dismantled due to lack of use. A new FBA Facebook page has been created for FBA members only. Email Wendy Wolfe @ wgiles9896@aol.com if you want to be added to the page.
  2. Ricky Ginsburg is requesting photo submission for the 2013 calendar. Cook teams; he needs your turn in box photo’s.
  3. The expense report motion was deemed unnecessary since it requires a ByLaw change. Ricky Ginsburg will generate a monthly report of our expenditures.
  4. Pam Marmar has been in contact with past organizers in regard to the raffle prizes for the fun cook. So far she has received confirmation for a 50% entry fee + T-shirt from the Suncoast BBQ Bash (2013) and Treasure Coast will donate a full entry fee in 2013. More to come as we hear.
  5. Tony Wolfe proposed a motion that will “Allow our PAID members who are cook teams to provide us with a small vinyl sticker to put on the merchandise trailer.” The motion was seconded by Ed Hartwig and voted “yes” by Gail Cushing, Dana Hillis, Tom Sadaka, and Damon Wooley. It was voted “no” by Ricky Ginsburg.
  6. The Judges Committee submitted 2 proposals pertaining to Judges Refresher Training:
    • Proposal 1: Conduct Judges Refresher Training, using Power Point Slides, at the conclusion of Judges Meeting prior to a Contest. Refresher training will not run longer than 40 Minutes. Refresher Training date are as follows: 1 Sept (Fun Cook), 15 Sept (Lake City), 29 Sept (Grant), 13 Oct (Mulberry), 15 Dec (Perry).
    • Proposal 2: Conduct Judges Refresher Training, using Power Point Slides, that will replace Judges meeting. Refresher training will not run longer than 50 minutes. If Refresher Training cannot be conduct, Judges Meeting Script will be read. Refresher Training dates as indicated above. All Board members were in favor of Proposal 2 except Gail Cushing who favored Proposal 1. Proposal 2 will begin with the dates listed above.
  7. Let us all welcome our newest Lifetime Members: Laura Frazee and Leon Wierzbinski

Treasurer’s Report – Ricky Ginsburg:

  1. Total Assets: : $32,483.05, no outstanding bills
  2. Database: 798 members of whom 19 are lifetime members, 9 are restaurants and 7 are corporate sponsors. We have 178 cook teams and 466 judges.

Membership – Gail M. Cushing: 21 New Members.

Contests – Damon Wooley:

  1. Sanctioned Ft. Pierce, FL – Treasure Coast BBQ Championship on May 10-11 2013.
  2. Sanctioned Cowboy’s Pig Out BBQ Competition – Ft. Pierce FL on January 11-12 2013.

Old Business:

  1. The Triple Crown purse is still only $900.00. Sponsors are needed to increase the amount of money needed to hold the contest. There was much discussion amongst the BOD on how to increase the purse. It was suggested that we hire a marketing firm. It was suggested to reach out to the membership for in house marketing. The Board is excited about leaning in the membership to come through with sponsors for the contest. With the organization working together as their own marketing firm we will succeed in reaching our goal without having to pay an outside source. Emails will be sent to every member. A posting will go out on our New “member-only” Facebook page and also the unofficial Facebook page.

New Business: no new business

Judges Committee: Marty Hyde

  1. Marty is working with the judges committee to finalize a new point system for the JOTY (judge of the year) program. Committee concurred with awarding points for those Judges that supported the FBA Organization other than just Judging on Saturday.

Bylaws Committee: Tom Snow

  1. Tom is working with the Bylaw committee to finalize the changes they feel are necessary. He will be submitting the changes to Tom Sadaka for legal review.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:06 pm

Respectfully submitted by: Gail M. Cushing

Next Meeting: July 30, 2012

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