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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – March 2017

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

March 27 , 2017 at 8:00 PM


Present: Jim Elser, Ben Purvis, Steve Brumm, Robin Yelverton

Absent: Matt Barber

Recorder: Connie Washam

Guests: Tim Giebeig, Allison Strachan, Vic Vierbickas, Louis Goldman, Marty Hyde, Jim Dehne, Tom Walrath

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 8:07 PM


Approve Minutes for February 2017 

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the February 2017 minutes, Ben Purvis 2nd  The February 2016 minutes have been approved.


Business conducted by email

Connie Washam made a motion to approve the Wild Adventures BBQ Competition in Valdosta, GA.

Robin Yelverton 2nd the motion The motion has carried

Matt Barber – Yes         Steve Brumm – Yes       Ben Purvis – no response           Kevin French – abstain


*Gary Washam Submitted this information to the BOD

1.1            Scorecard Table Assignment Enhancement

1.1.1            Set up STAE dataset structure and audit log

A data set to contain table assignment information in connection with the max table count and the existing team control numbers must be created.

1.1.2            Access existing team database

The STAE function must access data already existing in SCORECARD in order to perform the table assignment functionality.  Team names and control numbers are required to carry out the assignment operation.

1.1.3            Access existing table count

The STAE function must access data already existing in SCORECARD in order to perform the table assignment functionality.  Maximum table count is required to carry out the assignment operation.

1.1.4            Establish meat category index

The STAE must carry out table assignments for multiple (4) meat categories, and therefore must track which meat category is active at a given point in order to conduct the assignment functions that avoid duplications in table number and competitor arrangements.  Prevention of duplicates of table assignments is only possible where meat categories are equal to or less than the number of tables.             Establish starting team ID for assignment

In order to prevent the same team from always appearing on a set table for the first meat category in multiple contests, the initial assignment of a team to a table should be randomized.             Assign table to each team ID in random order

Once the first team ID is established and assigned to a table, assignment of remaining teams to random tables can proceed in sequential order.             Check for duplicate table assignment from previous meat category

After team ID’s are assigned to tables, the software must verify that each team ID is not assigned to the same table number as previously assigned in an earlier meat category.             Modify assignment to resolve duplication of table assignment

If duplicate table number assignments are detected between meat categories for the same team ID, the software must resolve this duplication by re-assigning team ID’s and table numbers to eliminate the duplication.             Check for duplicate competitor table assignment from previous meat category

Team ID’s shall be assigned to tables with a different array of competitors for each meat entry to avoid being judged against the same competitors in multiple meat categories.  This would be satisfied if tables are assigned using a software random function to select table numbers for each team ID.

1.1.5            Verify even distribution of boxes per table assignment

Team ID’s shall be assigned to tables in a manner that will yield equal numbers of entries per table after all categories have been judged.  This includes rotating the quantity of entries on the tables to where any imbalance occurs such that the final total of entries judged per table is the same after all meat categories have been judged.

1.1.6            Notify REP assignment is complete and labels may be printed

After all data is gathered by the software and all table assignments are generated for all meat categories, the software shall advise the contest REP that labels may now be printed that will include the table assignment data.  This notification shall be by visual display notification on the existing SCORECARD user display.  If it is impossible to make all assignments without duplication due to imbalance of tables and team ID’s, the software shall notify the contest REP accordingly.

1.1.7            Modify label design to include table assignment number

The software functionality requires that the entry label to be placed on the contestant box contain the table assignment number.  Therefore, the label design shall be modified to contain the table number as additional information to the existing label information.

1.1.8            Print labels with table assignments derived from STAE operation

When assignment operations have completed and the contest REP notified accordingly, the software shall allow printing of the labels with included table assignment numbers.

1.1.9            Implement user interface for direct view, edit and printing of STAE dataset

The software shall upgrade the current SCORECARD user interface display to add essential icons, access points and/or status information regarding the table assignment operations to enable the user to monitor, review, edit and print the STAE data set.

Matt Barber made a motion to approve payment of $750.00 for Will Cleaver to develop the Automatic Table Assignment Enhancement to Score Card as presented by Gary Washam.  Ben Purvis 2nd the motion  The motion carried

Matt Barber – Yes         Ben Purvis – Yes           Connie Washam – Yes               Steve Brumm – Yes

Robin Yelverton – Yes   Kevin French – No


For personal reasons, director, Kevin French, resigned his position on the BoD.  The BoD is seeking his replacement.


Financial ReportRobin Yelverton

PNC $21146.44

Paypal 53

Putting $5000. aside for the TOTY awards

$10,000 in an emergency fund.

Paid Will Cleaver out of that money in Paypal.

Received $117.00 was directly deposited into our PNC account.


Membership ReportConnie Washam

We have 787 Active members, 506 are judges


New members

Individual: Marc Ciolino, Nicholas Albright, William Hall, Jeffrey Moss (4)

Family: Lawrence Sanders & Kristy Blank (1)


Consent Agenda – President

Approve Gary Washam as a judges seminar instructor

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve Gary washam as a judges seminar instructor.  Connie Washam 2nd.

the motion carried unanimously by those in attendance


Cook Teams – Ben Purvis: Recommendation for FBA State Championship.

Suggested Minimum Requirements:

Space for 50 teams with at least 20 spots available 20×50

Power 20 amp with some 30 amp available even if it is at a additional cost

Payouts 12K minimum and pay out top 10

Good contest report for a minimum of 2 years



RV hook ups

Handmade or Unique trophies

Great Location or Venue

Unique Events that make your contest stand out


These options could be used to help decide between two or more contest that may be appealing for the same year.


There was some talk about not requiring a minimum payout because that could stop some contest. My personal feelings is that we are not requiring 12K to hold a contest only to apply to be a state championship. If we don’t set the bar slightly higher than the average contest then we just have another contest nothing special. I would hope that our state championship contest would be one of those contest that everyone wants to attend because it’s not just another contest. I feel the extra exposure we could give these contest along with additional teams coming because of double points and taking the shot at being able to say I am the state champion is worth these requirements.


Judges – Louis Goldman: The committee is reviewing the new judges handbook.  in the handbook on the scoring the system.  Correct the scoring to match the new score card.  #5 would be inedible.

duplicate scoring system.  Would like the cook team participation form put back into the handbook.


Steve Brumm will review the new judges handbook and make the corrections and republish.  Steve doesn’t believe it a vote to approve is needed.


IT Committee – Gary Washam: Following are significant IT Committee tasks worked and/or completed during the month of March 2017:


  • Website
    1. Updated Event Calendar with new events, updated information / event details
    2. Implemented plug-in for FBA judge signups on FBA website and constructed four (4) contest sheets to support Davenport, Jacksonville, Perry and Valdosta contests as trial sites. Tested Davenport and Jacksonville sites with organizer to their satisfaction.  Provided overview document addressing implementation of judge signup process to BOD for review.  Provided link for Davenport signup sheet to BOD members for testing.
    3. Implemented a caching plug-in on the FBA website to speed up performance.
    4. Implemented a picture compression plug-in on the FBA website identified by Ed Shemanski to reduce the load time for pictures and speed up performance.
  • Scorecard
    1. Add box routing software to Scorecard for Kissimmee contest test. PRO division ran flawlessly using the auto-assign capability.  Algorithm did not handle smaller BY contest due to fewer boxes and tables.  Will Cleaver knows why this failed and will modify code for next test.  Auto assigning boxes to tables sped up the routing process and made it much simpler for the REPS.
    2. All contests running smoothly with existing implementation.
  • Code Audit
    1. Left voicemail messages
  • REP Equipment
    1. No changes to REP equipment.
    2. Distributed new score cards to Lead REPS (all but Steve & Lorne) at Apopka contest. Plan is to continue using existing inventory until depleted.
  • Misc
    1. Lori Ware volunteered to help the IT Committee vet the member benefits offerings previously identified by Lori Frazee. She has done first round of inquiry with most of the suppliers / offerors and is finalizing details on remaining opportunities.  Most of the offerors would consist of a simple addition of hyperlink to FBA website that would take them to offer site, membership vetting not required.  Will implement each offer on FBA website as final details are established.
    2. Daniel Dill has offered to help the IT Committee do some editing of the website template to resolve a formatting issue with the Sign-Up Sheet program that is reducing its full capabilities.


New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz

  1. Contest inquiry referred by Jim in Gainesville has not responded to two emails and one phone call.  Contacted the FBA member who referred him to us and he said Organizer may be in Germany.  Time is ticking for a Sept event.
  2. Talked with an Organizer in Lithia, FL, they are interested in sanctioning 2018.  Provided Organizer Manual and Sanctioning Request forms and additional information.
  3. Spoke with an event Organizer in Miami area is who interested in adding a BBQ Contest to an event.  Early planning stages, Roy Griffin is in her area and will keep in contact to do a venue inspection if she proceeds.
  4. Anyone who is not cooking Tavares and might be near Punta Gorda might want to check out a the spring festival there.  They are interested in sanctioning 2018.  Robert Sarazen, firefighter is running BBQ contest.


Rep Committee –  Dennis Schmitz and Lorne Brumm

No Report

Marketing Committee – Matt Barber

No Report

Old Business – President

*Connie Washam made a motion based on the quote from Will Cleaver of $750.

Steve Brumm would like to see exactly what all is included in the proposal. Gary Washam will write up exactly what will be included in the monies we will outlay for this addition to ScoreCard.  *Motion was tabled the motion until then.


  1. Turn in Box placement. Worked very well for Pro division, because the BY division didn’t have 25 teams needed to be done manually.  Should be ready to go by Venice, but need to speak to the lead rep regarding the new turn in box tray placement program.  Program does not address the “phantom Table”  Phantom tables only happen when there are not enough judges.
  2. Fun Cook – date, location, organizers, new ideas… 126 people took the survey 80% were in favor of a Fun Cook. September or May were the preferred months.  We are working with Frank Csmos is approaching the Boys and Girls Club board of directors regarding use of their facility for the Fun Cook which he seems to be interested in organizing.
  3. FBA judge selection; There are 7 organizers who are interested in having FBA take care of their judge selections. Angela Iversen-Davenport, David Haskett – Smokin Flamingo, Dawn Taylor in Perry wants us to transfer her existing list and then take it from there.  Valdosta does not want to handle the judge selection.  Gary has set up their contest to be included in the trial.  judges can add themselves to the list and by keeping their confirmation email has a link to remove their name if needed.  all others remaining will move up.  Very simple process.  A link was sent to the BOD to see how simple it is.  Ben Purvis used his computer as well as his phone.  Will the 120 day lead be up to the organizer or the FBA.  It was suggested that we send a link out to the membership for them to see the new sign up process.
  4. Requirements to become an FBA State Championship Contest. Cooks Committee came up with their suggestions for the minimum requirements. The Board will review and fine tune for a vote next month.

New Business:

Board Member Vacancy – Jim Elser has received communication from several people who are interested in filling the vacancy.  Jim will review these emails.


Comments from members:

Jim Frazee: on the selection of the judges in his experience the first 28 you’ll not know what you have.  some review of the judge candidates in order to balance the judges tables.

Tom Walrath: table captain this past weekend, feels that new judges should only audit their first five contests.  Sit with a master judge.

Jodi Harriss: has the board received the application and the money for the Lake City contest.  (not been received)

Vic Vierbickas: Was at the Kissimmee contest this weekend the judges really liked the idea to be able to sign up for a contest through FBA.  If 250 people hit the sign up button at the same time, will the system crash?

Lou Goldman: He is all in favor of the FBA sign up.  feels 120 days is a good lead time.  and that each contest should have its own 120 day sign up period.


The meeting adjourned at 9:23 PM


Next BOD meeting April 24, 2017 8:00 PM


Call in number 1-712-451-0294   Access Code: 184732


The meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM