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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – May 2015

Florida BBQ Association
Board of Directors meeting
Minutes: May 22, 2015


Present: Ed Hartwig, Connie Washam, Steve Brumm, Angela Iversen, Jim Elser, Bob Youngblood
Absent: Lori Frazee
Guests: Kevin French, Janet Hillis, Marty Hyde, Gary Washam
Recorder: Connie Washam

Call to Order: Ed Hartwig Meeting called to order at 8:01

Approval of April Minutes: Bob Youngblood made a motion to approve the April minutes as amended Steve Brumm 2nd.  Motion Carried

Bob Youngblood – Yes                  Steve Brumm – Yes                        Angela Iversen – Yes
Connie Washam – Yes                   Jim Elser – Yes


Business conducted by Email – Connie Washam

Angela Iversen has completed the shadow rep program and Ida Isaacs would like the board of directors  to consider her for approval to begin the FBA rep training.  Connie Washam made a motion that Angela Iversen be brought into the FBA “Rep in Training” program. Steve Brumm 2nd.

Motion Carried

Connie Washam – Yes                   Steve Brumm – Yes                        Jim Elser – Yes
Bob Youngblood – Yes                  Angela Iversen – Abstain              Lori Frazee – Absent


Treasurers Report – Angela Iversen

Bank Balance as of 4/30/2015  $8808.50

PROFIT & LOSS – April 2015


Judges Seminar Fees                      $    960.00
Membership Dues                          $  1595.00

TOTAL INCOME                                        $2555.00


Advertising (NBN)                 $1008.00
Bank Service Charges                  $89.52
Computers/Automation          $4517.00
Funcook – Site Fees                $3724.20
Judges Badges                            $40.74
Postage                                        $50.68
Trophies                                    $196.23
Wi-Fi/Telephone exp                 $346.12
Supplies – office                         $44.07
Contract Svc – Rep Fees        $3250.00

TOTAL EXPENSE                                      $12,816.56          

NET INCOME                                             -$10,261.56

Comprehensive Membership Report – Connie Washam
Currently we have 722 Active members
313 memberships will expire June 30, 2015
Renewal email will be sent to those with email and post card reminders will be sent to the 9 who do not have email.  Since I will be on vacation June 1, the renewals will be going out May 25, 2015.

FBA Judge Jim Burkett passed away April, 2015, a condolence card was sent to Ann Burkett.

New Members – Connie Washam

Individual: Terry McKay, Kenneth Barton, Jami Stephenson, Travis Kane, Montana Smith, Brendon Kulikowski, Daniel Poulin, Buddy Taylor, Walter Hensley, Michelle Dickenson, Matthew Lee
Family: Mark & Annette Schuetz

New Contests – Angela Iversen

Four requests for new contest two formal and three site inspections.

Lori completed her site inspection in Archer, FL  she will be sending out information to the board.  What things look like, venue etc.  trying to get a date.  The location is west of Gainesville.

Site visit in Boca Raton.  Venue not as good as we had hoped.  Bill Foerster wants to have a wonderful event but also wants vender teams to give out samples until Sunday evening.  After the site visit they asked to withdraw their application.  They had no water.  Not for our purposes.  Passed it on to the Steak people.

Ida and Leon did a site visit in Brooksville Fairgrounds.  There was space to accommodate over 100 teams.  There were permanent buildings and Internet on site.  Everything looked good.  We received a check for 75.00 to hold the date.  Angela made a motion to approve the sanctioning “The BBQ Bash” September 23-24, 2016 a week after the Lake City Contest in 2016.  Steve Brumm 2nd.  Motion carried

Angela Iversen – Yes              Steve Brumm – Yes                 Jim Elser – Yes
Connie Washam – Yes            Bob Youngblood – Yes           Lori Frazee – Absent

4th contest was an inquiry out of Daytona, FL  Same weekend as the World Food Championships.  The 1st weekend in November.  WFC is not only an invitational, they also have an open category.  Informed the interested organizer that this was not a good weekend to schedule a contest.

Connie Washam observed other sanctioning bodies were soliciting their contests at our contests.
Marty Hyde had a tri-fold flyer that organizers could take to contests to promote our contests.

Judges Committee – Marty Hyde

No report about the Judges.  The seminar in Oviedo, has about 45 registered and confirmed.  Vikki has the badges on order.  Marty will send his invoice.  Many thanks to Angela for completely retyping the Judges Manual that is given out at the judges seminar.

The request of Louis Goldman wanting to have the score sheets that the cook teams have the score sheets on line.  Judges should not discuss or share their scores or what table they sat at.  This announcement will be reiterated at the judges seminar.

Jim is concerned that judges can follow the boxes that are turned in.  The representatives work hard to prevent the judges from watching the turn in.  Explain to the judges why they are asked to be in their seats 15 minutes prior to the turn in.

Old Business: The concern about the phantom table has been clarified.  A couple of little corrections and the artwork to make it look nice, should be going out to the general population.

Cafe Pres: still very complicated.  we are looking for someone who is computer literate to set up the program for us.  Kevin French said that Will Cleaver was going to take care of it as part of the buffer fund we approved.

BOD liability insurance.  It is in effect now

Steve Carrington and Angela Iversen are the marketing committee.  They will be meeting in Oviedo during the contest.

New Business:  Website Update – Kevin French

There is a change in the chairman of the Support Committee.  Kevin French is stepping down and Ed Hartwig has appointed Gary Washam to take over the Support Committee.   Gary will take over June 1, 2015.  Kevin will stay in a support role until he is comfortable.  He will also be available to some degree for the long haul.  Many thanks to Gary for stepping into this critical role.

Fun Cook: Dennis is working hard at it.  He will need volunteers and will be seriously asking for commitments to help at the end of May

Open discussion:

Janet Hillis had many concerns, Team of the Year update, FBA bank balance, the website.
Marty Hyde Feels the membership is down, the website is their link to FBA.

All questions and concerns were answered to the best of our knowledge.

Next meeting: June 22, 2015 at 8:00 PM
Call in number is 712-775-7100          Participant code is 1040678#

Meeting Adjourned 9:04 PM

Respectfully submitted.