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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – May 2016

Florida BBQ Association
Board of Directors Meeting
May 31, 2016 at 8:00 PM
Present: Steve Brumm, Lori Frazee, Kevin French, Pat Brannen, Jim Elser, Robin Yelverton
Recorder: Connie Washam
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:02
Roll call to establish a quorum
Kevin made a motion to approve the April minutes, Lori Frazee 2nd The motion carried unanimously.
Business conducted by email
Due to illness, Ida and Leon Isaacs have officially resigned as FBA Representatives, Ida would like someone to come and collect their FBA files, computer, printer hot spot and other property belonging to FBA
Kevin French made a motion to reimburse Gary Washam for his mileage (282 Mi round trip) to Ida & Leon’s for the purpose of collecting their FBA materials. Robin Yelverton 2nd. The motion carried unanimously
A member with a commercial endeavor has inquired about placing a paid ad in the Smoke Bits. It is possible that there will be others with commercial interests. Kevin French made a motion to charge $25.00 for a business size ad in the Smoke Bits for commercial ads. Lori Frazee 2nd. Vote was taken during the meeting and the motion passed unanimously
Robin has not yet received a check from the representative for Myron Mixon Smokers and will send an invoice.
Kevin French made a motion to allow master judge/B&T head cook Bill Tanner to Shadow a contest. Lori Frazee 2nd
Kevin French – Yes Lori Frazee – Yes Connie Washam – Yes
Jim Elser – Yes No response from Robin Yelverton or Pat Brannen The motion Carried.
Because the Battle at the beaches has been cancelled, Bill Tanner will rep shadow at the Fun Cook
Financial Status Report – Treasurer, Robin Yelverton
$15441.57 in PNC Bank account $2738.85 in Paypal account Total $18180.42 We had rep checks outstanding but also sanctioning fees were due (they paid at the contest) so that total was pretty accurate even with outstanding items.
Membership Report – Secretary, Connie Washam
297 members are up for renewal. 8 do not have email. First notification of memberships renewal will go out in two weeks, June 30 will send out 2nd reminder and mid July will send out membership expiration notice.
New Members: Craig Erkifitz, Thomas Scattoloni, Le Taylor, Andrew Rowe, Jeremy Parker, Dawn Taylor, Bill Hood, Daniel Gildea, Byron Martin (9)
Family: Michael and Mark Schellhammer, Greg and John Watkins (2)
Oviedo Judges Seminar: 38 people signed up for the judges seminar in Oviedo. There were 5 no shows and no walk ins. There were issues with the meats only Chicken and Ribs were presented.
Consent Agenda:
1. Approve the Rep Assignment list dated 5/19/2016
2. Rep Manual under rep policy.
Robin Yelverton Moved to approve the consent agenda, Kevin French 2nd. the motion carried unanimously
Committee Reports:
1. Organizers – Don Fisher – no report
2. Cooks – Ben Purvis I sent the list out to the committee for a quick read. I hate that this is short notice but I have had a few responses so I want to pass along for your consideration. On step 12 of being a great table captain There isn’t any guidance for how to handle a judge that scores 1.5 higher or lower than the table. Other than discuss it! We feel there should be some guidance there and I totally understand the bad sample concept but this is not always the case. How should a table captain handle a judge who is just passing out 10’s when the whole table disagrees or handing out 8’s when every other judge says 10’s. A couple more items brought up were. At one time the lead rep would take a pic of the item that caused the DQ. Somewhere I guess this has been dropped but this could help when a problem like what happened recently when the hair couldn’t be found after returning to the cook site or if the napkin test on chicken fades before returning. Lastly I would just like to bring up a item from last month. You all know that I believe that every cook team competing for money should be a member. I have been told that the organizer picks teams not the FBA. I recently signed up for the SCA event that got canceled but when i went to sign up it said member $75 non-member $105. So i feel it is not against the law and we could enact this policy. The easy fix of course is offer benefits the cook team members!!!! We have some of these things in place we have just not added them to the web site and if the SCA can get companies to offer discounts to people just for being members I am sure the FBA could do the same and this would give teams a valid reason to join. I am only talking to the board about this. I have not and will not put this on FB to stir up trouble but i am hearing teams talk and have had some call me. Many have asked me WHY SHOULD I PAY MY DUES! WHAT DO I GET! This is troubling to me as I foresee people not renewing and membership dropping which will put us in another bad financial crisis!
3. Judges – Louis Goldman
1. Cooking with a Team before the 11th contest.
This issue comes from the cook team committee and seems to be a suggestion that an early cook might improve the scoring by the judge. The general feeling of the committee is that the purpose of a judges cooking with the team allows the judge to understand the time, cost and experience of a contest cook. The judge may also understand some of the frustrations that the teams have for the judges especially if they are teams not receiving any calls. The cook is more an educational experience for a judge rather than a means of improving the judges scoring skills.
Cooking with a team is only a requirement for receiving the designation of Master Judge. Some judges may not be concerned about becoming a MJ. Others may not be able to take the time or for some other reason choose not to cook with a team. The consensus of the committee is to NOT impose any time requirements of when a judge has to cook with a team.
One member was in favor of the time requirement since it might cause members to leave FBA so with less members, it would be easier to get accepted to judge contests.
Another member suggested that if a time required cook with a team goes through that all cook teams should be required to have a judge cook with them by their 6th contest. That’s an interesting thought!
2. Definitions of taste and tenderness.
We will be working with the Cook Team Committee on this.
3. Other items:
The issue of FBA membership for all cook teams has been broached and there is a unanimous feeling of our committee that all teams (at least the head cook) should be an FBA member. This would not apply to Invitational contest where no TOTY points are awarded.
4. New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz
Jacksonville Jaguars
Sent and email, requested a meeting
Called POC, he was out of town, left message
Waiting to hear back from POC
Mims, FL
Received email that said they are putting plans on hold until later
Will stay in touch and plan for 2017
Wild Adventures
Met with new POC Jon Vigue, and he will send in application for
sanctioning, 5/23/16–date requested is 8/19,20,21 2017–
Will continue to work with POC
sent email to POC for possible Rotary event-Connie provided POC
Chattahoochee, Marianna no change in status-Odessa scheduled,
working with Lake City’s new Organizer, their event is on schedule
4. IT Committee – Gary Washam
Attached is the updated website functional analysis spreadsheet showing progress on completing the website and listing future enhancement ideas. All of the functions of the previous FLORIDABBQASSOCIATION.ORG website are now operational in the new website. Only NEW items remain to be reviewed, analyzed and prioritized by the BOD for implementation.
Also attached is the updated REP EQUIPMENT matrix showing where all the physical assets are with relation to REP computers, printers and Verizon hotspots. I have recovered all the equipment from Ida Isaacs and this past weekend shifted all of Wendy Wolfe’s equipment over to Jim Dehne. I have three Verizon hotspots currently (Ida, Wendy, Bob). I will get Bob’s hotspot back to him at Cocoa this weekend and hold the other hotspots to be used as backup on future contests until more lead REPS are approved by the BOD.
The current server on which we run contests is owned by BBQSCORES and has been hit by network trojans, worms or viruses over the past few months. This may be related to the configuration of the server as a connected asset with other servers, making it more vulnerable to penetration over the Internet. Will Cleaver has been working with the security company responsible for protecting this server to scan it continuously and remove the offenders. But it has come back several times to cause brief (1-2 day) breaks in availability of the server. It got hit again today and again is down, but Will expects it to be up again this evening and stable for this weekend’s contest at Cocoa. We have backup contingencies in the event this problem arises during the contest, so there should be no serious effect on the contest.
The plan is to move to the new website for Scorecard after Madeira Beach and use it for the first time at the Fun Cook. The new website, which is hosted on an FBA server account at Bluehost, has been very stable thus far and is not subject to the vulnerabilities shown by the BBQSCORES server we have previously been using.
The functional requirement for the auto-assignment of table numbers for team entries is 80% complete and I should be able to send it out to the BOD next week for review. The functional requirement for the loading of tables utilizing judges scoring history will be developed after this first requirement is approved and sent out for quotes.
The Chefworks team has developed a custom URL to which our website will direct members for purchasing their culinary industry apparel. They have completed defining the product set and the placement of FBA logos on all items and I have created samples for our website entry point, which is not yet active. We are testing their URL now and should be able to turn on the Chefworks capability next week.
Scorecard continues to support all contests well with only one remaining annoying issue: failure to accept score cards. This issue is caught by a checking routine in the software that allows the REPS to re-enter the card and complete the contest with minimal delays and no scoring errors. We are still trying to capture the exact sequence that is causing this anomaly with no luck. Multiple scenarios have been tested and tracking information from REPS has been used to try and isolate the issue further – but no final solution yet. We will continue working it.
BBQSCORES submitted an invoice for $637.50 on May 6 via Paypal which has not yet been paid. This invoice is for approved support and problem solving associated with moving to our new server and handling SCORECARD issues in support of contests. BBQSCORES recently raised their hourly rate for technical support to $75 per hour, which is consistent with other IT support services and consultants in the industry. This has caused me to filter more carefully issues that are taken to BBQSCORES for resolution – to only items which cannot be resolved locally. BBQSCORES provides a significant level of support to FBA at no charge, amounting to roughly 5-10 hours per week. Eventually FBA will need to implement a formal contract with BBQSCORES to support our ongoing website
and scorecard environment on a fixed monthly fee basis to reduce our risk of hourly technical support surges if problems occur.
Contingency plan is to use the new site as a backup plan if something happens during the last two contests, Cocoa and Madiera Beach before we make the big transfer of Score Card over to the new website.
Please send this information to the reps so they will understand the next step.
Old Business:
1. Status of Website – When will it be totally finished? See above IT report
2. Authorize Gary Washam to solicit quotes for the following. No further action is authorized. These quotes are for information only. No funds shall be expended until the web site is totally complete.
a. Automate the table selection by the following criteria: 80% complete and will send it to the board for review
1. # of contests judges
2. Equality of genders
3. Partners, spouses, friends kept off same table
b. Automate the box routing from turn in table to trays
1. No cook team’s box to the same table twice during the same contest.
c. Judge tracking – secondary quote, but other items need to be comptable with turning this on in the future, should we need to wait. 3. Request the Cook’s Committee and the Judge’s Committee to review the judges’ handbook and update the definitions and criteria for judging tenderness and appearance. Both committees are working on this 4. Authorize the IT Committee to research the availability and cost of a code audit for the web site 5. Table captain instructions: the idea is to print these up like the judges notes and give one to each table captain to work from during a contest. 6. Table captain script:
Table Captain’s Meeting Script
Revision Draft 5/31/2016
The table captain is a very important position at a FBA sanctioned BBQ contest. You are responsible for the presentation of the prepared entries at the judging table, managing the judging at the table, and making sure the rules are followed. The atmosphere and process at the judging table is largely dependent on you.
You will be given a table of six judges to manage and are responsible for making sure your judges have everything they need to judge the contest. This includes the proper supply of:
 plates
 paper towels
 water bottles. To avoid spills ask the judges to keep the bottles flat on the table
 crackers
 pencils
 judges cards. You will be given all 24 judging cards for your table before the first meat category.
Remind the judges that there is to be no side talking or picture taking during the judging process.
It is your responsibility to present the competition boxes to the judges for consideration. The cook teams depend on you to make sure their product is shown as intended. This means: not putting any boxes on the floor and keep them on the tray, never stacking boxes on top of each other, making sure the boxes stay level at all times, no sudden movements happen with the boxes and both hands are on the boxes at all times. Basically, treat each box as if it were your own.
When Table Captains are called from the sorting area, you will pick up your tray with up to six (6) entries and take them to your assigned table. Check to make sure you have the correct table’s tray and the box numbers match the numbers on your routing slip. Check to make sure no box numbers have previously been used on your routing slip. Walk to your table and proceed to read the box numbers to the judges starting with the lowest number and ending with the highest. Have another judge call them back a second time to make sure that they are entering the correct box number.
Once all the numbers have been written down, start with the lowest number box. At the tray, before you take the box to your table, carefully open it and count eight portions and then check for violations. Items
to watch for are:
 cups of sauce
 toothpicks
 skewers
 aluminum foil
 any other foreign object
 sculpting or marking as defined in our rules
 garnish.
If you detect or suspect a violation of the rules when inspecting each box, bring it to the attention of the FBA Representative before proceeding to have the box judged.
If none found, bring the box to the judges table to be scored.
Ask the first judge to verify the number on the top of the box, and then open it. Again, hold the box with two hands, well supported on the bottom, and keep it low enough and angled to the table so that the judges don’t have to stand to look at it.
If you drop a box, it will automatically get a 10 in Presentation. If the entry falls out, notify the FBA Representative, who will take that box back to the team for refill. Go to the next entry for scoring if that happens.
Announce “Scoring for Presentation Only” and give each judge at least 10 seconds to view the box, longer if they ask. Once all judges have entered their score for Presentation announce “Scoring for Taste and Tenderness” and present the box for each of them to take a sample to score for Taste and Tenderness. After the judges have taken their pieces, you may take a sample for yourself. Never pass the box around a second time!
When you are finished with the entry box, take the box back to the tray and fold half of the label over making sure you still can see the entry number. Pick up the next entry and repeat the process. Start each box with a different person each time.
If, while being judged, someone notices anything in the box that is against the rules, notify the FBA Rep for a ruling. Immediately take it away from the table. Do not share your concerns with the judges. Ask the judges to stop where they are in the process. Please remember neither you nor the judges are allowed to do the chicken napkin test to check for blood.
If the FBA Rep has disqualified an entry, ask the judges to enter in a 2 across the score card, turn their scorecard over and write the entry number and why it was disqualified. No scores of disqualification will be allowed at any table without the approval of the FBA Representative.
No scores can be changed after a score has been placed on the scorecard without the approval of the FBA Representative. When all boxes have been judged, collect the scorecards, and make sure they have been filled out properly. If not, ask the judge to correctly fill out their scorecard. It is your responsibility to see that all cards are filled out correctly and are readable before handing them to the FBA Representative!
When satisfied, please have your table wait and stand by your tray to give the routing slip (the paper with the box numbers on it) and all judged cards to one of the Reps for a final review. After the Representative approves your cards, your tray will then be available to the grazing/ volunteer table.
Start a quiet discussion at your table, asking the judges how they scored each particular box, what they liked or didn’t like, paying special attention to any very low or very high scores. If you notice a judge that is inconsistent with the rest of the judges, please bring it to the Representative’s attention.
Invite the judges to visit the grazing table. Then clean up your table and reset it for the next round of judging. Remember to:
 provide fresh plates for the next category
 Refresh the crackers
 Distribute new paper towels
 Hand out new bottles of water
 Pass out new judging cards for the next meat item.
Once done, visit the grazing table and at 15 minutes before the hour, gather the judges back to your table. Wait to be called back to the turn in table to pick up the next entries.
(If there are rules changes, please read them here.) Lori Frazee moved to approve the updated TC script Jim Elser 2nd. Motion passed unanimously
Lou Goldman: It would help to make stronger Table Captains. We are interested in getting this into the judges handbook too.
Table Captain Instructions
Table Captains are responsible for their tables – that they are set up properly, initially and
between categories, with pencils, plates, paper towels, crackers, water for each judge and
anything else that is supplied by the organizer. TC’s are the liaison between the judges and
the Reps.
If a judge has a question, it is directed to you, and if necessary, you should call for a Rep. Before each category the TC passes out the judge’s scorecards. Ask the judges to keep the tops on their water bottles and keep them flat on the table. Ask the judges to refrain from taking any pictures during the judging process.
Remind the judges that the scoring consists of whole numbers and half numbers and to not put a zero after a whole number.
Steps to being a great Table Captain:
1. When TC’s are called, go to the turn in area and find the tray for your table
2. Verify numbers on the boxes and TC sheet match.
3. Take the tray to your serving table.
4. Read the box numbers to your judges and have verification from one of the judges
5. Check first box and verify minimum 8 portions and no rules violations
6. Announce “For presentation only”, and have first judge verify box number
7. Show box to each judge until they nod or say OK.
8. After each judge has scored, announce “For taste and tenderness”
9. Serve each judge and yourself
10. Place box back on tray and pull label halfway up and bend back
11. After each judge has scored, repeat steps 5 – 10 with the rest of boxes, starting with the next judge
12. After all boxes are scored collect the completed score cards and verify all are properly completed, if any 7’s, comments on back of card and if all scores are within 1 – 1 1/2 points of each other
13. Turn in the scoring cards to a Rep
14. Start discussion of best samples, scores and reasons for any low scores.
15. Set up table for next category
16. Repeat process for the next three categories
After all scoring is completed assist cleaning up your table.
Have fun! Pat Brannen made a motion to approve the above table captain instruction. Lori Frazee 2nd. Motion passed unanimously
New Business:
1. Proposed by laws change
1.6 Organizer Member:
An Organizer member shall be any person and/or any type of group that organizes a contest and that is interested in participating in FBA events and promoting the objectives of the FBA. This membership has only one vote.
Robin made a Motion to table Pat Brannen 2nd. Motion approved to table unanimous
Section 2- Terms of Office
The term of office for Officers and directors elected by membership wide ballot shall be for two years.
The President, Secretary, and two directors shall be elected in odd numbered years. The Vice President, Treasurer, and one director shall be elected in even numbered years.
Robin Yelverton made a motion that the terms of officers be for two years The President, Secretary, and two directors shall be elected in odd numbered years. The Vice President, Treasurer, and one director shall be elected in even numbered years. Lori Frazee 2nd. The motion carried. Connie Washam Abstain.
Tom Snow: Likes this idea
Ben Purvis: as you explained it now, understands what we’re going to do. with the 3 directors…how will it be decided who gets the 2 year term and who will get the 1 year term?
Gary Washam: when you have a staggered election are directors elligible to run for a different that might vacate their position. They would have to resign their current position so they could run so the membership could elect a new director.
FBA Representative Qualifications
*Must be an FBA member in good standing for at least two consecutive years.
*Must have obtained Master Judge status
*Must have successfully completed the FBA Judges’ Seminar
*Must have judged at least 5 events.
*Must have served as a table captain for at least one additional event.
*Must have cooked with a team in a FBA Sanctioned Pro Event at least 5 times.
*Must speak and read English
*Must be able to lift 30 pounds and physically able to step into and out of team trailers safely.
*Must be computer literate and have email
*Must be willing and able to get along with people
*Must submit written application to the FBA Vice President
*Must be recommended by the Vice President to the Board of Directors
*Any qualification waived must be approved by majority vote of Board of Directors.
*Must be approved by the majority of Board of Directors to enter Rep training program
*Must train for a minimum of 5 sanctioned events
*Must successfully complete all items on the Rep Trainee sign off sheet.
*Must complete Rep training within 1 year and receive final Board of Director approval.
Jim Elser makes a motion to change the rep requirements to what is presented on the agenda. Robin 2nd. The motion has carried.
Kevin French – Yes, Jim Elser – Yes Lori Frazee – Yes Pat Brannen – Yes
Robin Yelverton – Yes Connie Washam – No
Cory Beckwith: likes the possible change
Tom Snow: Judging 6 times
Ben Purvis: likes this process
Jim Dehne: how many cook teams are trying to become reps? Tim Hughes, Bill Tanner, Why do we need to change when it’s working the board has already made exceptions.
Lou Goldman: I am confused, and thinks what we have now is just fine. How does this improve the rep corp. would like to leave the Master Judge requirement in.
Bob Youngblood: Master Judge status is left in. All that is in the Master Judge status is included in that process. Current Reps don’t know the new incoming people are. Who is in charge of Rep Training now? We’ve asked teams to shadow to see what goes on in a contest. Leave the rep qualifications as it is currently.
3. Change to Rep Manual – Contest Policies – Item 10
10. Disqualification is to be reserved for violations of the rules. Very close calls should be decided in favor of the cook team. If a sample is disqualified, return all samples to the box. If at all possible, the Lead Rep shall take a photo of the reason for the DQ. If it is bloody chicken, the Lead Rep shall take a photo of the napkin used to test for blood. When a chicken entry is disqualified for failing the napkin test,The entry will be immediately returned to the cook team, with a copy of the rules, by any two available reps at the direction of the lead rep. As soon as any other category is completed, by the Lead Rep plus one other rep or trainee. The Lead Rep may, at their discretion, send any two available Reps rather than go personally. shall return the disqualified entry to the team with a copy of the rules. This prevents further delays if
another DQ is questioned while the Lead Rep is away. . If the entry is disqualified for any reason other than a late turn in, the Lead Rep shall instruct the judges at that table to enter a two (2) in all three categories: appearance, taste and tenderness.
Robin Yelverton made a motion to table the Contest policies/rep manual changes
4. Where do we stand regarding the insurance issue. Robin found the E&O policy about to expire and paid the invoice.
5. Robin did receive sanctioning agreement from the amusement park in GA Jon Vigue. They want this contest in August. it does not conflict with any existing contest.
Lori Frazee made a motion to approve the sanctioning of the Valdosta GA, Wild Adventures contest for August Jim 2nd. motion carried unanimously.
Robin made a motion to adjourn the meeting, everyone hung up
Meeting adjourned at: 10:08 PM
Next meeting: June 27, 2016 at 8:00 PM EDT via Teleconference. Call in number: 347-989-1121
Respectfully submitted.
Connie Washam