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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – November 2014

Florida BBQ Association
Board of Directors meeting
Minutes: November 29,02014

Present:Â Tony Wolfe, Steve Brumm, Ed Hartwig, Marty Hyde, don Miller
Absent: Connie Washam
Guests: Vickki Leonard, Angela Iversen, Mac
Recorder: Wendy Wolfe & Connie Washam

Tony Wolfe called the meeting to order at
Minutes of the October Board of Directors Meeting meeting were unanimously approved

Business conducted by email – Connie Washam
1. Ed is working to secure 3rd rep for Kissimmee.
Motion to approve rep assignments for Kissimmee on March 27-28 EJ will lead and Gary will be 2nd Rep. Motion 2nd and Bob Youngblood and Dennis Schmidt Motion carried unanimously

2. No other Representatives were available to work the Jacksonville contest.Â
Motion to approve Ed Hartwig as the 4th rep in Jacksonville.
Motion 2nd and approved unanimously.

3. Robin Yelverton was able to secure a Florida State Jack Daniels contest blanket qualifier. All FBA contests that meet the 25 Team criteria will automatically be qualifiers for the Jack Daniels Contest in Lynchburg, TN

4. Tony Wolfe asked the board whether or not they wanted to have a 2015 Calendar.  Marty Hyde, Ed Hartwig, Steve Brumm & Don Miller agreed. that the FBA cannot afford to do a calendar this year.  In the past the Calendar has been considered a gift from FBA to the members.Â
Tony hopes this tradition will continue for 2016

5. Because Ricky Ginsberg is no longer handling the election process there is no need to limit the voting time to one day especially since many members do not check their email daily.
Connie Washam made a motion to extend the voting time to 5 days. No second unanimous vote not to extend the amount of time members will have to vote. The date has been posted for weeks and members might get upset if there is a change.

Treasurer’s Report -Â Marty Hyde
$22,069.33 in the account at this time.Â

Naples contest needs to pay their sanctioning fees – Past Due.  We are trying to verify where the check was sent
Lake Wales and Perry were sent reminders.

Comprehensive Membership Report -Â Ricky Ginsberg
798 Members
34 Life
8 Restaurant
8 Corporate
138 Teams
526 Judges

New Members – Will be included in the December minutes

New Contests – Marty Hyde
Madiera Beach – has been voted on and needs to be posted
Mullberry – Forms submitted waiting on their check.

Judges Committee
Marty Hyde will resign January 1, 2015
Tony Wolfe brought up the issue of judges not showing up for the contests they had been confirmed to judge or cancelling last minute and being rude when they are not confirmed for upcoming contests.. Marty suggest that the new system will be utilized to have judges apply through the system.Â

FaceBook is being used by the organizers currently – FBA cannot prohibit this. Organizers can use whatever means they want to communicate with teams and judges.

The Paper Ballots were mailed out November 25th. All ballots must be returned by December 9, 2014.Â
December 9, 2015 at 8:00am the online election will be held via Survey Monkey. Each family membership will be allowed 2 votes and the new Bylaws vote will be included in this election.

Old Business
Bay Area Renasiance wants to promote their event on FBA website. They will use the FBA Logo and list us as a corporate sponsor. Currently they are not a member or a sponsor. They will provide advertisement across the country. Don Miller will provide details to the board through email.

New Business
New Scoring system will be up and running by the Perry Contest.Â
Data transfer will occur as outlined. 3 years of historical data will be included in the data transfer.
Check for $450.00 for labor has been sent to Ricky Ginsburg. Tony will remind him to send an invoice in for a final payment of services rendered.Â
Angela has requested that the FBA Purchase Word Press to allow us to integrate all our systems. through the website. The cost is $64.00.  Tony Wolfe Made a motion to make the purchase. Ed Hartwig 2nd. Tony Wolfe, Ed Hartwig, Don Miller and Marty Hyde all voted Yes. the motion passed.Â

Vikki Leonard will be taking over the FBA Rep supplies, score cards, cover sheets for reports, She will use the same vendor for labels.  Badges will be going through the same vendor. Marty suggested we continue to use the same vendor we have always used for plaques.Â

Meeting adjourned – Tony Wolfe
Tony thanked the board of directors for all their support, hard work and dedication. He also wanted the new incoming board to know that he would be available for advice if needed.
Tony Wolfe made a motion a to Adjourn the meeting Ed Hartwig, 2nd. Motion carried unanimously.Â
Meeting adjourned 8:45PM

Next meeting: December 29, 2014 8:00 PM

Respectfully submitted, Wendy Wolfe and Connie Washam

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