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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – November 2015

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

November 29, 2015


Present: Steve Brumm, Jim Elser, Lori Frazee, Pat Brannen, Kevin French, Robin Yelverton

Recorder: Connie Washam

 Call to Order: Steve Brumm called the meeting to order at 8:00 PM

Roll call to establish a quorum

Approve minutes of the October meeting

Lori Frazee made a motion to approve the October Minutes.  Kevin French 2nd.  the motion carried.

Business conducted by Email – Connie Washam

Neither Jim Elser TOTY 2014 nor Mat Barber TOTY 2015 ever received any free entries to contests of their choice (with the exception of the Sonny’s Invitational)  as was their reward for the Team of the Year status.  During the October 2015 BOD meeting a motion was made and passed that instead of 3 free FBA contests entry fees, the TOTY would receive a check for $750.00 to be given out at the Annual Fun Cook dinner.  This motion passed unanimously.

Robin Yelverton made a motion that the FBA pay Jim Elser $750.00 for 2014 TOTY and also  pay Matt Barber $750.00 for 2015 TOTY.   Connie Washam 2nd.  The motion carried

Robin Yelverton – Yes               Connie Washam – Yes               Kevin French – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                      Jim Elser – Abstain                    Pat Brannen – No Response


There is a discrepancy between Robert Spencer being a “No Show” or going to the training and being told his name was not on the list so he did not check into the Odessa Judges Seminar.

Kevin French made a motion that we offer Robert Spencer a seat in another Judges seminar or a total refund of the judges seminar and membership fees.  Lori Frazee 2nd, The motion carried.

Kevin French – Yes                   Lori Frazee -Yes                       Robin Yelverton – Yes

Connie Washam – Yes               Jim Elser – Yes                         Pat Brannen – No Response


Financial Status Report – Robin Yelverton

PNC Balance –      14,239.84

Pending Deposits – 2,350.00

Paypal Transfer –   1,520.32

Total –                 $18,110.16


checks will go out to Bob Youngblood for printer ink 41.72 and to Steve Brumm for printer ink and supplies 126.15.

I also need a total from Gary Washam for plug-ins he purchased with board approval for the new website.

All other bills are current.

Included in the pending deposit are checks from Zephyrhills, Flamingo, Naples and Sonny’s – these checks are for sanctioning fees.  Whoever is working with Sonny’s needs to let them know that there will be addition fees for added reps since this is a large contest.


Membership Report – the December membership renewal is upon us.  an email notification will be sent the first week of December.  fortunately the judges can already see when their membership expires.  A more comprehensive report will be given in January once the renewals are in full swing.


New Members – Connie Washam

Individual: Tim Kirchman, Robert Taylor, Mike Cox, Roland Greenwalt, Ted Paskert, Larry Greene, Keith Mixon, Edward Thomas, Randall Grantham, James Clevenger, Joey Horn, Derrick Ford, Penny Buckles

Family: James & Darlene Luten, Scott & Teresa Charliton


Contests Report: Organizer Liaison, Angela Iversen

FBA Organizer Liaison Report – November 2015 submitted by Angela Iversen


  1. Bonnie Titus, Mulberry, FL, sent in her application. The treasurer needs to confirm $150 was received for sanctioning of 2016-2018. If so, the board should vote to sanction.
  1. Left messages for Steve Shortridge of Melbourne, FL, and Nick Rickman of Marrianna, FL, to let them know we are here for them to discuss further having a contest in their cities. No further responses yet.
  1. Sent email and application to sanction to existing Barnesville, GA, contest to interim President, Jessica Farr replacing Marshall Hooks.
  1. Reminded Sonny’s BBQ of Sanctioning expenses including travel/hotel reimbursements.
  1. Requested contact information be updated on website for Winter Haven, FL. Gary Washam completed.
  1. Notified by Treasurer that payment was received by Jay Robertson for new contest in Fernandina Beach, FL, Battle of the Beach BBQ & Bluegrass Festival.


Consent Agenda:


  1. Motion to sanction the Mulberry Fine Swine contest for 3 years
  1. Motion to sanction the 1st year Battle of the Beach Fernandina Beach
  1. Approve Robin buying the meat for the Perry

Pat Brannen made a motion to approve the consent Agenda, Connie Washam 2nd

the motion carried unanimously.


Organizers Committee Report

Don Fischer resigned from the Organizer’s Committee.  Steve Brumm will reach out to him

Judges Committee Report

No Report  But at the Jacksonville contest he inquired with the judges in attendance their opinions on several issues

Old Business:

  1. Status of Website – Gary Washam
    1. How soon can we get a Beta site up?

The new website is up and running.  Most sites are working.  We are going to use a different method to sign up for the judges seminar.  the core functionality is up and Tony and Wendy Wolfe are using it tonight as they load the Lake Wales Contest.  Gary Washam will be there in case there is an issue with it.  the old and new website is a mirror of the old website.  the new website is www.fbabbq.com.  There are still some pages that have not been built, but they will be taken one at a time.

  1. Café Press and/or method to sell Logo Items. Gary is going to order a shirt from “Queensboro” and see how close we can get to the original FBA rep shirt.  Lori Frazee called “ChefWorks” did something for WFC where they had other items for sale.  She has a call into them to see what they might do for us.  There is nothing to stop us from having two links to different sites.  We will look at the items and see what their cost is to determine our percentage of profit.
  2. Increasing the minimum distance between contests on the same day to 250 miles.

Lori Frazee is in favor of allowing an organizer to pay a premium for the guarantee that the weekend will not be conflicted with another contest.  Kevin French is this in conjunction with the 250 mile?  Jim Elser feels that we need to look at each contest individually.  There are certain scenarios we might run into down the road.  Feels 250 miles is excessive, maybe 200 miles.  Let the new organizer know what they are getting into if they schedule the same weekend as a another contest.  Consensus; leave the mileage 150 Miles and look at each contest that might conflict.  or put in the 200 mile caveat. and if the contest is within that the BOD will review.

Pat Brannen made a Motion to change the mileage to 200 miles and that the BOD can choose to waive if needed. Jim Elser 2nd, motion carried unanimously

  1. Should corporate membership be granted as a matter of policy to someone who

Has donated merchandize equivalent to the cost of corporate membership? 

  1. Cost of Restaurant Membership?

Lori Frazee made a motion to remove the restaurant membership.  (withdrew her motion)

Kevin French made a motion that the restaurant membership be increased to $150.00.  Lori 2nd.  Motion carried.

Discussion; how many restaurants do you think will renew?  They will receive a plaque with a spot for each renewal year. * Louis Goldman, during open discussion, suggested a nice certificate, framed can swap out certificate every year they renew.

  1. Next year’s Fun Cook. Organizer and where?

Really need an organizer.

  1. Judges Seminar Proposal

Pat  Brennan made a motion that the following be adopted;

  1. Registration cut off two weeks prior. (to allow badges to be ordered)
  2. May change seminars up to two weeks prior to seminar date.
  3. Lose payment if no show or cancel seminar within two weeks. (Emergencies will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  4. Badges will be shipped to seminar instructor for distribution in class.

Lori Frazee 2nd, the motion carried

  1. News paper.
    1. Pay total subscription for each household.
    2. Pay on line subscription
    3. Coupon for x dollars off for either paper.

Tie this to the membership.  address this next meeting


New Business

  1. Policy on taking photos in judging area and posting photos of boxes prior to judging.

Rule #19. No photographs may be taken in the judging area or of the turn in boxes.  The Lead Rep may make exceptions to this policy for organizers and/or the media  no need to change this policy.

Lori Frazee: the table captain position relook at how that is handled.  it is an important jobs that go on at a contest.  Maybe we need to be additional training for them.  or at least a more comprehensive table captains meeting.  Lori Frazee will work on rewriting the table captains meeting.

  1. December meeting. no December meeting next meeting will be the last Monday in January.
  2. What contests will be the 2016 state championships; Jim Elser will take care of this.

The meeting opened up for listener comments

Louis Goldman: *Third alternative to restaurant membership give them a nice certificate and they can frame it and we can give them a new certificate each year.  What do we think about the judges meeting 15 minutes before the first turn in.  BOD liked the idea, it is the only way to get judges input.


It was the consensus of the BOD that there be no December meeting.

Merry Christmas to all

 Next meeting: Monday, January 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM  Call in number: 347-989-1121

Pat Brannen moved to adjourn, Jim Elser 2nd  Meeting adjourned 9:19 PM.

Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam