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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – November 2012

FBA Board of Directors Meeting – November 26, 2012

8:00 pm Meeting Open

Board Members Present: DDana Hillis, Tony Wolfe, Gail Cushing, Ricky Ginsburg, Damon Wooley, Ed Hartwig
Guests in Attendance: : Henry Scott, EJ Krause, Mac McLaughlin, Lou Goldman, Wendy Wolfe

October minutes approved by email

E-Mail Business:

  1. All Judge Seminars will be voted on and approved by Board of Directors. Motioned by Ricky Ginsburg. Voted Yes by all Board Members. The new addition to section 8 is written in red.SECTION 8 – JUDGE’S SEMINAR The FBA will present a Judge’s Seminar to train and certify judges at any sanctioned FBA contest if requested by the Contest Organizer(s) along the following guidelines. Judge’s Seminars require approval by vote of the FBA Board of Directors.
  2. Triple Crown payout will be at least $8500. There will be a plaque for the top ten in each category and the top ten overall. Motioned by Tony Wolfe. Second by Ed Hartwig. Voted yes by all Board Members.
  3. On November 3, 2012 Nick Wunder’s wife Amy passed while at the World Championship in Las Vegas. Nick is a FBA Master Judge. His wife will be missed.
  4. Reps for contests: Ashburn GA. Wendy Wolfe – Lead – With Tony Wolfe and Noel Davis. Haines City, FL added Wendy Wolfe and Sheilah Jones.

Treasurer’s Report – Ricky Ginsburg:

  1. Total Assets: $29,435.92 – no outstanding bills
  2. Database: 805 members, of which 24 are Life, 10 are Restaurant, and 6 are Corporate, 191 teams, and 501 judges

Membership – Gail M. Cushing: 25 new members. 3 Lifetime member – Maurice Barnlund (also a founding member), James & Donna Frazee, Gary & Connie Washam..

Contests – Damon Wooley:
Sanctioned contests: KidPack Polk Project BBQ Throwdown Lakeland, FL April 12-13, 2013 and Fine Swine at the Pit Mulberry, FL October 11-12, 2013.

Judges Committee: No new Business

ByLaws Committee: No new Business

Old Business: No old business

  1. Triple Crown. After much discussion it was decided and voted upon by this Board as follows: The 2013 FBA Triple Crown Series is based on accumulated points won at any FBA sanctioned contest. Those points are going to be used to select the top 50 teams, who will be invited to the Triple Crown Championship. Prior to the contest, the head cook of each cook team must be an FBA member.

New Business:

  1. It was discussed and voted upon. We will have a credit card machine attached to our cell phone with a link to our paypal account. This new feature will provide all buyers a smother transaction when purchasing our FBA merchandise. The cost will be 2.7% per transaction.
  2. All Board members bid farewell and a job well done in 2012.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:56 pm

Respectfully submitted by: Gail M. Cushing

Next Meeting: January 28, 2013

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