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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – October 2015

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

October 29, 2015  8:00 PM


Present: Steve Brumm, Lori Frazee, Jim Elser, Robin Yelverton, Kevin French, Pat Brannen, Robin Yelverton

Recorder: Connie Washam

Call to Order: Meeting Called to order 8:00 PM

Approve minutes of the September BOD Meeting.  Lori Frazee moved to approve the minutes of the September Board Meeting  Jim Elser 2nd

Motion Carried unanimously

Business conducted by Email – Connie Washam

Robin Yelverton made a motion that FBA sanction the Winter Haven contest for 2016 Lori Frazee 2nd the motion carried unanimously.

Due to a death in the family, Tim Blake of Lucky Dawgs, was unable to participate in the Fun Cook due to a death in the family.  He would like to know if it is possible for him to receive a refund for his entry fee.

Robin Yelverton made a motion that We/FBA refund $175.00 to Tim Blake. Lucky Dawgs BBQ. He was unable to attend the fun cook due to a death in his family.  Lori Frazee 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously.

There have been several ‘no shows’ to the judges seminar this is presenting a problem.  The fee for the Judges seminar has already been increased from $40.00 to $50.00.  Amended motion: Lori Frazee made a motion that  the cut-off date for seminar registration shall be two weeks prior to the date of the seminar.  Registrations received within the period less than two weeks prior shall be subject to a $10.00 late registration fee.  Registrations may be canceled or changes made prior to the two week cut off without penalty.  Individuals who are no shows or cancel within the two week period shall forfeit their registration fees.  Emergencies will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  Kevin French 2nd.   The motion carried unanimously.


  • Kevin French is handling the Jack Daniels Invitational,
  • Lori Frazee will communicate with the World Food Championships
  • Jim Elser will handle the American Royal Invitational

Treasurers Report – Robin Yelverton

15, 424.72

Paypal Deposit pending $2,827.56

Grand Total: $18,252.28


need to pay Verizon bill 120.00

invoices received today under $100.00

Roughly 17.000. in the bank

 Comprehensive Membership Report – Connie Washam

709 counting family memberships there are 880 total members, includes individual, team and family memberships.  unsure if restaurant or corporate members are included.

New Members – Connie Washam

Larry Fatzer, Randy Schaefer, Norman Hummell, Pam Ames, Brad Spalding, Vondarius Lane, Keith Powell, Joshua McCall, Manuel Llorca, Greg Atkinson, David Segunda, Kevin O’Connor, Jeff Troup, Jerry Buchan


Consent Agenda

  1. Approve appointments to cooks committee (names to follow)

Bill Tanner

Doug Francis

Russel Short

Keith Hall

Rub Bagby

  1. Approve appointments to judges committee :

Steve Carrington

Jim Frazee

Steve Askew

Ron Lerigo

Varinnia Colmere

Mac McLaughin

Kent Harriss

  1. Approve the following Rep assignments.

Naples: Sheilah Jones (lead), Frank Jones, EJ Kraus

Zephyrhills: Ida Isaacs (lead), Leon Isaacs, Gary Washam

Winter Haven: EJ Kraus (lead), Frank Jones, Sheilah Jones, Ed Hartwig

Haines City: Sheilah Jones (lead), Frank Jones, EJ Kraus, Gary Washam

Okeechobee: Sheilah Jones (lead), Frank Jones, Tony Wolfe, Wendy Wolfe

Eagle Lake: Sheilah Jones (lead), Frank Jones, EJ Kraus, Gary Washam

Jacksonville: Bob Youngblood.

  1. Approve Jim Dehne to enter Rep Shadowing per Ida Isaacs Request.
  2. Approve Battle of the Beach and Bluegrass Festival pending receipt of check.
  3. Bob Youngblood would like to be reinstated on a limited basis since he was never taken off the rolls

Lori Frazee moved to approve consent agenda as amended by Jim Elser.  Jim Elser 2nd. motion passed unanimously

 New Contests: As Submitted by Angela Iversen, FBA Organizer Liaison, October 25, 2015:

  1. Spoke with Nick Rickman of Marianna, FL, to see how his progress is going in securing his venue and filling out the application. He thanked me for following up with him. He is securing support staff to make the event happen and will let us know his progress.
  1. No word from Steve Sandridge of Melbourne, FL. I will try to contact him this week and see what support we can give him.
  1. Smoke on the Water, Winter Haven, submitted their application and payment for re-sanctioning. Emailed copy of payment and application to the board October 8, 2015, when received.  Hard copy is kept in a secure lock box until I see Connie.
  1. As a side note, the application does have Treasurer address on it now and instructions are to scan a copy of the application to Organizer Liaison but mail payment and hard copy to Treasurer.
  1. Emailed Bonnie Titus of Mulberry, FL,  and reminded her of her 60 day grace period of re-sanctioning. Attached a copy of the updated sanctioning agreement.
  1. I have had No response/application from:

Tallahassee Pig Fest, Tallahassee, FL – Diane Haggerty – 2nd weekend of April

Annual BBQ & Blues Festival, Barnesville, GA – Marshall Hooks – wants April 22 & 23, 2016

We received $100 to renew sanctioning from Smoke on the Water BBQ Cook-Off & Music Festival, Thomaston, GA. Did                 email Bobby about the change of application fees and asked for a new sanctioning agreement.

If anyone has heard from them, please let me (Angela Iversen) know.

  1. Sadly the FFA contest in Haines City, FL, has been cancelled. Sent a letter to the organizing committee in their behalf about the amazing work they have accomplished in such a short amount of time and how I would help them in any way possible. I did not send the letter in behalf of FBA but as a fellow organizer and shared my experience and thoughts as far as making an event like theirs successful. Jonathon Bartley thanked me for the support. It did not affect the outcome.
  1. Bob Youngblood has a lead on a contest in Ft. Gaines, GA. Currently it is sanctioned by the Georgia BBQ Association (GBA). I sent on the contact information to the FBA President. I felt it was a conflict of interest with my relationship with the GBA and Sonny’s Smokin’ Showdown Invitational and asked the President to have someone else to handle.
  1. Steve Brumm talked by phone to a possible representative in Fort Gordon GA. they are interested in having an FBA event there next fall, when she returns from vacation Steve & Loren Brumm will go up, meet with her and help them to make this happen.

Old Business:

Status of Website

How soon can we get a Beta site up for the members to see? Based on what we received there are many gaps in information need.  Will Cleaver is working with Cecil to get the theme integrated into FBA current data.  Everything Cecil did is on our site.  we are going through and finding where the gaps are and implement those gaps.  not sure if we’ll get this up by December.  many activities have interfered.  fair amount of administrative moving of data and Will is working on the functional actions.

Lori Frazee: what about the Judges list?  Gary is going to have to put this up since our person who had been doing it has not responded

Priority listing of remaining work needed with cost estimates. We approved $1,500. last month.  hopefully it can be up and workable with that amount.

 Café Press and/or method to sell Logo Items. Gary Washam has done some investigation and  felt that based on customer feedback, simplicity of operation and variety of products, “Queensboro” would be the best company to go through.  It is the company Operation BBQ Relief uses.  Lori said she would pursue it further.  Gary will send the address for Queensboro to the BOD.  We will table this and investigate further to make a decision next month.

 We are out of decals and need a new source. Robin Yelverton recommended Sticker Mule.

 2015 Tavares Contest. They have not paid the fees.  Treasurer, Robin Yelverton spoke to Cheryl Fishel who said said she didn’t understand why the city of Tavares hadn’t paid and that she would pay out of her own pocket.  FBA needs to be paid one way or the other.  Robin will wait to see if they receive a check.  as of today the contest is off the calendar.

 Smoke Bits: Connie Washam will take this over after the first of the year.

 Including one membership for the organizer in the sanctioning fee. Lori Frazee would like to see a membership included maybe a special level of membership.  Robin Yelverton thinks it would improve things.  Might have a little more insight.  Maybe a special membership for an organizer.  It might be a problem if  FBA increases the sanctioning fee and include a membership.  Do not give them non members access to the FBA Members Only Site.  Give the organizer the option to join or not.  Put a line item in the sanctioning agreement asking if they want to be a member of the FBA for an extra $40.00.

David Haskett: add the line item to the sanctioning agreement.  we might be surprised that most would join.

Connie Washam made a motion that a line be written on the sanctioning agreement asking organizers if they want to become a member of the FBA for an extra $40.00.  Jim Elser 2nd.  motion carried unanimously

Increasing the minimum distance between contests on the same day Robin Yelverton recommended 250 miles.  5 hours of driving.

Meeting opened to listener comments:

Bob Youngblood: Check to see what existing contest we have and see what the distance and grandfather them to the old 150 mile distance.

Louis Goldman: since we want to increase our contests in Alabama and Georgia and guarantee them a weekend with no other contest to compete with so the teams will go there.

David Haskett: Distance should be determined based on event location to event location

Gary Washam: went to Google maps the width of the state is only 155 miles.  Eliminating coast to coast competitions.

Robin Yelverton moved that we increase the distance between contests that might fall on the same day be increased to 250 miles.  Jim Elser 2nd  Motion is Tabled for next month.

Appointing a BOD member to be the liaison that an organizer could contact if they have a question the Lead Rep can’t answer or they have a problem with the Lead Rep. No need to appoint a special liaison, that is the job of the vice president.  Jim Elser would be the contact.

Should Life Membership be awarded if a member has paid $750 in annual dues? Pat Brannen thinks we should, Kevin French thinks this is a can of worms.  Connie Washam disagrees because over the course of years the member has paid $35.00 and of that $10.00 is what FBA has to work with because the rest went to the NBBQ.  Life membership is only gets 2 votes no matter how big the family.  Board  consensus was no, therefore no action taken

 Should corporate membership be granted as a matter of policy to someone who has donated merchandize equivalent to the cost of corporate membership? Revisit this next month after some investigation.  Connie Washam will help

Cost of Restaurant Membership?

Revisit this next month after some investigation. 

 Next year’s Fun Cook. Organizer and where?  It was suggest that Kent and Jodi Harriss be recruited to take it on.  Pat Brannen will ask them. 

FBA Recommended payouts for contests. Would like to let new organizers know that even if they just pay out top 5, that through top 10 should at least be called. Jim Elser will put together a new payout recommendation for new contest payouts.  he will get together with the newly established cooks committee to see what they think.  call all top 10 and whittle down is very exciting. 

Open to comments team listeners.  Cory Beckwith: new team and agrees with Jim about calling the top 10.

Approve formation of an Organizer’s Committee. Organizers committee was established in the September BOD.  Organizers manual is pretty out of date we need to rework the organizers manual.

Provide a method for an organizer to obtain exclusive rights to a date by meeting certain criteria such as large purse or paying an extra fee. Jim Elser does not like this idea.  He will go to the contest that pays more, but if the pay is the same will go to the closer contest.  No action taken

New Business

 Judges Seminar Proposal

  1. Registration cut off two weeks prior. (to allow badges to be ordered)
  2. May change seminars up to two weeks prior to seminar date.
  3. Lose payment if no show or cancel seminar within two weeks. (Emergencies will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  4. Badges will be shipped to seminar instructor for distribution in class.

Change TOTY prize from three entries to a flat $750.00. The board felt this was a better idea than the three contest entry fee.  it would be nice to present the TOTY with a check for a flat fee.

Robin Yelverton made a motion that  instead  paying for entry fees to 3 FBA sanctioned contests, we pay a flat $750 to the Team Of The Year winner to be paid out during the Fun Cook.  Jim Elser 2nd  Motion carried unanimously.

Jim had a member who needed to cook with a team would like to know if the cooking school can be used instead of cooking with a team? Not every class is not run the same.  the Board agreed that it was not a good idea.  will make his response to this member easy

President opened meeting up for listener comments

Bob Youngblood: has the old payout schedule and will send to Jim and Steve

Corey Beckman: are there rules for contests being cancelled? Possible compensation to teams who have purchased expensive meat. there is no compensation for teams who purchased meat for a particular contest and the contest was cancelled.

Louis Goldman: Would like to have Judges meeting 15 minutes prior to the first turn in

Steve Carrington: Complimentary of the work the BOD is doing.

Next meeting: Monday, November 29, 2015 at 8:00 PM  Call in number: 347-989-1121

Robin moved to adjourn, Jim Elser 2nd  Meeting adjourned 9:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam