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FBA Board of Directors Minutes – October 2017

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

October 30, 2017 at 8:00 PM


Present: Jim Elser, Matt Barber, Steve Brumm, Ed Shemanski, Ben Purvis

Recorder: Connie Washam

Absent: Robin Yelverton

Guests: Tim Giebeig, Jim Dehney, Harriett Rockwood, Lou Goldman, Gayle & Rick Dimaggio, Nick Wunder, Elliot Cohen, Phylis Welsh, 


Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 8:03 PM


Approve: September minutes: Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the September minutes Matt Barber 2nd The motion carried.


Business conducted by email: There was no business conducted by email.


Financial Report – Robin Yelverton No Report


Membership ReportConnie Washam

704 Active members

1 new Individual Member – Shannon Biddy

1 new Family membership  New Cook Team, Brad and Brandon Fuller

1 new Life Membership, Fred and Patti DiStacio


Consent Agenda – President

  1. New date for Eagle Lake, 3/23-24/2018 (This date conflicts with the Kissimmee Valley Rib Rodeo)
  2. Sanction for contest in Apalachicola
  3. Sanction Haines City Contest 2/23/2018 and 2/22/2019, (removed from the consent agenda)
  4. Sanction for new Davenport Contest, 2/16/2018 – 2/15/2019 and 2/14/2020
  5. Approve Charles Golden and Chairman of the Rep Committee

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the consent agenda Matt Barber 2nd.  the motion carried

Committee Reports


Cook Teams Committee – Ben Purvis, No report

Judges Committee – Lou Goldman, No report

IT Committee –  Gary Washam

  1. IT Committee – Implemented the Zephyrhills contest with the new way. will be opened for 30 days then Lead Rep will go about the selection of judges for the contest.
  2. Will has updated the algorithm for distribution of boxes, haven’t tried it out yet.
  3. Updated the frequently asked questions page more user friendly
  4. The committee is moving toward migrating the scoring system from the old FBA site to the new website.


New Contest Liaison – Steve Brumm: New Apalachacola contest site is a beautiful riverfront site.  the organizer is very familiar with running a big event.

Defuniak Springs is having a contest in spring 2018.  they want to sanction as soon as possible Lorne and Steve Brumm will go and check out the site.

Rep Committee – New Chairman, Charles Golden

Marketing Committee – Matt Barber – December 8th & 9th.  Finally got the approval to hold the Fun Cook at the Winter Haven Boys & Girls Club.  Team sign up will be posted to the website and FB.  Their site is free, but FBA will reimburse for the power bill.

Social Media Committee – Ed Shemanski

  1. We continue to ramp up the postings on our new FBA Facebook page. We are limiting it to TOTY, contest results and President’s messages/emails at this time.
  2. Shortly we plan to add contest info & links, judge’s signup links, BoD contact info, organizer contact info and Rep contact info.
  3. Members have expressed a desire to have awards “live-streamed” and archived for later viewing. We will be researching the best and most cost effective way to do this.
  4. We would like to post photos for each contest.
  5. We are still looking for more members, especially ones with Twitter experience.


Old Business – President

  1. FBA handling the selection of Judges – Gary mentioned earlier we are going to try a method used by GBA. everyone interested in judging the contest can sign up but the Lead Rep will select the judges.  looking to find a balance of new judges, experienced judges and Master judges.

Apopka wants us to do the FBA judge sign up in February.

  1. FBA Sanctioned Back Yard Contests –
  2. Amended Terms and Conditions –
  3. Amended Team Rules –
  4. Implementing a judges score sheet for individual contests, There has been a couple of judges who want to access their personal standing, and are finding they are in the pack. there have been a couple of instances where the judges committee chair has spoken to judges who are way out of the zone of their table.
  5. Fun Cook Update: Matt Barber described where we stand in his Marketing Committee report.
  6. Judges Manual – Tenderness, have the tenderness descriptions been posted as was originally written.
  7. Virtual Hall of Fame: an email blast went out for nominations. we need a paragraph to justify their nomination should be included.


  1. New Business:
  2. New Reps: Steve Brumm will send each of those people who were interested in becoming an FBA contest representative the survey of interest to them. The Survey is pretty in depth will see how many of them complete it.
  3. Annual Meeting, to be held at the Fun Cook to be held in December.

Comments from members:

Jim Dehne: comments


The meeting adjourned at: 8:54 PM

Next BOD meeting Monday, November 28, 2017 8:00 PM


Call in number 1-712-451-0294   Access Code: 184732