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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – August 2011

FBA Board of Directors Meeting – September 2, 2011

7:25 pm Meeting Open

Board Members Present: Forrest Dilmore, Dana Hillis, Rob Bagby, Ed Hartwig, and Tony Wolfe
Guests in Attendance: Ray Lesko, Wendy Wolfe, Lou Goldman, Tom Pippin, Mac McLaughlin, Rick Wolfe, Janet Hillis, Russ Sylvester, Thomas Sadaka, Marty Hyde and others

July minutes approved by email

E-Mail Business: none

Treasurer’s Report – Ricky Ginsburg reported by Dana Hillis:

  1. Total Assets: $58,050.79, Total Income: $41, 223.93, Total Expenses: $36, 327.95
  2. Database: Cook Teams: 208, Judges: 379 (not including class of 9/3/11), Total Paid Membership 670

Membership – no report


  1. Several contests are in the making. Okeechobee and Dundee are in conflict. Fort Myers is also in conflict with Palm Beach Gardens. Beulah fest needs paperwork. Ocala wants to move to the last weekend in March. Forrest is working with the contests that are in conflict with each other.
  2. Orlando contest has been postponed due to difficulties with location.

Old Business: none

New Business:

  1. Audit – Dana has worked with a forensic auditor, Thomas Sadaka (serving as legal advisor), and Ricky to address the membership concerns. The books and policies were reviewed for the last 3 years. We received a clean bill – said our books were pristine and no issues were detected.
    FBA is classified as a 501 c7 – a fraternal organization – we are tax exempt.
    Next step: do we need to spend the money for a full audit? We need to appoint a committee to address the by-laws regarding the audit. Mr. Pippin shared how his Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla conducts their audit by committee. Bottom line – an audit was performed and none of our books or practices were questionable.
    If reps make under $3500 they don’t need a 1099.
  2. Triple Crown Contests:
    Requirements to be a state championship: must have been a contest for 3 consecutive years, be able to accommodate 40 teams, must have a favorable rep review for those 3 consecutive years, cannot be a state championship two successive years.
    Alabama state championship will be Dothan, Georgia will be Newnan, and Florida will be Winter Haven.
    Winter Haven as the State Championship was proposed by Rub, 2nd by Forrest. Dana, Tony, and Ed all voted yes.
  3. Triple Crown qualifiers:
    Florida: Winter Have, Starke, and Grant.
    Georgia: Newnan, Thomaston, and Barnesville.
    Alabama: Dothan, Elba, and Jesup, GA.
  4. Triple Crown Trophies: Ed and Dana will collaborate on ideas for special trophies. Ed will order the ribbons the same as last year.
  5. Congratulations to the FBA teams that qualified for the Jack! Way to go: BBQ Crew, Big Papa’s Country Kitchen, and Jack’s Old South.
  6. Forrest thanked Janet, Wendy, Dana and Tony for their efforts in organizing the Fun Cook this year.
  7. Mac asked why the minutes take so long to be posted. Rub explained the process: the Secretary types the minutes, sends them out to the board, the board votes to approve them, then the minutes are posted.
    Mac feels there is no reason the minutes should take so long to be posted. Recently the July minutes just made it to the website. Forrest explained that the meeting takes place the last Monday of the month and it can take up to two weeks for the minutes to read, corrected and approved.
    It was suggested that provisions be written into the by-laws to detail when the minutes should be posted. Discussion about what would happen when “life” comes up since all the board members are volunteers with jobs, families, and other demands.
    Mac explained that there is a perception that things are being hidden. For example: the introduction of the 75 contest pins and the new rep recruitment period. He expressed it feels like a “good ole boy” network and the way the board communicates the membership (i.e. the minutes) is not being done well.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:26 pm

Wendy Wolfe
Next Meeting: September 26, 2011

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