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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – September 2015

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

September 29, 2015


Present: Steve Brumm, Lori Frazee, Jim Elser, Robin Yelverton, Kevin French, Pat Brannen, Robin Yelverton

Recorder: Connie Washam

 Call to Order: Meeting Called to order 8:00 PM

Lori Frazee made a motion to approve the minutes of the August BOD meeting.  Kevin 2nd

Motion Passed

Business conducted by Email – Connie Washam

 Jim Elser made a motion to approve Sheilah and Frank Jones to be FBA Reps at the Mulberry contest.  Kevin French 2nd

Motion passed unanimously

Lori Frazee made a motion to rescind the motion from March allowing a Team to name a alternate head cook.  Kevin French 2nd.  Motion has carried

Lori Frazee – Yes                  Robin Yelverton – Yes                        Jim Elser – Yes

Kevin French – Yes                              Pat Brannen – No response                Connie Washam – Yes

Robin Yelverton made a motion to sanction; Historic Cocoa Village BBQ & Blues, June 3 & 4, 2016.  Kevin French 2nd

The motion carried unanimously

There was much confusion of numbers of reps vs. a reimbursement for the 3rd rep and cancellation of reservations before a 3rd rep could be appointed.  the organizer felt we should split her extra costs of $250.00.

Lori Frazee made a motion to refund the Lake City Organizer $125.00 from Contest fees.  Kevin French 2nd.

the motion carried unanimously

Robin Yelverton made a motion approve a three year sanction of  the North Port Sweet Heat BBQ Bash March 18-19 2016, March 17-18 2017 and March 16-17,  2018.  Lori Frazee 2nd.

Lori Frazee – Yes                  Robin Yelverton – Yes                        Kevin French – Yes              Connie Washam Yes

Pat Brannen – no response                 Jim Elser – No Response

Lori Frazee made a motion to have the judges seminar include membership.

no second

Connie Washam made a motion that Article VI, Section 2. Vice President powers and duties be reworded as follows:

Section 2.  Vice President:

The Vice President shall preside at the meetings of the FBA or the Board of Directors in the absence of the President and shall assume the Presidency in the event of a vacancy in that office.  The Vice President shall be the liaison between the Representatives and the Board of Directors. The Vice President shall make assignments of specific Representatives to specific contests in accordance with current policy as stated in the Representatives Manual and in coordination with the Lead Rep if any changes are required.  In addition, the Vice President shall receive any complaints by or against Representatives and present them to the Board of Directors for approval   Pat Brannen 2nd.  Connie Washam withdrew her motion

Consent Agenda………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  1. Accept Rick Dimagio’s resignation as chair of the Judges Committee.  He will remain on

The committee as a member.

  1. Approve Lou Goldman as the Chair of the Judges Committee.
  2. Approve Tim Giebeig as a member of the Judges Committee.
  3. Accept George Kendall’s resignation from the Judges Committee due to family illness.
  4. Approve Pat Brannen as JOTY point of contact.
  5. Approve a Judges Class for the Oviedo Contest.
  6. Defer action on the following items until the October meeting so the Organizer’s Committee can review them and make recommendations.
    1. Including one membership for the organizer in the sanctioning fee.
    2. Increasing the minimum distance between contests on the same day.
    3. Provide a method for an organizer to obtain exclusive rights to a date by meeting

certain criteria such as large purse or paying an extra fee.

  1. Appointing a BOD member to be the liaison that an organizer could contact if they

have a question the Lead Rep can’t answer or they have a problem with the Lead Rep.

Robin moved to approve consent agenda Jim 2nd motion passed unanimously

 Treasurers Report – Robin Yelverton

Current balance in the checking account, $17,153.21.

A few outstanding checks that have not cleared for the contest last week. $800.00

 Comprehensive Membership Report – Connie Washam

685 Members: this figure is just the number on the spread sheet, it does not include the 2nd person in a family membership.  but does include all teams, judges and other members.

New Members – Connie Washam

Individual: Daniel Blood, Marc Miles, Joel Secrist, Stephen Lefkowitz, Edward Titen, Derek Codol, Melinda Williams, Miguel Nuñez, Kimberly Hamm, Sheila Livingston, Rick Hensley, Sean Smalls, Stephen Apat (13)

Family: Tina Forde & Simon Lowe, Don & Mitzi Lobozzo, Bob & Carol Howard, Keith & Monica Oster. (4)

Restaurant: Gerald Barfield – I am waiting to hear from him for the name of his restaurant.

New Contests: Organizer Liaison, Angela Iversen

  1. Spoke with Nick Rickman of Marianna, FL, who would like to bring back the Marianna contest. He is looking at either the same venue as before depending on the power situation. He was sent a Sanctioning Request form. He would like Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2016 (1st weekend of October). He will get back with us on this.
  1. Spoke with Steve Sandridge of Melbourne, FL. A couple years ago they were going to host a contest but had to cancel. Wanting to try again. Possibly May 13 & 14, 2016.  Trying to get location finalized by next week. Will call me to set up a site inspection once finalized. He was sent an application form.
  1. Emailed several completed contests back in August that their 60 days were either up to renew their sanctioning agreement or close to being up. Attached a copy of the sanctioning agreement. Dothan, AL, Cocoa, FL and Madeira Beach, FL submitted their applications.

No response/application from:

Tallahassee Pig Fest, Tallahassee, FL – Diane Haggerty – 2nd weekend of April

Annual BBQ & Blues Festival, Barnesville, GA – Marshall Hooks – wants April 22 & 23, 2016

We received $100 to renew sanctioning from Smoke on the Water BBQ Cook-Off & Music Festival, Thomaston, GA. Did email Bobby about the change of application fees and asked for a new sanctioning agreement.

  1. I would like to know the status of Trains, Planes and BBQ in Tavares, FL. They sanctioned for three years but did they pay their 2015 Sanctioning Fees? If not, the contest needs to be removed from the calendar.
  1. Treasurer will verify if she has received payment for Dothan, Cocoa and Madeira Beach and call for a vote to for the board to approve if payment was received.

Tri-State Barbecue Festival, Dothan, AL

April 8 & 9, 2016

April 7 & 8, 2017

April 13 & 14, 2018

Historic Cocoa Village’s BBQ & Blues, Cocoa, FL

June 3 & 4, 2016

Baddest BBQ on the Bone, Madeira Beach, FL

June 17 & 18, 2016

June 16 & 17, 2017

June 15 & 16, 2018

  1. Met with FFA group in Haines City, FL, in behalf of E. J. Kraus, Lead Rep and FBA. They had an impromptu planning committee meeting and asked for us to be there. I have a separate email to attach with this report regarding this meeting. I was able to give them assistance in other areas of marketing, sponsorship, volunteer management, entertainment, etc…..

Note to Lead Rep, EJ Kraus; “As we know this was a meeting called only a week out so not a lot of the committee leaders were there. There were 7 people present including the FFA Director and the organizer, Jonathon Bartley.

The Director who was conducting the meeting did inform everyone about the complications with the FFA Board initially voting not to have the contest but after Jonathon wrote a lengthy letter about all the work they had done for the last six months for the contest and the reduction of the prize money from $15,000 to $10,000 they had a change of heart. Only three teams have signed up so far so they are notifying them of the change. I feel that for a contest their size that $10,000 is an average purse and will still attract the teams they need to be successful.

The Director also stated that several of their FFA Board members had heard about the problems FBA was experiencing including financial issues. He asked for a few words from me. I stated that the organization was trying to update the technology used including scoring software and website and that financial decision were made to strengthen their financial position.  I encouraged them to contact Steve Brumm, our new FBA President if they would like to discuss the leadership aspect of the organization. I spoke to them as a fellow organizer that the organization has outstanding Reps and trained judges and that is what affects an organizer. Reps and judges are solid and the teams will come and there is no reason why they can’t be successful with all of the things they are doing to provide for the contest and event. They were satisfied and are moving forward. I made sure they have all contact information. Told them that EJ would be guiding them for the needs of the contest and if there was anything else on the organizer side to please feel free to contact me. The meeting lasted about 2 ½ hours.

I stayed for the entire meeting offering advice and assistance with marketing, sponsorship, publicity, logistics, entertainment and so forth. I shared information and contacts from my events and even reached out to Chuck Carnesale for his helicopter ride vendor. I told Jonathon that we have a lot of great organizers that are always happy to share information to assist since we do not compete against each other.

 He would like to offer to any team who is attending World Food Championships the week before in Kissimmee to park their trailers on the property to compete in their contest the next weekend. I offered to help post this on Facebook pages to reach out to those teams. Encouraged him to contact you, EJ, as lead rep to send out correspondence through the FBA Support team to FBA members.

They are excited to move forward. They have a beautiful venue. Anything we can do to assist would be appreciated.”

Old Business:

  1. Status of Website Wink Yelverton
    1. How soon can we get a Beta site up for the members to see? “tomorrow” won’t do anything but the membership can go through it.
    2. When can we have it up and running? Wink – Can have it up and running tomorrow if we have a place to host it.   Gary – Scoring developer, Will, recommends that FBA get their own server and so FBA owns it.
    3. Priority listing of remaining work needed with cost estimates. There are no technical issues with incorporating the new website information into a new server.  total time paid time 10 to 15 hours @ $50.00 and 15 hours of volunteer time  Total $750.00.
    4. We need to move off of Will’s server and on to a virtual VPW server leased agreement with Blue Host. $14.95 per month.
    5. Who will take on maintaining the website? Will Cleaver will maintain long term website @ $200.00 monthly
    6. Can we get a proposal from Will for his costs?
    7. There are a lot of possible future enhancements to the website.
    8. There are marketing “plug in” and a Membership “plug in”. Wink recommends we decide what plug ins FBA wants and needs
    9. Can we wait until January 1st to begin the reimbursement process for Wink?

By November 1st FBA will have the new website up and running.  We will have added a merchandizing link and the membership module investigated.  The membership needs an outlet to voice their opinions on the website away from Facebook.  Possibly an FBA Forum?

Connie Washam made a motion to cover the costs of website integration up to $1,500. Robin Yelverton 2nd The motion carried unanimously.

President opened the meeting to listeners

Mac McLaughlin will not renew his membership if the website is not implemented.

  1. Café Press and/or method to sell Logo Items.
  2. 2015 Tavares Contest. We have not been paid for the 2015 Tavares Contest.  Robin Yelverton sent an invoice to Cheryl Fischel she said everyone in the City has either retired or left.

Lori Frazee Moved that the Tavares contest not be sanctioned for 2016 until 2015 is paid for. Kevin French 2nd

Motion passed unanimously.  Robin does not have a sanctioning agreement.

  1. Status of merchandise trailer. Merchandise trailer was sold and the rest of the merchandise was liquidated at the fun cook
  2. Smoke Bits – Connie Washam will take over the “Smoke Bits” once they are moved and settled in the new house.

 New Business

 Should Life Membership be awarded if a member has paid $750 in annual dues?  Table this until the next meeting based on single membership and family membership.

  1. Should corporate membership be granted as a matter of policy to someone who has donated merchandize equivalent to the cost of corporate membership? What is the value of the corporate in-kind donations.  Table this for next month.
  2. Cost of Restaurant Membership? Table this until next month so we can find the cost of a plaque.
  3. Should we establish some form of recognition/payment for the Fun Cook Organizer.

Jim makes a motion that the organizer gets paid what the lead rep fee for organizing the fun cook.  Kevin 2nd

motion carried unanimously

  1. Should we pay Reps mileage and per diem for the fun cook?
  2. Next year’s Fun Cook.  Organizer and where?  Table this
  3. Change sanctioning agreement to add: “This application will be acted upon at the next FBA BOD meeting.”  BOD disagrees with this procedure.
  4. Change procedure for appointment of Reps to allow the Vice President to appoint Reps as needed and Board approval to be done on the consent agenda at the next meeting.  Connie Washam made a motion to allow the VP to appoint Reps as needed. Pat Brannen 2nd, motion carried unanimously.  Motion carried unanimously.
  5. Discuss policy for dealing with contests that don’t pay sanctioning fee on time.
  6. Failure to make payment for the sanctioning fees or to provide proof of liability insurance will result in FBA sanctioning being rescinded and forfeiture of all fees paid by the contest organizer(s).
  7. FBA sanctioning fees must be received by the FBA 60 days prior to date of the co
  8. FBA Recommended payouts for contests. Approve formation of an Organizer’s Committee.
  9. Approve Don Fisher as chair of the Organizer’s Committee.
  10. Approve Kerry Ferrell as a member of the Organizer’s committee.

Lori Frazee move to approve the formation of the organizers committee with Don Fisher as chair and Kerry Ferrell.  Kevin French 2nd, the motion carried

Kevin French – Yes                              Jim Elser – Yes                      Lori Frazee – Yes  Pat Brannen – Yes

Robin Yelverton – Yes                        Connie Washam – No

President opened meeting up for listener comments

Louis Goldman: Regards the Tavares contest Bill Neron was the direct contact with the city.

Mac McLaughlin: Wants to know if we have noticed that prominent teams are not cooking FBA contests lately?  Also he will not renew his membership if the website is not up and running by December 1st.

Gary Washam: commented that the secretary now has a silent keyboard

Steve Carrington: thanks to Lori for allowing the FBA BOD to use her radio time.

 Next meeting: Monday, October 26 2015 at 8:00 PM  Call in number: 347-989-1121

Robin moved to adjourn, Jim Elser 2nd  Meeting adjourned 9:49 PM.

Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam