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FBA Board of Directors Minutes – July 2017

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

July 31, 2017 at 8:00 PM

 Present: Jim Elser, Robin Yelverton, Ben Purvis, Ed Shemanski, Steve Brumm, Matt Barber

Recorder: Connie Washam


Guests: Tim Giebeig, Alison Strachan, Jim Smith, Cullen Logan, Lou Goldman, Jim Bowe, Faithy Harris, Angela Iversen, Nick Wunder, Jerry Buchan, Dave Haskett, Doug Francis, Steve Carrington, Jim Dehne, Tom Walrath.

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 8:02

 Approve June minutes: Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the June minutes, Ben Purvis 2nd. Motion carried  unanimously.

 Business conducted by email: There was no official business conducted by email.

Financial ReportRobin Yelverton

PNC:     $19,015.12

Paypal: $13,208.79

Total:    $32,223.91

 Membership ReportConnie Washam

We are at the end of the June renewal cycle, there were over 370 memberships expiring 6/30/2017.  124 have expired, 25 are teams.  Reminder was sent June 15th and a final was sent July 1st.

Current number of active members is 813, 511 are judges.

New members, Family: Ira & Donna Kelly

Consent Agenda – President

  1. Approve Charles Golden replacement Rep for Valdosta.
  2. Approve Fort Myers 4/28/18, 4/27/19, and 4/25/20 contests

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the consent agenda, Matt Barber 2nd the motion.  the motion carried unanimously.

Cook Teams Committee – Ben Purvis: last month Ben was asked to query the teams about judges writing down their scores, teams were in favor of giving the judges their scores without letting them know whose samples they judged.

 Judges Committee – Louis Goldman:  The only thing for this month is the approval of the final judges handbook

 IT Committee – Gary Washam: Working with Will to implement action items as discussed with Jim Elser.  Is working to get all the pass words together.

  1. Upgraded our web cache and did diagnostic testing and it dramatically improved the responsiveness for judges signups. check with Bluehost to see if this can be resolved on their end.
  2. Moved the FBA.org domain from go daddy from will cleaver to our blue host server. All of our domains are all under FBA blue host
  3. FBA Auto signup sheets were made for Kissimmee and Zephyrhills
  4. We have one anomaly occurring on the Valdosta, GA. the removal link has disappeared but none of the others have it.  all other contests are working perfectly normal.
  5. Working with Will to correct algorithm for the sample routing per contest.

New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz: No Report

 Rep Committee –  Dennis Schmitz and Lorne Brumm: No Report

Marketing Committee – Matt Barber

He did contact Brett regarding putting SCA events and our events on their site.  waiting to hear back from him.

lot of responses back requesting their contest be the Florida state championship.

Matt would like to see upcoming contest links rotating on the front page of the FBA website.

Marketing strategy and Marketing brochure: put on hold and will start working on it again.  plans to condense it down to one page.

Fun Cook-Boys and Girls club is ready to go…

Jim Elser: Large company interested in being a part of the FBA.  As soon as he hears more he will pass it along to the marketing committee.

Old Business – President

  1. FBA handling the selection of judges, Kissimmee and Zephyrhills requesting to have FBA handle the judges sign ups.
  2. FBA Sanctioned Backyard events. (We’d like to see two full reps, and look at the rep-assistant) limit the contest to 24 teams. and cap the pay out.  Barbara Latimer confirmed that the Sonny’s Invitation is for Profession BBQ contests only.  Tasked Steve to write up the board discussion regarding numbers of teams in back yard.
  3. Judges Handbook Update. (are we removing the 2 year judges criteria? and are we going to allow the judges to write their scores down to see how they compared with the other judges at their table)
  4. Should judges be allowed to write down their scores for future reference. the BOD we should not allow the writing down of scores nor should they be given their judges number.
  5. Approve Revised Judges Handbook. Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the revised judges handbook on the condition that section IV. #7 be changed to read judges will be not allowed to write down their scores other than on their Official FBA score card. Ben Purvis 2nd the motion. Motion carried unanimously

Member input regarding writing down scores during a contest

Louis Goldman: it’s important to some of the judges who want to do a better job.  Cook team doesn’t get a call or examine their scores they blame the judges.  Granted very few are writing their scores down.  Believes table captains don’t have time to monitor those judges who are writing down their scores.

Jim Elser and Matt Barber: Is allowing the judges to write down their scores a compromise of the double blind system?

Nick Wunder: we should work very hard to get a new score

Tim Giebeig: there will be judges who will give a low score just so they will be able to identify their score

Lee Thompson: I have never written down my scores, but agrees that people will do an erroneous number so they can identify who they are.  as a cook he doesn’t want the detailed report to have less details.

Connie Washam: Any judge who would deliberately give lower scores, just so they could identify themselves on the contest detailed recap sheet, would undermine the trust of the teams and certainly would do nothing to improve themselves as a judge and should be removed from the judges roster.

Allison Strachan: before we get the process of a judges scorecard.  she is a new judge and has been writing her scores down for over a year.

Joe Theodorides: simplify the new judges scorecard.

  1. Allowing SCA events and links to be posted on the FBA website and our link posted on the SCA website. Matt is waiting to hear from Brett Gallaway.

New Business:

  1. Deadline to apply to hold a FBA State Championship. Ben Purvis made a motion that we set a deadline of August 31st for the FBA State Championship applications. Steve Brumm 2nd the motion. The motion carried unanimously.  A vote will be taken at the September meeting to determine and announce what contest will be the 2018 FBA  Florida State Championship contest.
  2. Purchase FBA membership pins and 50 Contests Judged pins

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the purchase $1,182. plus tax to purchase member pins as well as 50 contest pins. Ed Shemanski 2nd the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.

  1. Judges class discussion regarding judges class to be held at a Saturday contest. Steve Brumm thinks this is a great idea but the major problem is where do we put the class when we have the room that the organizer has set aside for judging.  The contest held in Perry, FL is a good contest for this experiment because there is the garden club room as well as the main room.   Possibly we could rent a tent for Apopka which is more centrally located.

The FBA judges training program will need to be restructured to accommodate the new experimental format.

  1. Membership cards and building the membership database can we assign someone else on the IT committee to work on this.

Comments from members:

Lou Goldman: just wants some clarification the hand book is approved with the provision that judges cannot write down their scores.

Joe Theodorides: As far as a tent, maybe FBA should look at purchasing a tent for judges class purposes.

The meeting adjourned at 9:42 PM

Next BOD meeting Monday, August 28, 2017 8:00 PM

Call in number 1-712-451-0294   Access Code: 184732