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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – June 2016

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

June 27, 2016 at 8:00 PM


Present: Steve Brumm, Lori Frazee, Jim Elser, Robin Yelverton, Kevin French

Absent: Pat Brannen,

Recorder: Connie Washam


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:08

Roll call to establish a quorum  All present except Pat Brannen, A quorum is established


Motion to approve the May minutes

Lori Frazee made a motion to Approve the May BoD meeting. Kevin French 2nd

the motion carried.  Pat Brannen absent


Business conducted by email


Proposed bylaw change

Section 6.  Voting:

Each individual member, restaurant member, corporate member, organizer member, and life member in good standing, are eligible to one vote per membership on each matter that is submitted to a vote of the members.  Each family membership in good standing, regardless of the number of family members is entitled to two votes on each matter that is submitted to a vote of the members.

Lori Frazee made a motion to approve the bylaw change as is written above.  Connie Washam 2nd

Lori Frazee – Yes                Connie Washam – Yes               Robin Yelverton – Yes               Kevin French – Yes

Pat Brannen – No Response             Jim Elser – No Response


Robin Yelverton made a motion to purchase Liability Insurance at a cost of $2,100.  Kevin French 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously


Article IV

Section 3- Election

Officers and Directors of the Association will be elected in accordance with these bylaws and guidelines set by the Board of Directors.  add: Two or more members of the same family shall not serve on the Board at the same time.

Lori Frazee moved to make the above change to the bylaws article IV, Section 3  Kevin French 2nd.

Lori Frazee – Yes                Kevin French – Yes                   Robin Yelverton – Yes  

Connie Washam – Yes         Pat Brannen – No response        Jim Elser – No Response


New Contest: Double T’s Smokin’ Showdown, sanctioning down payment of $75.00 has been received.

Connie Washam made a motion to sanction the new contest Double T’s Smokin’ Showdown to be held September 8-9, 2016 in Davenport, FL  Jim Elser 2nd  The motion carried unanimously


With satisfactory Rep in Training performance from Reps who worked with Connie Washam.

Jim Elser made a motion to approve Connie Washam as an FBA Contest Representative.  Robin Yelverton 2nd  The motions carried.

Jim Elser – Yes                   Pat Brannen – Yes        Robin Yelverton – Yes               Kevin French – Yes

Connie Washam – recues     Lori Frazee – No Response


Dennis Schmitz worked with Gary Washam for two contests training to become a Lead rep, Dennis believes Gary is ready to become our newest lead contest representative.

Jim Elser made a motion to approve Gary Washam as a Lead Contest Representative.  Kevin French 2nd  The motions carried

Jim Elser – Yes                   Robin Yelverton – Yes               Pat Brannen – Yes        Kevin French – Yes

Lori Frazee – No Response              Connie Washam Recues


Financial Status Report – Treasurer, Robin Yelverton

PNC –  $15,146.92

Paypal –  $4,883.50

Checks – $320.00 (Membership Renewals sent to Connie Washam)

Total –   $ 20,350.42


We have a couple of outstanding invoices to the trophy shop that will be paid this week – under 100.00.

Invoice just received from Will Cleaver for $452.00


Membership Report – Secretary, Connie Washam

A Get Well card was sent to Gayle Dimaggio on behalf of the BOD

Condolence card sent to Dawn Taylor.


Of 297 expiring memberships, 85 members have renewed so far.  of the 11 that were mailed out I have received 3 back.  a 2nd reminder will go out the first week of July and a final will go out the end of July.


New Members: David Stockman, Irene Marciniszyn, Tim Reynolds, Julius Piskor, Eugene Wilkins, Stefan Young, David Murphy (7)

Family: James & Karen Dunn

LIFE: Lee Thompson & Amanda Podlucky, Rick and Gayle Dimaggio, Tom and Karen Walrath (2)


Consent Agenda:

  1. Approve formation of a Reps Committee
  2. Approve members of Rep Committee: Bob Youngblood Chair, Dennis Schmitz, E.J. Kraus, Gary Washam

Connie Washam moved to approve the Consent Agenda, Jim Elser 2nd the motion carried


Committee Reports:

  1. Organizers Committee – Don Fisher: No Report
  2. Cooks Committee –Ben Purvis:

Rub is finishing up the school and doing his cooking class and when that is finished they will get together with the judges committee to determine taste and tenderness.

  1. Judges Committee – Louis Goldman:
  2. The Judges Committer would like to have the FBA scoring system (10 – 5) printed one next order of scoring cards. The list can be placed between the just name sticker and the space for the scores. This would allow judges to see the scoring numbers as they are doing their scoring. It would also eliminate the need for the 8 1/2 x 11 scoring sheet placed on each table.


  1. Consideration should be given to changing the description of the score of 5 from “could not find anything good about it at all” to “inedible”. While the former is very descriptive the latter would better fit on the scoring cards.


  1. Our committee has been requested to review the definition and criteria for judging taste and tenderness. This action stems from the Cook Teams Committee and it is our understanding that they are going to propose new verbiage. Our committee will comment on these changes after they are received from the Cooks Committee.


  1. Changes to the FBA Rep Qualifications, which were passed at the May BOD Directors meeting. This is a change in the rules that seriously affects the FBA judges. Being a Master Judge was removed and replaced with judging 5 contests – this eliminates variances given by the BOD and also encourages Reps training for cooking members – no problem. The requirements for cooking with a team was only 1 as required by being a Master Judge. Now the requirement is 5 cooks which is extremely onerous to the judges. What can a judge learn about being a rep in 5 cooks more than they can learn in one cook? Repping is about what happens in the judges area – Reps need a knowledge about cooking but mainly need know how to follow the rules and control the scoring, handle the turn-ins, and computerize the scores. Again, these changes were mainly cook team generated and not publicized to the members before the BOD meeting. The cook teams got what they wanted, why punish the judges who will now probably be the ones asking for a variance. We ask that , to be fair, that the BOD change the requirements to be a Rep from 5 cooks to 1 cook.


In addition, the Judge’s Committee was asked by Jim Frazee to comment on the potential changes in the selection of judges for the 2017 Sonny’s Invitational Contest. As presented by Jim, in the future years Sonny’s has the opportunity to become a major BBQ contest in the US and compete with the Jack which is sanctioned by KCBS.


The Jack has a certain percentage of celebrity judges, mostly from the media, who take a judging class before the contest and are then certified by KCBS. This contest sometimes being their first contest. Using media personnel insures KCBS of lots of printed copy.


What Jim is proposing is to have a certain percentage of the judges be experienced judges certified by BBQ Associations other than FBA.


As Dennis points out, all judges at an FBA contest have to be certified by FBA so there will have to be some way to certify non FBA judges before the contest. We have some time to work on that.


Of the committee members that responded to my request for comments on this issue – there was unanimous agreement that FBA work with Jim and the contest organizers to move forward with their concept for judges.


  1. New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz:
3/26/2016Titusville5/22/2016No reply to email inquiryOct-16
5/10/2016Palm Coast6/15/2016They are not interested in putting on aOct-16
contest-Want to have one come to area
5/30/2016Lake Park, FL5/30/2016Sent email-No response
6/2/2016Sent follow up email, no response, no16-Jul
phone number-wants event 10/2/2016
6/6/2016Jaguars5/31/2016Had a Telecon scheduled-they did notAug-16
follow through-sent a follow up email
No Response
6/6/2016Ft Gaines, GA6/6/2016Sent email, left voice mail-no response16-Aug
Currently has an event, wants to grow it
6/9/2016Davenport6/9/2016Contest already sanctioned


  1. IT Committee – Gary Washam:


Following are significant tasks worked and/or completed during the past month:


  • Website
    1. Continued trouble shooting security breakdown with Bluehost to resolve corrupt files – completed
    2. Updated most of the plugins to our website – currently have one compatibility problem with Event Tickets used to sell Judges Seminar tickets
    3. Updated the core WordPress structure to latest version – completed
    4. Updated REP page to include resignations, new personnel status, new shadow REP
    5. Updated Event Calendar with new events, updated information / event details
    6. Modified the Results page to include 7 digit score values identical to printed score packet
    7. Modified the Results page to display photos and full score packet on mobile devices
    8. Completed implementation of Chefworks link for culinary apparel shopping
    9. Continued adding core documents and forms to REP page to maintain common set
    10. Maintained TOTY and JOTY updated files
  • Scorecard
    1. No changes to core program operating from old website
    2. Began detailed testing of program on new website – found major problems – halted until Will Cleaver validates all files loaded for new site
  • Code Audit
    1. Identified two companies purported to support code audits (one was front for Russian SW engineers – dropped)
    2. Received quote from Nitro Mobile Solutions out of Tampa for $2000 (see attached quote)
    3. Need BOD review of Nitro quote and decision whether to proceed
    4. If so, NDA and contractual documents need to be prepared next
  • Table Assignment Function
    1. Developed draft functional specification for Scorecard Table Assignment Enhancement (STAE)  –  see attached
    2. Need BOD review of specification for content and fit to intended capability
    3. Need BOD approval to proceed to get quote for STAE implementation
  • REP Equipment
    1. Ida’s computer given to Bob Youngblood due to problems with his computer
    2. Cleaned problems from Bob Youngblood computer, updated to Windows 10 and tested with Scorecard – appears reliable
    3. Bob Youngblood’s MIFI returned to him after use at Cocoa Village
    4. The only REP without a set of IT equipment now is Mike Deming (will address at Fun Cook)
    5. Broadcast to all REPS the links where toner cartridges may be purchased for Samsung laser printers
    6. We now have one extra MIFI which I have in my possession – will send/take to contests to ensure we have backup WIFI access for Scorecard access
    7. Verizon MIFI usage for the past month was well below our monthly aggregate quota of 3.5GB


We need to consider establishing a set monthly IT support contract with BBQ-Scores (Will Cleaver) to provide maintenance, problem solving support to website and Scorecard software that would make our expenditures for IT support more predictable.  New enhancements would continue to be billed at his hourly rate subject to BOD approval or IT Chairman approval up to a set value.  Having a fixed monthly fee contract would provide FBA with more hours of support when needed and a more stable cost that would help keep budget within predicted values.  Will Cleaver is providing 10-20 hours per month of phone consultation support and trouble-shooting assistance now but only billing.


Old Business:

  1. Status of Website – When will it be totally finished?
  2. Authorize Gary Washam to solicit quotes for the following. No further action is authorized.   These quotes are for information only.  No funds shall be expended until the web site is totally complete.
  3. Automate the table selection by the following criteria:
  4. # of contests judges
  5. Equality of genders
  6. Partners, spouses, friends kept off same table
  7. Automate the box routing from turn in table to trays
  8. No cook team’s box to the same table twice during the same contest.


  1. Judge tracking – secondary quote, but other items need to be compatibles with turning this on in the future, should we need to wait.
  2. Request the Cook’s Committee and the Judge’s Committee to review the judges’ handbook and update the definitions and criteria for judging tenderness and appearance.
  3. Authorize the IT Committee to research the availability and cost of a code audit for the web site
  4. JOTY and TOTY payouts.

Must be an FBA member in good standing from Fun cook to Fun cook.

  1. $2,000. 2. $1,000.       3.  $500.          4.  $400.          5.  $350.         
  2. 300.        7.       250.       8.    200.          9.    125.          10.  100.

Grand Total, $4,875.

Robin Yelverton attempted to make a motion to approve the Team of the Year payout  and the board reserves the right to change, etc… rather than leave it up to interpretation, Robin Withdrew the motion.  and will send a proper motion and the BOD will vote on it by email.


  1. Status of restaurant membership awards, life membership plaques, etc. Rick Dimaggio will order the badges and Connie Washam will order Restaurant frames & Certificates, and Life Membership Plaques and Perfect Score plaques.
  2. Based on comments from the membership, change proposed bylaws change to read and resend to membership: Two will go to the membership as initially proposed.


Section 3- Election

  1. Officersand Directors of the Association will be elected in accordance with these bylaws and guidelines set by the Board of Director
  2. Two or more members of the same family shall not serve on the Board at the same time. Family shall be defined as living under the same roof, cohabitating, or related by blood or marriage as spouses, sons, daughters, brothers or sisters.

Lori Fraze Made a motion to accept the proposed definition of ‘family member’ Robin Yelverton 2nd, the motion             carried


New Business:

  1. Request to hold judges seminar at Oviedo contest in 2017.

Lori Frazee made a motion to approve a judges seminar at the Oviedo BBQ contest.  Kevin French 2nd.  The       motion carried


  1. Waiver to use non-FBA judges at Sonny’s Invitational.

The one sentence concerning judges at the Sonny’s Invitational will serve as an entry point for discussion.  What we are proposing is a designated % of invited judges from key associations at each table nominated by their group and approved by the judging coordinator.  We expect these judges will be the most experienced with multiple association certifications as are many of the FBA selected judges.  This is an attempt to provide the most diversity of experience that would match the selection of teams from the U.S, Europe, Canada and the islands.


I would foresee up to three VIP judges per table and a potential of 12 tables in 2017.  The number would be between 24 and 36 total out of 84 judges with FBA judges occupying three seats + TC at each table.


The 2016 event FBA judges were 95% masters with many of those individuals certified in two to six associations.  The resulting scoring and winners indicated a good coverage of teams by the judges.  The 2017 selection would increase that diversity and provide even more spread to potentially include several judges from Europe, the islands and Canada which would be KCBS certified and experienced in the four meat judging.


Each selected judge would receive a detailed description of FBA judging practices comparing those practices with the added host associations.  We can also provide on-site training if necessary to fine tune their abilities.  This is equivalent to the team mentors that were provided in 2016 to assist visiting teams with any and all necessities required to level the competition field.


Please consider this proposal for the Sonny’s Invitational, January 2017.  I truly feel that this mix will provide a special experience for our FBA judges while increasing team confidence that Sonny’s is going the extra mile to provide the best possible judging team.


Jim Frazee

Judging Coordinator

Sonny’s Smokin’ BBQ Showdown 2017 Invitational


Lou Goldman: thinks it would be ok

Ben Purvis: Wants to make sure we are working with Sonny’s Invitation and we want to have them 100% on board with it.  The Sonny’s Invitational

Jim Frazee: will begin selecting judges the beginning of September.  The quality of judges will be excellent.  All familiar with the four meat categories.  they are wanting to grow this contest.

Bob Youngblood: feels this will not be a problem if T/C are hand picked and 3 FBA judges at each table


Lori Frazee moved that non-certified FBA judges will be allowed to judge at the Sonny’s Invitational Only Connie Washam 2nd. Kevin French moved to table for an email vote later 



  1. Request from Valdosta for FBA to cut prize checks for their contest. If they make the payout it is not in keeping with the Georgia Gaming Laws.  Our pro bono attorney saw nothing illegal about them doing their payouts or FBA doing the payouts.  All other BBQ events GBA, KCBS the organizer writes the checks.

Robin Yelverton made a motion that FBA not write the checks for the Valdosta BBQ Contest, Lori Frazee 2nd.  the motion has carried


  1. Request to make Mulberry the State Championship for 2017. (see attached letter)


To the Board of Directors of the Florida BBQ Association,

The Mulberry Fine Swine at the Pit BBQ has been sanctioned by the Florida BBQ Association for well over a decade.  We strive each year to improve the event and look for ways to streamline all the hard work that goes into a BBQ competition.

We, the Mulberry Fine Swine, have had favorable reviews from our FBA Reps each year.  We look forward to the comments and reviews and use them to organize the competition in a more efficient (and fun) way. Making sure that all of our cook teams and judges/Reps are made to feel at home here at the Fine Swine is a priority to us.

The Fine Swine BBQ had the privilege of being the FBA Florida State Championship in 2013. It was a great learning experience and we would be honored to be chosen again. We have grown significantly in the years since then and with the support of the FBA, feel that we would do an excellent job for the FBA Florida State BBQ Championship for 2017. We believe that we meet all the criteria listed for being eligible to host this Championship cook. We can accommodate more than 40 teams, have been sanctioned for more than 3 years, and have had favorable reviews from our Reps.

The Mulberry Fine Swine at the Pit BBQ would like to thank the Board of Directors for the FBA in advance for considering us for the 2017 FBA Florida State Championship.

Yours Truly,

Bonnie Titus

President, Mulberry Fine Swine at the Pit, Inc.


The 2017 State Championship was already assigned to the Old Apopka Outdoor Festival.  Steve will advise with the Mulberry Fine Swine Organizer.


  1. Request to make Oviedo the State Championship for 2018.


Dear Florida Bar B Que Association,

I am requesting that Central Florida’s BBQ Blowout in Oviedo, FL, be the 2018 State Championship for Florida. Oviedo had its first year contest in 2013. 2018 will be our 6th year for the contest.

I realize 2017 was already promised to Apopka, FL. So I was asked to wait for the following year.

Thank you for your consideration.

All the best,

Angela Iversen

Contest Organizer

Central Florida’s BBQ Blowout


Connie Washam has made a motion that we make the Central Florida BBQ Blowout the 2018 State Championship for Florida.  Jim Elser 2nd.  Motion carried.


Final comments:

Tim Giebeig – need to change wording of who can sit together at the judging tables.

Lou Goldman – I have 3 items.  on the Sonny’s Invitational I’m not sure … will there be some type of a class for them on the FBA rules?  Anything that comes up to the BOD that concerns the Judges Committee please include us in the decision process.  We bring the items to the BOD how can we get action on certain items.


Kevin French moved to adjourn Lori Frazee 2nd vote by hanging up

Meeting adjourned at: 9:28 PM


Next meeting: July 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM EDT via Teleconference. Call in number: 347-989-1121

Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam