Judges Scores

This web page is a resource for judges to evaluate their performance using actual contest scores and calculated deviations. It is intended to be a tool for judges to improve consistency in their judging.  Below is a list of contest links which provide direct access to the contest score analysis.  The spreadsheet includes each judge’s scorecard #, their average scores for the entries they judged in that category and the average scores for all judges on that table.  Deviations are calculated between the judge’s averages and the table average.

Scores that are more than .5 above the average are highlighted in YELLOW. Scores that are more than .5 below the average are highlighted in RED.

Any judge wanting to know their specific judge’s card numbers can send an email request to Gary Washam or Ed Shemanski and they will be provided with their four card numbers that connect them to four specific judge’s averages in the spreadsheet.

This is an interim program for now in the period before actual Scorecard data is linked to a membership database on the FBA website that would enable judges to log into the website and get their own score results for each contest they judge.

Judge feedback is encouraged to the Judges Committee regarding the value and content of this data and approach. Send feedback directly to Lou Goldman.

08/20/17 Valdosta

09/23/17 Perry

10/01/17 Dothan

10/07/17 Odessa

10/14/17 Mulberry-PRO

10/14/17 Mulberry-BY

10/28/17 Apopka-PRO

10/28/17 Apopka-BY

11/18/17 Jacksonville