FBA Board of Directors Elections – 2019


This year there are four board positions up for reelection; President, Secretary and two Director seats. For the Director seats the two nominees with the most votes will be considered the winners. Listed below are the people nominated to run for those positions.

Since the President and Secretary positions are being sought by only one individual each and unopposed, they will be automatically elected by acclimation.

About November 11, 2019 a sample ballot will be made available to the membership. The voting will be done online. Actual voting will open on December 1, 2019 and all votes must be in by midnight, December 10, 2019. Terms begin on January 1, 2020.


Ben Purvis

I am nominating myself for the position of President of our Florida BBQ Association. I have been a member for around 10 years. During this time I have spent the last 4 years as part of our BOD. One year as head of the cook team committee, one year as a director, and the last
two years as your President.

During my time as a director I have had the privilege of working with some great people. I was able to work with many teams and judges to rewrite judging procedures detailing exactly how each meat should be judged. As your President their have been many high and even a few low points. As for highs we have added many new contest. We have made adjustments to judge selection to make it as fair as possible. We are finishing up reworking our judge training procedures to bring them up to date and should have it finalized before the posting of this
announcement. I am especially proud to have personally got to work with several very large groups to add BBQ events. These include Guy Harvey, NFL HOF John Offerdaul, and still work with the NFL to host a possible event at the All Star game. There is more potential partnerships that we are working on and hope to announce soon. We have also added a Backyard division giving many newer teams more opportunities to compete. I feel this is the next level of teams stepping up to the Pros as they perfect their skills.

After a lot of consideration of what we have accomplished in the past few years. I have decided to run for another term. The main reason I have made this choice is to make sure we take advantage of the opportunities that are approaching. We are close to working deals that
would put the FBA in the national spotlight. I also have talked with several people about helping grow the sport of BBQ by working with high schools across Florida to build a high school bbq league right here in Florida.

All of the above is what we have accomplished and what we hope to accomplish but this is not why I am asking for your vote. I am asking because there are times when things get tough and hard decisions must be made. We have had 3 such occasions in the past 2 years. I do promise to do what I feel is best for the FBA. I will never put my personal agenda or the agenda of my friends ahead of the FBA as a whole. Sometimes feelings will be hurt but at the end of the day you can be assured that I will fight for everyone. Please feel free to ask questions of myself and all of the people who chose to run for a position. Find those whose heart is in the right place and will best represent you. Then most importantly VOTE. I can be reached at cedarcreekbbq@live.com and be happy to discuss the future of our organization.


John Solomon

I am nominating myself, John Solomon for the secretary position on the Florida BBQ Association Board of Directors. I have been a member of The FBA starting back in 2009 as a competitive cook team. I currently am the Organizer of the Butts & Clucks Cook-Off in Apalachicola. I am the Executive Director of the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce as well as the Director of the Franklin County Tourist Development Council.  I also have been president of the Florida Seafood Festival for 15 years. Before my current career I worked for the Franklin County Sheriffs Office for 20 years. During that time I held many positions from correctional officer, evidence officer and IT director. I am strong believer in volunteerism and would be honored to be the Florida BBQ Association Secretary and Board member for the next two years.

I support a strong transparent board of directors. I am firm believer of the FBA as an organization. I would be a strong advocate for improved judges and team relationships.  As well as would like to be part of a Organizers Committee to assist and be a support system to organizers for new and old contests alike. As the FBA board it should be our responsibility to help contests promote their events and I am willing use the knowledge I have gained in marketing and promotion to help benefit any and all contest the FBA sanctions.
I would appreciate your support in my aspirations to volunteer to be the FBA secretary.


Steve Brumm (Incumbant)

You have all seen my leadership and management style which are my primary qualifications to run again.  I am a retired Air Force officer with some of the finest management training in the world under my belt: USAF Command and Staff School and Navy War College. After the Air Force, I spent 22 years as a college Professor/Administrator.  My primary field was forensic science (CSI) and I have a Master’s Degree in Forensic Toxicology from the University of Florida. During that time, I was a part time police officer and retired with the rank of Lieutenant. I currently volunteer as a school resource officer with the Bay District Schools on a part time basis.

 I spent twelve years, including a year as President, on the Bay Arts Alliance which is the umbrella organization for the Arts in our area and manages a civic center and an art center. I just left that position due to term limits.  I am currently on the Board of Directors of the local Habitat for Humanity and have served for five and a half years. During my tenure with Habitat for Humanity our budget has grown from about $200,000 a year to over two million dollars this year.  We just dealt with repairing 52 Habitat homes that were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Michael and have repaired another 50 homes that were not Habitat homes. The net result is one hundred plus families that again have a safe, dry place to live.

Chris Warren

I have been involved with the FBA and in December will be going into my third year.  I have been the pitmaster for Going Yard BBQ for the last two years and have cooked mostly a full time schedule.  I am also a certified judge with FBA.  I think that I will bring to the BOD a sense of fairness and understanding of the rules of the FBA. I also will bring a level of integrity that is most important to the FBA organization and help to set an example the BOD must exemplify.  In my professional life, I travel the State of Florida and can help be an ambassador for FBA if directed by the BOD.  I understand the dedication that is required for this position and would like the opportunity to elevate my role within this great organization.

Joel Norred

I, Joel Norred, hereby nominate myself for the board position currently held by Lou Goldman for the upcoming elections to the Board of Directors of the FBA.

If elected, I will work to enhance and encourage positive interaction between all Members, Cook Teams, Contest Judges, Contest Representatives and the FBA Board of Directors. I believe we can all work together to make current sanctioned contest and judges training better for all. In addition, I will work with all to develop new contests which will enhance future growth and development of the FBA.

I have been a member and participating in FBA events since 2009. My participation has been as a professional competition cook on the 10-4 BBQ team and now as head cook with Pogy Road Q.  I completed Judges Class in 2009 and have attended 3 professional competition cook schools. Working, cooking and interacting with the cook teams and FBA Judges has been a focus of my past 10 years.

I would very much appreciate you support for this important position. If you have questions you can contact me at joelnorred@fairpoint.net

Jim Douglas

It is my honor to run for one of the vacant positions on the Board of Directors. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the very capable officers and reps of the FBA on various projects.

I am the owner and Broker of my own real estate brokerage and have always believed in giving back. I serve as a member of the local Realtor association Profession Standards Committee and previously served as a statewide Director in setting policy for the various Realtor associations in the state. I, also, am proud to be a retired senior Army officer.

My wife, Anne Marie, are currently both CBJs getting close to obtaining our MBJ certifications. I am, also, a member of KCBS and MBN which allows me to gain a different perspective on BBQ judging and how different organizations are run.

As a member of FBA, I believe that some of the major challenges facing us are membership retention, loss of contests, and the “cooks vs judges” attitude that unfortunately seems to prevail. I will be the first to admit that I don’t have the magical solution to solving these
problems but they all need to be positively addressed for the FBA to continue its forward progress.

When the FBA has asked for volunteers to help out in various areas, I have stepped forward to help as much as I can. I am currently serving on the Sanctioning Committee and am working with two potential organizers for new contests next year. This year’s annual Fun Cook needed
an organizer so I volunteered to help make it a success for the members and the cook teams. In this capacity, I am fortunate to have the assistance and guidance of reps and cook team leaders to make this possible.

Since I am not a team cook, I was fortunate to be able to do my MBJ required team cook last year with Tillman’s Barbecue. Spending the weekend with Tillman Lee Nelson gave me a new appreciation for what the cook teams do and go through to prepare to compete.

I will very much appreciate your vote and support as a new Director to help the FBA continue its current progression to one of the best associations in the country.


Brian Coleman

Inline image

Brian Coleman
Wife – Dana Coleman
Children – Noah (14) Graham (6)
40 years old
Employed by City Electric Supply (Sales)
Cooking competitively for 5 years
Hobbies/Interests – Camping, golf, traveling, cooking

Rob Dopp

Here is a little info about me. My name is Rob Dopp and I have been married to my beautiful wife for 22 years and we have a son. I was born and raised in Apopka, Fl. and I own a landscape company. We live in Altamonte Springs.

I have been in BBQ for about 4 years now. I compete on two teams, Rum Runners BBQ and The Shed BBQ competition team.

The reason I want to be a rep is that I want to be more involved in BBQ outside of competing.


Joe Marcei

I have over 36 years of sales and marketing experience and served on the GOBA (Greater Orlando Builders Association) Board of Directors for 6 years. I was Chairman of their Design Council for two years and served as Secretary of the Mid-Florida Home Builders Charity Foundation. I am a AIA CES trainer, educating Architects and Designers on Industry Products.

I served for 6 year as a trustee to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) prestigious Leading Suppliers Council (LSC), which oversees the NAHB’s involvement in the New American Home, built annually and was its Co-Chairman for 1 term.

I am currently the Chairman of the Board of MBGC Charitable Foundation ( Give Local Love) serving charities in the Central Florida Area..

BBQ Industry Qualifications:

I am currently a Certified BBQ judge for the Florida BBQ Association, The Kansas City BBQ Association, and the Steak Cook-Off Association. I am the Head Pit Master for Whiskey Church BBQ, a 4-member Back Yard Division Team, whom will be competing for Team of the Year in the up-coming 2020 campaign.

I am a partner in a Catering business and have a 2 day a week restaurant located at Castle Church Brewery in Southeast Orlando serving an American BBQ/Asia Fusion menu which allows me to cook competition BBQ on a weekly basis. I also conduct food pairings of BBQ and Castle Church Beer and conduct ½ day Basics of Back Yard BBQ grilling classes where I promote BBQ and the industry.

I would look forward to helping The Florida BBQ Association grow its position within the industry, increase its corporate and general membership, and promote our BBQ competitions to a larger group of potential competitors.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.