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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – August 2016

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

August 29, 2016 at 8:00 PM


Present: Steve Brumm, Lori Frazee, Pat Brannen, Jim Elser, Kevin French, Robin Yelverton


Recorder: Connie Washam

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:04 PM

Lori moved to approve the July minutes.  Robin 2nd  motion carried

Business conducted by email – Connie Washam

Connie Washam made a motion that Jim Elser make the TOTY trophies at a cost of $25.00 per trophy with a grand total of $250.00.  Pat Brannen 2nd.   The motion Carried

Connie Washam – Yes       Pat Brannen – Yes        Robin Yelverton  – Yes            Kevin French – Yes

Jim Elser – Abstain             Lori Frazee – No Response


Robin Yelverton made a motion to allow Dawn Taylor attend the FBA Judges seminar at no cost.  Kevin French 2nd.  the motion carried.

Robin Yelverton – Yes                   Kevin French – Yes      Connie Washam – Yes Jim Elser – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                           Pat Brannen – No response


Jim Elser made a motion to cancel the  Fun Cook due to lack of cook team participation.  Pat Brannen 2nd.  the motion carried.

Jim Elser – Yes       Pat Brannen – Yes        Lori Frazee – Yes                     Connie Washam – Yes

Robin Yelverton – no response                  Kevin French – withdrew his vote


Financial Status Report – Treasurer, Robin Yelverton

I have prepared mail with stamps will drop in the box tomorrow morning.

I have mailed all Rep checks for Valdosta – yes Dennis I corrected your zip code.

I have mailed all checks back (un-cashed) to those folks that wanted to participate in the Fun Cook – Dawn had sent them to me for deposit.  I included a letter thanking them for supporting the FBA and the funcook and looking forward to a new year and a great Fun cook in 2017.


I have paid Oscar Friedman for our taxes for 2015. (he just sent the invoice)


I deposited several checks that were buried on my desk.  And here is the Treasurer report for tomorrow night


Current Balances

PNC – $22,361.03

Deposits Pending $1685.00

Checks outstanding (not cleared) $1770.62

Total $22,275.41

Paypal $890.31

Grand Total $23,165.72


We still have The Flamingo income and expenses as follows

Sanction fees $775.00 – $50.00 (deposit – paid $150 for a three year sanction 8/3/2016)=$725.00 – Lead Rep $200.00, Rep $150.00, Rep $150.00, Rep $150.00 = $75.00


We also have Lake City income and expenses as follows

Sanction fees $625.00 – $75.00 (deposit)=$550.00 – Lead Rep $200.00, Rep $150.00, Rep 150.00 = $50.00


We also have Perry

Sanction fees $625.00 – $75.00 (deposit)=$550.00 – Lead Rep $200.00, Rep $150.00, Rep 150.00 = $50.00


So for all the above fees coming and going and all the hard work we have a net gain of $175.00.  I think it is time we evaluate this because this is a place where we could maximize our budget.  I want to point out (I am sure it will be unpopular) that if what I have been told is true – REPs are paid from the FBA and they get hotel, meals and mileage – we need to examine that closely.  Is this expense to organizers why we are losing contests?  So a REP goes to a contest and has no expense liability?  Judges have to pay to come there and get nothing but some great food.  Cook teams come and spend at a minimum $750.00 (entry fees and cheap meat) and mileage to get there and most times win nothing.  I think as a board we need to look at this closely.  I am not slamming any one group but it bears discussing.  These questions will be coming from the membership – I can assure you.  With this being said – REPs have a hard job but this might be one reason the organizers are going with a different sanctioning body.


There may be some other small receipts from the fun cook that have not been sent to me but I am unaware of any others.


The above includes paying the $500.00 for meat to be cooked for the Judging Seminar in Perry.


Membership Report – Secretary, Connie Washam

753 members

115 have not renewed.  17 family, 20 teams, only two of the Teams are Family members.  Although several members opted out of the FBA Blast communication, I sent the last two reminders from my FBA email address as opposed to the blast option.

Would the board like me to send one last renewal notice to the teams only and explain the new TOTY payout and membership rules.  Are we going to honor those teams who wait 3 months to renew during the upcoming December renewal season.

Because of the cancellation of the Fun Cook, the TOTY year should be given a tangible date run from September 1st through August 31st and will need to have continuous current membership or contest they participate in while not renewed will not count.  how will we determine this.


New Members: David Yates Jr., Chad McDaniel, Doug Driscoll, Earnest Hall

Family: Tim & Pam Wingfield, Danny & Julie Evans,

Get well card sent to Gayle Dimaggio

Condolence cards sent to the Hallenbeck family and Bill McBride.


Consent Agenda: Board of Directors

Approve buying frames for corporate member certificates

Approve the Planes, Trains and BBQ contest in Tavares, FL to be held 4/22/2017

Lori frazee moved to approve the consent agenda Robin Yelverton 2nd, the motion carried unanimously


Committee Reports:

  1. Organizers Committee: At this point there are three major concerns.  The first is the selection of judges and how it could be simplified for it is a huge thorn in their side.  Next everyone would like to see the FBA website completed.  Finally there have been folks who expressed concern over the lack of contest and the ones that are canceling.


2..  Cooks Committee: Ben Purvis: to Steve and Bob

With all due respect I can’t give my support at this time.  All we are asking for at this time  is to check into what it would cost.  I agree that the process has worked but sometimes perception really hurts us.  There has been some hard feelings ever since the change in the previous board members.  Some of the people involved are Reps and some are cook teams. Luckily I wasn’t involved and have tried to stay neutral in this matter.  I have tried to be a voice of reason and keep everyone focused on being positive.  I am not suggesting that any one has or would do something to hurt a team but I do feel it would be possible.  Something as simple as pre routing boxes to table using a number then adding names later could help resolve these feelings.  ( I don’t know if I explained that to where you understand but I Would be glad to talk more about it at the meeting or before on the phone yo better explain if wanted ).  I personally would like to see this board get prices so that we know what the cost would be and then decide what to do.  Again I trust our Reps 100% or I would not be competing but modernizing our system could take away some work for our Reps allowing them to focus on other duties.


Matt Barber: re: routing, my sister does database and annalytics for publix and she said it would be about $400. $500. for her to write something.  Is this open to other people for quotes.  Steve Brum: Yes, please have her send an email proposal

Kevin French:  Use PHP to write it up for

Jim Elser: Buddy of his is a programmer and he seems to think he can write up a simple program for routing  boxes.  thinks he can get something in the next week

Ben Purvis:  I think the BOD is on the right track and the idea of entertaining other proposals.  with 750 members we should be able to come up with something.

Bob Youngblood: the rep committee feels that sending it out for other quotes for pennies, we’ll look at it and reviews it.  Steve will send out an email blast for any and all quotes

Louis Goldman: he is happy with the way the judging is going and sees no reason to change it.

Dennis Schmitz: I think regarding these RFPs we want a system that eliminates errors.  if we have to go out and buy an add on program we are asking for more human error.  the existing system has worked for many years.  We have a triple check system in place to be sure the rouging is proper.  The only time we don’t have proper routing and if it is wrong someone has not done their job properly.  we need to make sure we take out the human element.  someone has to input the data.  someone has to be sure it’s all done right.  all the automation in the world is not going to improve human error.

Lori Frazee quoting a listener; It’s not about a triple checking it’s about the possibility of a rep taking a box and put it on a bad table.

Steve Brumm: has talked to a lot of organizations and we have several teams that are going around saying that our contests are rigged this is possibility something that could be costing us contests.  There is a procedure for bringing a perceived problem to the rep and the Vice President.  We need to find out who those reps are and if the team feels like they cannot come and express their issue, we have a real problem


  1. Rep Committee: Bob Youngblood

It is the unanimous decision of the Reps Committee that we NOT spend any money to automate Rep duties.  It has worked as is with near perfect accuracy and for no cost.  It also enables last minute variations when teams decide not to submit for a given category.  Even automation of boxes being routed will not eliminate the human error factor of actually putting it on the correct tray.  Instead, why not have the checking Rep initial (vs check mark) at the bottom of the routing sheet creating ownership of this task.


3  Judges Committee – Louis Goldman: No Report


  1. New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz:
Date Notified Contest Location Date Contacted Action/Status Follow up
2/23/2016 Chattahoochee 4/6/2016 2017 possible contest Dec-16
Nothing new
2/24/2016 Marianna 6/15/2016 No change in status-waiting for upgrades
in venue, new organization 16-Dec
Nothing new
2/26/2016 Mims 5/14/2018 Plans on hold for 2016 10/1/2016
Hope to have someone at the Mims
Mullet Festival Oct 1 to touch base
Nothing new
3/26/2016 Titusville 5/22/2016 No reply to email inquiry Oct-16
Nothing new
5/10/2016 Palm Coast 6/15/2016 They are not interested in putting on a Oct-16
contest-Want to have one come to area
Will not contact any further
5/30/2016 Lake Park, FL 5/30/2016 Sent email-No response
6/2/2016 Sent follow up email, no response, no 16-Jul
phone number-wants event 10/2/2016
16-Jul Sent email-No response
12-Aug Sent email-No response 16-Sep
6/6/2016 Jaguars 5/31/2016 Had a Telecon scheduled-they did not Aug-16
follow through-sent a follow up email
No Response
13-Aug Sent email-No response 16-Sep
6/6/2016 Ft Gaines, GA 6/6/2016 Sent email, left voice mail-no response 16-Aug
Currently has an event, wants to grow it
No response 16-Sep
6/9/2016 Davenport 6/9/2016 Contest already sanctioned
16-Aug Winter Haven 8/16/2016 Received notification from Pop Marshall
and Gary Washam that two people at
Citrus Boys/Girls wanted info- contacted
both-awaiting answer 24-Aug
8/17/2016 Pompano 8/18/2016 Sent email and started process 24-Aug


Fun Cook: Cancelled, only 6 teams signed up to participate


Old Business:

  1. Authorize Gary Washam to solicit quotes for the following. No further action is authorized.   These quotes are for information only.  No funds shall be expended until the web site is totally complete.
  2. Automate the table selection by the following criteria: Sent to Will
    1. # of contests judges
    2. Equality of genders
    3. Partners, spouses, friends kept off same table
  3. Automate the box routing from turn in table to trays $3,750
    1. No cook team’s box to the same table twice during the same contest.
  4. Judge tracking – secondary quote, but other items need to be compatible with turning this on in the future, should we need to wait. Waiting for quote from Will.
  5. Request the Cook’s Committee and the Judge’s Committee to review the judges’ handbook and update the definitions and criteria for judging tenderness and appearance.
  6. Authorize the IT Committee to research the availability and cost of a code audit for the web site $2,000.  Or $2,100.   Can this be done in house by E.J?


New Business:


  1.   Elections:  Nominations shall be accepted by the Secretary from September 12, 2016 until October 11, 2016.  Each nominee shall provide a brief paragraph summarizing their qualifications and plans for the FBA’s future as well as a head and shoulders photograph.  Each nominee shall also state which Board position they are running for.  Individuals running for President and Vice President must have served at least one prior term on the Board.

The Secretary shall maintain the nominations and cause them to be posted on the Web Site as the come in.

The Chairman of the IT Committee shall provide a page on the Web Site for nominations to be posted.  He shall also determine a secure means of voting online.

The Board of Directors shall approve the actual ballot which will include the nominees and the three Bylaws amendments that have been approved by the Board.

The Secretary shall send every eligible member a copy of the ballot and voting instructions immediately prior to November 14, 2016.   The Secretary shall provide those members not having an email address the information by mail and enclose a self- addressed envelope.

Electronic voting shall be open from November 14, 2016 until midnight eastern time on December 13, 2016.  Mail voting must be postmarked no later than midnight on December 13, 2016.

For each of the officer positions, the member with the most votes shall be the winner.  For the three Director positions, the three persons with the highest amount of votes shall be the winner.

New terms of office shall start on January 1, 2017.

Lori Frazee made a motion to adopt the procedures and timing for the upcoming election.  Pat Brannen 2nd.  Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Authorize Gary Washam to set up the same election program that we had last year. It worked well and the cost will be zero.
  2. Determine date and place for the general meeting: Possibly Double T’s in Davenport on September 10. We would have to waive the 30 day notice but the location looks good.

David Haskett: Why don’t we plan a meeting on Labor Day at a meeting room somewhere.

Robin Yelverton: What about Jacksonville?  Let’s poll the membership to see what location would work.

David Haskett: has no problem holding the general meeting in Jacksonville.

Jim Elser: Has no problem with Lake City or Davenport.  Will post a poll on FB to see what members would prefer for the general meeting Lake City, Davenport, Jacksonville or Mulberry.

  1. Discussion of the Fun Cook.

Pat Brannen was surprised to have so little support, because the event was on the calendar for 5 months… The Fun Cook has always been on the Labor Day weekend since the beginning.

Steve Brumm: had over 150 emails that we have done the right thing.


Pat Brannen made a motion that we all purchase the toners from Kevin French’s source.  Lori Frazee 2nd.  The motion carried

We are a 501C3 and we have to support a charity.  (“Correction, FBA is a 501C7 which is a Social Club.  ORC 501 condensed “Organized for pleasure, recreation, and other non profitable purposes.  Generally, social clubs are membership organizations primarily supported by dues, fees, charges or other funds paid by their members”.  Nothing in the code or description says FBA has to support any charity)  It was proposed that we support Operation BBQ Relief.  The amount that was suggested was $600.  At one time, OBR was the FBA designated charity.  The last time we donated was 2013, we can’t back up for 2014, 2015.  It is suggested we give $600. for each year for a total of $1,800.

Robin Yelverton made a motion that we donate $1,800. toward Operation BBQ Relief.  Lori Frazee 2nd.  the motion carried unanimously.


Member Comments.

John Kelly: make sure we let Dawn Taylor know how much we appreciate the work they put in and how much we appreciate the efforts to make it work.

Dennis Schmitz: comments regarding the fun cook regarding contests regarding why some contests make it and some don’t  make it.  he is very familiar with the stresses that go along with any given contest to make it successful  points out Kerry Farrell, Angela Iverson, Dawn Taylor, Bobby Bickley etc.

Why did we move it from Clermont?  There is no money in the Fun Cook and we struggled to get 20 to 28 teams.  those who participated were there to have fun.  You can’t legislate when a contest is going to be successful.  we were really sacked on the, Clerbrook, venue and it cost us because we had to pay for all unused slots.  Dawn offered Lake City and the lovely sites.  He feels we did the members a dis-service to those who had planned to attend.  the judges do not show up just to pilfer BBQ.  Yes some teams are in it for the glory and the money but most are in it as a hobby.  Just my two cents in that just because it was in Perry didn’t mean it would have been unsuccessful.  there are other venues

Lou Goldman: We will have to waive the 30 day notice to the membership about the location and date of the general meeting.

Kevin French made a motion to adjourn.  all in favor hang up.

Meeting adjourned at: 9:32 PM


Next meeting: September 26, 2016 at 8:00 PM EDT via Teleconference. Call in number: 347-989-1121

Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam