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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – July 2015

Florida BBQ Association
Board of Directors meeting
Minutes: July 27, 2015


Present: Ed Hartwig, Lori Frazee, Jim Elser, Bob Youngblood, Steve Brumm, Robin Yelverton


Guests: Marty Hyde, Dave Haskett, Kent & Jodi Harriss, Tim Giebeig, Louis Goldman, Tim Hughes, Bryan Durta, Nick Wunder, Steve Carrington, Gary Washam, EJ Kraus, Karen Hyde

Recorder: Connie Washam


Call to Order: Ed Hartwig the meeting was called to order at 8:

Approval of May & June Minutes:

Motion to approve the May minutes made by Lori Frazee, Steve Brumm 2nd. Motion carried unanimously

Motion to approve the June minutes made by Bob Youngblood, Steve Brumm 2nd. Motion carried unanimously

Business conducted by Email – Connie Washam


Sheilah and Frank Jones would like to be reinstated as FBA Reps.  As requested in the June minutes, Steve Brumm emailed the current reps to see if they were ok with them returning as reps.  they unanimously positive.

Steve Brumm made a motion to the BOD that Sheilah and Frank Jones be reinstated as FBA representatives.  Angela Iversen 2nd  The motion has carried unanimously.

Angela Iversen has resigned as treasurer.  Her letter is below

“Dear Florida Bar B Que Association President and Board of Directors,

It is with great sadness and regret that I write to you. After giving my personal situation much

thought and prayer I feel the need to resign from my position as Treasurer.

As some of you may know, I have been busy with some complications of my health as well as

my oldest daughter’s health. We are still doing a lot of testing to try to figure out what is going

on with her. So I feel that she needs more of my attention during this stressful time.

I also have an increased work load picking up new clients around the states who are in need of

immediate assistance. This is my paid work/livelihood and so I need to also give this time and

attention. Because I committed to starting the Sonny’s Invitational, my spare time will be

concentrated on this event and making it successful. Fortunately my contacts have been able to

be very supportive of the event here in Seminole County.

I humbly appreciate the opportunity to assist and work with the FBA as Treasurer these past

six months.  And I know the work that I started will continue to grow and improve.

I wish you all the best,

Angela Iversen”

Steve Brumm made a motion to accept Angela Iversen’s Letter of resignation.  Lori Frazee 2nd  The motion has carried

Steve Brumm – Yes                              Lori Frazee – Yes                     Jim Elser Yes

Bob Youngblood – Yes                                    Connie Washam – Abstain

7/10/2015 Bryan Mroczka collected the treasurers files to conduct a full review before giving them to a new, to be appointed, treasurer.


Lewis and Vikki Leonard have resigned as FBA Representatives in order to devote more time to competing and judging.

July 12, 2015

To the Board of Directors of the Florida BBQ Association:

This letter is hereby official notification of the resignation of Lewis & Vikki Leonard

as Reps for the FBA for personal reasons.  We will continue as members, judges and

have an active cook team.

Please immediately remove all email, address & phone information from the Representative

Contact list.   Arrangements will be made with Connie Washam to return all Rep supplies to her as

soon as possible.

Lewis Leonard & Vikki Leonard

Steve Brumm made a motion to accept the resignation of Lewis and Vikki Leonard .  Bob Youngblood 2nd  The motion has carried.

Steve Brumm – Yes                  Bob Youngblood – Yes                        Connie Washam – Yes

Lori Frazee – No                      Jim Elser – did not vote

Bob Youngblood made a motion to raise the family membership by $5.00 from $60.00 to $65.00.  Lori Frazee 2nd.

Bob Withdrew the motion


Now that a review is complete and there were no discrepancies, Ed Hartwig has appointed Robin Yelverton as the new Treasurer.

Steve Brumm made a motion to accept Ed Hartwig’s nomination of Robin Yelverton for Treasurer.  Jim Elser 2nd  The motion has carried

Steve Brumm – Yes                  Jim Elser – Yes                         Bob Youngblood – Yes

Lori Frazee – Yes                     Connie Washam – Abstain

Steve Brumm made a motion that the following FBA rep schedule be approved.  (You have all seen the schedule, it will take me some time to break it all down) Bob 2nd  motion has carried.

Jim Elser – yes                         Lori y connie y steve y bob y

We charge a contest organizer $125.00 for an extra rep, however we pay the rep $150.00.  Lori Frazee made a motion that we charge the contest organizer $150.00 for the extra contest reps needed (above and beyond the three that are included in the original sanctioning agreement), what we have to pay for the extra rep.  Bob Youngblood 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously

Because using a zero for a disqualified entry is problematic for possible entry into American Royal Invitational or JD Invitational.  With a score of 0 (zero) it looks like the team submitted late or was absent and did not submit anything. Therefore, Lori Frazee made a motion that we change our DQ scoring that is currently a 0, only if the team does not make turn in time and show a 1 for entry accepted and DQ’d for a different reason.  Jim Elser 2nd  Lori asked to *amend the motion to be the #2 on the recommendation of the IT Committee.

*Amended motion: Lori Frazee amended her motion that we change our DQ scoring from 0 only for late turn in and no shows and reflect a scoring entry of #2 for boxes judged but are disqualified for various reasons.  Jim Elser 2nd.  The Amended motion carried unanimously.

FBA Life member and master judge, Joseph Johnston, passed away this month a condolence card was sent to his wife, Diana.


Treasurers Report – Account Balance as of 7/24/2015, $7,084.50

Cannot find the original QuickBooks disc.  option to purchase a new 2015 version (around $200) or to go on line with a monthly expense.  Robin will look into it.

Comprehensive Membership Report – Connie Washam

760 members

Of that number

543 judges 11 Master judges have not renewed and 69 other judges not renewed.  totaling 80.

According to the bylaws, in 90 days if they still have not renewed their membership, they will be placed into the inactive member list.

Lori Frazee thought it would be a good thing to phone those who have not renewed and ask why.  Possibly someone from the Judges committee could make those calls.

New Members – Connie Washam

Individual: Aaron Ward, John Willis Jr., Joseph T. Clare, Katrina Richardson, Richard Fields, Craig Lariscy (6)

Family: Chris & Vicky Patterson, Amanda Podlucky & Lee Thompson (2)

Organizer Liaison: Angela Iversen

  1. Status:  Scheduling a site inspection, paid $75 ck #4166, have application, no voting necessary at this point

Grilling for a Cause

First Baptist Church at the Mall

Lakeland, FL

Wants May 6 & 7, 2016

Requested:        Sheilah Jones as Lead Rep

Organizer:        Jaime Greene

  1. Status:  Re-sanctioning, paid $150 ck #2064, have application, please vote to sanction for three years

Orange Blossom Revue

Lake Wales, FL

Wants 1st weekend of December 2015-2017

May want to move to November if possible in 2017

Organizer:        Rusty Ingly


Connie Washam made a motion to re-sanction the Orange Blossom Review contest for May 6 & 7, 2016.  Steve 2nd.  Motion Carried unanimously

  1. Status:  Re-sanctioning, paid $100 but sent to incorrect address (Ricky’s) because he was given an old application, have a copy of application, please vote to sanction is possible – David is getting the check rewritten. Bob needs to let him know that the application fee is $75 now.

Smokin’ Flamingo BBQ & Music Festival

Jacksonville, FL

Wants weekend before Thanksgiving

This year:         November 20 & 21, 2015

Next Year:       November 18 & 19, 2016

(Did not give a 2017 year)

Requested Reps:          Bob Youngblood, Dennis Schmitt, Charles Golden, Kevin French, Gary Washam

Organizer:        David Haskett


Lorie Frazee moved to re-sanctioned the Smokin’ Flamingo BBQ & Blues. Steve 2nd. the motion carried unanimously.

  1. Status:  Still discussing with City on which venue to use, no action needed by FBA

City of Archer, FL

Organizer: Bill Foster

Lori Frazee performed site inspection.

Angela Iversen discussed several possible dates throughout the year. Bill wants to get back to Angela. We will follow up next week.

  1. Status:  Site inspection done, application received, $40 already paid, $35 check was being sent out

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Sanford, FL (right off I-4)

Wants January 29 & 30, 2016

Organizers: Angela Iversen & Barbara Latimer of Sonny’s BBQ

Requesting Reps:        Tony Wolfe, Lead Rep, Wendy Wolfe, Sheilah Jones, Frank Jones,                                                                           Bob Youngblood, Gary Washam

78 sites 25-30’ x 50’ big

Power minimum of 30 amp service, a few 50 amp service

Concert for Teams and VIPs on Friday night

Concert for Public Saturday night – national name

$68,000 guaranteed purse

Steve Brumm made a motion to sanction the Sonny’s BBQ Invitational.  Bob Youngblood 2nd. Motion carried             unanimously.

  1. Status:  Site Inspection done, sent blank application to Richard Clark, called other organizer, Bart Dixon, to see if any . It is right at the North Port City Hall complex at the Venue:     corner of Sumter and Price. The George Mullin Center. North Port Florida, FL just south east of Tampa.

Organizer: Richard Clark

Brent Pinkerton reports:

It is by far a better set-up than Venice, and could be one of the nicest on the FBA Florida circuit that we have seen. Great 4 lane access roads, close to I-75. Great in-place infrastructure.

It is set-up with 30 amp electric and water, and could accommodate I believe 30-40 teams or more easily alongside the entrance roads off of Price Blvd. The Rec building has a great air conditioned auditorium for the judges and close to where the cook teams would be to have a short turn-in walk. Facility has full A/C bathrooms with showers!! In between the cook team area and the Geo Mullin Center would be vendors and the main stage. Bart Dixon may have one of the maps that was used for the Sweet Heat event in June.(if not I surveyed the whole complex)

The person coordinating getting this sanctioned is Richard Clark a FBA & KCBS Judge that lives in North Port, along with Bart Dixon of Dixon Mechanical who was the Chair of the Sweet Heat event June 8th.  Barts contact  # is 941-249-0718.  He is a very passionate BBQ Pit master, Football Coach, and community activist for North Port!
Other contest news from Ed Hartwig

Bill Silver has a 20,00 market space  Details forthcoming.

Contest in Naples discussion back & forth.  Robin Yelverton will call tomorrow to get contest details.

The Organizer is difficult to work with.  She wants to change the dates to sometime in the fall.  Rhonda is the organizer, but a late payer.  She will have to get the check and form in quickly if she wants to secure the date.

New Contests – Ed Hartwig

Old Business: Fun Cook

Problem with the fun cook because so few teams have signed up.

Suckling pigs for the main dish at the fun cook dinner.  $600.00 does not want to purchase them if we don’t have enough team participation.  We will get the money back during the fun cook.  But we need the organization to support it like they normally have.  However we are only 5 weeks out.

We have the capability to do the email blast and Bob can add it to the “Smoke Bits”

Ed Hartwig has already sent out a blast.

There are 40 judges that have already sent in their request to judge BBQ

We need judges to judge the ancillary contests, Margaritas, Bloody Mary’s, WFC qualifier Chile & Desserts which will also have an accompanying People’s Choice.

A Judges Seminar is also scheduled and Rick Dimaggio is teaching it for the Fun Cook.

The website is hard to navigate to find Fun Cook information.


Judges Committee – Rick Dimaggio

IT Committee – Gary Washam

If you do have an email blast it goes to Kevin French, he also routes incoming email

No more duplicate scores have shown up, but 3 cards were not accepted but thankfully, we have an ‘echo module’ that alerts the person inputting the scores.  Still trying to track where that is breaking down.

Lori as a rep in training was able to track and notate some of the issues

Removed Angela Iversen from paypal account so only Robin and Connie receive the notifications.  Angela was also removed from the PNC Bank account.

Added Robin to the board references.

All treasurer specific issues will go to Robin.

We will find the form that new members without email and plan to join

We have two sets of email addresses and forwarding

We need to talk about the FLBBQ.org do we want to revert back to that domain name.

We are paying for two domains.  The board is using the old domain for blasts.

Developing “non disclosure agreements” for the IT committee.  Working on the history of the contract of Will Cleaver and the Scoring development.

We were hacked by a Russian hackers, Will has had to clean up and reestablish the fire wall and Site Block.  When we down load modules this was imbedded in the links.

Connie Washam made a motion to pay Will Cleaver for the $300.00 for services rendered to fix the hack and other minor fixes.  Bob Youngblood 2nd the motion. The motion has carried unanimously.

The date to the Ft. Meyers contest needs to be changed on the website

the date of the Eagle Lake Contest needs to be uploaded to the website

Bob Youngblood will call Ricky Ginsberg to see if he is holding mail with checks for FBA and because no one has called him to see he might just need a forwarding address.  possibly we can send him a self addressed stamped envelope for that.

New Business:


Tony Wolfe sent an email suggesting that we draw up a new contest contract that it is one flat fee $1,000.00 which would guarantee that no other contest would be scheduled on that date.  This might negate the 200 mile separation rule and affect existing contests that already fall on the same dates because of the mileage rule.  This suggestion has been tabled for a future meeting and time to do some investigating on the impact this might have financially on some organizers.

Open discussion: No time for an open discussion this evening.


Next BOD meeting: Fun Cook, open meeting with the membership

Meeting Adjourned 10:10 PM

Call in number is 712-775-7100          Participant code is 1040678#

Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam