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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – July 2016

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

July 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM


Present: Steve Brumm, Jim Elser, Kevin French, Pat Brannen, Robin Yelverton

Absent: Lori Frazee

Recorder: Connie Washam


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:15 PM

Roll call to establish a quorum  All present except Lori Frazee and Robin Yelverton, A quorum is established


Jim Elser made a motion to approve the June minutes Kevin French 2nd

the motion carried


Business conducted by email – Connie Washam, there was no business conducted by email


Financial Status Report – Treasurer, Robin Yelverton


$20,019.87 in PNC

$3,460.91 in PayPal


About $300 outstanding in trophy bills.


Membership Report – Secretary, Connie Washam


Of 297 expiring memberships, 154 members have renewed to date 24 of those are family memberships.


New Members: Robert Hair, Bryan Davis (2)

Family: R. Keith Jackson & Carolyn Fox-Jackson, Matthew Barwick and Nathan Barwick (2)

LIFE: Lee Thompson & Amanda Podlucky,


Consent Agenda:

  1. Responsibilities.

A,  Jack – Kevin

  1. World Foods – Lori
  2. Royal – Jim
  3. Badges – Rick Dimaggio
  4. Plaques, certificates, etc – Connie
  5. Rep scorecards and cover sheets – Lori
  6. JOTY – Pat
  7. Authorize Connie to purchase frames for certificates.
  8. Authorize Steve up to $500 for meat and cooking at Perry Judges Seminar.

Pat Brannen moved to accept the consent agenda Connie Washam 2nd the motion carried


Committee Reports:

            Organizers Committee – At this point there seems to be some common issues with the judges.  They are             related to the selection of the judges and their participation on the contest day.

  • We would like to see the selection process to be somehow standardized.
  • The late cancelation and no show of judges is difficult issue. From my perspective they are actually volunteers.  One organizer said he had a 70% cancellation the week before his event.  We are not sure how to solve this problem.


  1. Cooks Committee –Ben Purvis:

A week or so ago I received a letter from Bob Youngblood about changes to the Rep qualifications along with a first draft of the new Rep training he is working on. I think we have the same goals in common but how do we get there is the problem.  I submitted this letter to the team committee and here are our results.


  1. The letter states that we should change the rep qualifications back to where they were before last month’s vote. Because the new qualifications don’t support their Rep training.


What you must do to start training to become a Rep and the actual training have nothing to do with each other. Other than the fact that we all want a person who has a great deal of knowledge as to how the FBA operates. We as cook teams feel that cooking 5 times is better than one. The question was then asked what can a person learn from cooking 5 times rather than once? the answer is A lot! the more experience the better and if you really apply yourself you should learn every time you cook or judge! This is why we also agree that as a cook team you need to Judge at least 5 times before training to be a Rep.


  1. After reading over the Rep training check list. It contains 54 items to complete. I feel I could perform all but 12 right now. The other 12 pertain to the computer and since I am not familiar with your program I would need to be shown how to do them.

If we are going to require 5 training contest I feel we should address a lot more items in this training like

  1. how do you handle a judge who is out of line with his scores.
  2. When you can use your judgment to make decisions or tweet a rule.
  3. How do you make the call  on what is a DQ and what is not.

We understand that most of this is handled by the Lead Rep but Let’s start training them from day one as to what they can and can’t do and how to handle situations that may arise. I am sure there are many more items that could be added.


I would like to ask the board to compromise and with the Rep Committee and change the requirement to 3 cooks just to help us get through this. 


Finally we all must quit with statements like” The cook teams got what they wanted” or even thinking like this is a cook team vs. Judges vs. Reps issue. We all want what is best for the FBA! We all volunteer our time to try to help! Let’s put our heads together and quit taking things personal and end the end we will have a elite team of Reps, Judges and Teams who can compete anywhere in the country against any organization.


  1. Rep Committee: Bob Youngblood

Would like the Master Judge status to be returned to the FBA Rep qualifications.  This gives us an opportunity to get to know the potential FBA Rep candidate

Lou Goldman: what purpose does cooking with a cook team 5 times serve to enhance their qualifications to become an FBA Rep.  Does not think it’s necessary to cook 5 times.

Bob Youngblood: will get together with Ben Purvis to try to come to a compromise.


  1. Judges Committee – Louis Goldman:
  2. Our committee has been requested to review the definition and criteria for judging taste and tenderness. This action stems from the Cook Teams Committee and it is our understanding that they are going to propose new verbiage. Our committee will comment on these changes once they are received from the Cooks Committee.


  1. New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz:


Fun Cook: Steve had a 2 hour meeting with Dawn Taylor and committee.  There are a lot of fun things planned for us.  There is concerned about the “Wet T-Shirt” contest.  totally G-rated.


  1. IT Committee – Gary Washam:


Following are significant tasks worked and/or completed during the past month:


Old Business:

  1. Status of Website – When will it be totally finished?
  2. Automate table selection 2,700. and $3,750. least expensive.
  3. Judge trend alone $2,700. if it is integrated with the box routing could be as much as $5,000.

Table this business until we get all the quotes.

  1. Code audit $2,100. Getting someone outside of FBA to go line by line to see if there are any bugs and maybe they can find some of the bugs we are still experiences.  It’ll be a good 3rd party review to get a good foundation for moving forward.  Kevin French would like to have us get another quote before a motion


  1. Authorize Gary Washam to solicit quotes for the following. No further action is authorized.   These quotes are for information only.  No funds shall be expended until the web site is totally complete.
  2. Automate the table selection by the following criteria:
  3. # of contests judges
  4. Equality of genders
  5. Partners, spouses, friends kept off same table
  6. Automate the box routing from turn in table to trays
  7. No cook team’s box to the same table twice during the same contest.


  1. Judge tracking – secondary quote, but other items need to be compatable with turning this on in the future, should we need to wait.
  2. Request the Cook’s Committee and the Judge’s Committee to review the judges’ handbook and update the definitions and criteria for judging tenderness and appearance.
  3. Authorize the IT Committee to research the availability and cost of a code audit for the web site
  4. JOTY and TOTY payouts
  • Judge of the Year is an FBA Certified Judge who:
    • Emulates the goals of the FBA
    • Promotes competitive barbecue and the FBA
    • Interacts with teams, judges, organizers, and the public exceptionally well
    • Demonstrates consistent judging
    • Prompt and timely, for check-in, judges meetings
    • Displays the FBA logo merchandise
    • Assists with set-up and clean-up of the


Bob Youngblood: finds this a popularity contest and relies on the Rep to remembers who did what.

Pat Brannen: thinks it’s unfair to people who can only go to one contest.


  • Selections shall be determined by FBA Reps assigned to each contest.
    • The three selections will be submitted to the BOD member in charge of JOTY by

the lead Rep.

  • Judge with most selections we be JOTY and receive a badge and $150.00.
  • Next 9 will be honored as JOTY finalists and receive a badge.
  • JOTY will be disclosed at the Fun Cook
  1. Team of the Year

TOTY payouts.

  1. $2,000.      
  2.    $1,000.       
  3.    $500.          
  4.    $400.          
  5.    $350.          
  6.    $300.        
  7.    $250.       
  8.    $200.          
  9.    $125.          
  10.  $100.


Grand Total, $5,225.

Connie Washam made a motion to approve the above payout and qualifications for the Team of the year (1. $2,000., 2. $1,000., 3. $500., 4. $400., 5. $350., 6. $300., 7. $250., 8. $200., 9. $125., 10. $100.)

and Judge of the Year (1. Special badge and $150. 2 through 10, special badge) incentives.  The BOD reserves the right to adjust these amounts if needed.  Pat Brannen 2nd.  The motion carried


To qualify for TOTY points at least one cook team member will be a member of the FBA in good standing.  The TOTY points will begin tabulation at the Fun Cook or September 1st and run until the contest before the next Fun Cook or August 31st the following year.

For instance for next year the scoring would start at the Fun Cook 2016 and points would be accumulated through the contest immediately before the Fun Cook. (I worded it this way in case we get new contests).
The board reserves the right to change these amounts at their discretion.


  1. From the judges committee: Changes to the FBA Rep Qualifications, which were passed at the May   BOD Directors meeting. This is a change in the rules that seriously affects the FBA judges. Being a Master Judge was removed and replaced with judging 5 contests – this eliminates variances given by the BOD and also encourages Reps training for cooking members – no problem. The requirements for cooking with a team was only 1 as required by being a Master Judge. Now the requirement is 5 cooks which is extremely onerous to the judges. What can a judge learn about being a rep in 5 cooks more than they can learn in one cook? Repping is about what happens in the judges area – Reps need a knowledge about cooking but mainly need know how to follow the rules and control the scoring, handle the turn-ins, and computerize the scores. Again, these changes were mainly cook team generated and not publicized to the members before the BOD meeting. The cook teams got what they wanted, why punish the judges who will now probably be the ones asking for a variance. We ask that , to be fair, that the BOD change the requirements to be a Rep from 5 cooks to 1 cook.


  1. Sonny’s Invitational

Pat Brannen made a motion to accept the listed requirements for the Sonny’s Invitational.

  1. Sonny’s Request for guest judges

The following is a slightly modified proposal that has been approved by Jim Frazee and Barbara Latimer.  It also appears to meet most of the concerns expressed by the Rep Committee:

  1. This waiver of FBA rules applies only to the Sonny’s Invitational event and shall not be considered a precedent for other events.
  2. Non-FBA judges shall be referred to as guest judges.
  3. There shall be no more than two guest judges per table. The remainder of judges and the table   captain shall be FBA Judges.
  4. Guest Judges shall be master judges or the equivalent in their respective organization.
  5. Each guest judge shall complete an orientation to the FBA rules and scoring procedures prior to judging at no cost to the judge or the sponsor.
  6. Connie Washam 2nd The motion carried.


Steve opened the meeting to the membership

Gary Washam, concerned over who is going to write this in the policy.  only a onetime concession for the Sonny’s Invitational, no need to put this into policy


New Business:

  1. Should next month’s meeting be conducted at the Fun Cook? No, we should have an August meeting and state of the FBA at the Fun Cook.
  2. Turn in boxes:

Request from the Reps Committee


Rule #13-I: (New)


All competition entry boxes must be placed on the turn in table with label up.   Any box loaded upside down by the team may be submitted for judging.   Teams are not permitted to modify the box in any way from its original configuration as provided by the contest REPS, including moving the label.  Upon inspection by the Reps, if the label has been moved to the opposite side (bottom)of the box, the team will be DQ’ed for modifying the box and the Judges will be instructed to score a (2) in each category for that entry.  If the label is on the correct lid and the box must be turned over to have the label showing, the only score effected will be presentation.


Rep Policies:


It is the responsibility of the Rep/Volunteer accepting boxes, to check for boxes not in their proper orientation (IE, Lid not on top).   If this occurs, the only comment to the team should be, “please place the box on the table with the label showing or you may return to your site and reload it but, the turn in time frame still applies”.  If the box makes turn in it should be judged as any other.


Proposal from Jim Elser


“Turn in box preparation – Before placing the team’s label on the box, a small black “X” will be marked on the top of the box.  The label will then be placed over the “X”.  This “X” will help the Reps determine that a cook team has not switched the label to the other side if they loaded the box upside down my mistake or if a cook team was trying to deliberately mark the box.  Once the box is turned in and the Rep determines that it’s upside down, the Rep will flip the box over to the correct orientation which may affect the teams presentation score.”


Pat Brannen made a motion to accept the new Rule #13-1 (new) for turning in competition boxes ” All competition entry boxes must be placed on the turn in table with label up.   Any box loaded upside down by the team may be submitted for judging.   Teams are not permitted to modify the box in any way from its original configuration as provided by the contest REPS, including moving the label.  Upon inspection by the Reps, if the label has been moved to the opposite side (bottom)of the box, the team will be DQ’ed for modifying the box and the Judges will be instructed to score a (2) in each category for that entry.  If the label is on the correct lid and the box must be turned over to have the label showing, the only score effected will be presentation.”  Connie Washam 2nd.  the motion carried.


  1. Should toner cartridges be purchased from a central source?
  2. Should turn in boxes be distributed at the cooks’ meeting?

Ben Purvis: Personally, would like to have boxes at the cooks meeting.

Bob Youngblood: feels that they get their boxes at Roll Call.  Not a problem either Friday evening or Saturday morning.  Dennis Schmitz offered the option at the non sanctioned Tavares.  Not one team wanted their boxes on Friday.  Try it at a couple of contests before we make any changes to rules.  Valdosta, Fun Cook and Davenport.


  1. Should all teams be required to sit through the cooks’ team meeting?

Kevin French: feels that the teams should be required to sit through the meeting because there were a lot of simple errors by not sitting through it that maybe could have been avoided.  Is it costing cook teams points because they are not listening to the cooks rules.  Can the cook team committee give us some feedback.

Ben Purvis: most of the experienced cook teams are not paying attention anyway.  they’re not focused anyway.  sitting through the meeting can benefit the newer teams.


  1. It’s time to get JOTY and TOTY awards for fun cook.

Pat Brannen will notify Rick Dimaggio to order badges for JOTY

  1. Approve $3,000.00 for the fun cook.

Pat Brannen made a motion to approve $3,000 for the fun cook, Connie Washam 2nd.  The motion carried.


  1. Set dates and procedure for election of officers. Also dates for nominations.

Sample ballots sent out 30 days out.  Election will run for 7 days.  paper ballots  all paper ballots received December


Meeting opened to the membership

Tim Geibieg; We on the judges committee have been working on the 5 times cooking with a team would be very hard since there are only a couple of contests where he is.


Pat Brannen made a motion to adjourn.  all in favor hang up.

Meeting adjourned at: 9:55 PM


Next meeting: August 29, 2016 at 8:00 PM EDT via Teleconference. Call in number: 347-989-1121

Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam