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FBA Board of Directors Meeting – September 2016

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

September 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM

 Present: Steve Brumm, Lori Frazee, Pat Brannen, Kevin French, Robin Yelverton, Jim Elser

Recorder: Connie Washam

 Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:02 PM

Roll Call: All present

Approve minutes of the August meeting.

Pat Brannen made a motion to approve the August minutes, Jim Elser 2nd  The motion carried and the August minutes were approved.

Business conducted by email – Connie Washam

Financial Status Report



one or two outstanding checks

Bills to pay for the Trophy Shop $300.00

We owe some money to Pat Brannen

opening an account and earmark it for TOTY awards that were voted for 2017

another to put $7,500. as a back-up account.

Dues are due in December

Today in the mail She got the support Cocoa Village 2,000.

Double T’s paid $75.00 to sanction for 2017

Lori Made a motion to set up the two accounts ear marked for TOTY and a rainy day fund, Pat Brannen 2nd

Motion carried


Membership Report – Secretary, Connie Washam

803 Members which includes family members.

173 named member teams (not all compete at the professional level or compete at all)

New Members: Randy Meadows, David Clark, S. Davis Hand, Rocky Raby, Brian Coleman, Martin Grenfell, Andrew Brown, Bracken Smith, Jarrod Bryan, Rick Horne (10)

Family: Michael “Taz” & Marcia Sue WrightReynolds (1)

Get well card sent to Marty Hyde

Consent Agenda: Board of Directors

  1. Approve Rep Schedule dated 9-19-16.
  2. Approve $250 to purchase 1,000 tri-fold brochures from Kell Phelps.
  3. Approve a judges Seminar in Perry, 12/9/2016
  4. Approve the “National AG Cookoff, Crystal River contest.

Lori Frazee made a motion to approve the consent agenda Robin Yelverton 2nd.

Approved unanimously

Committee Reports:

  1. Organizers Committee: No Report

2..  Cooks Committee:

I have talked with the committee members and a few individual teams and all have said that they don’t want a ID like the judges wear.  None want a badge with a lanyard.  I don’t feel that spending 1300.$ on equipment that must be maintained is a smart idea at this time.  I looked at the option that Jim proposed and think that may be a option at a later date but it really don’t give prices but I am sure you have requested a quote.  I know that everyone hates when anyone uses ideas that other sanctioning bodies use but I have Enclosed a picture of my SCA card. It is simple, quick to make and very affordable.  Less than 40 cents to have made with no equipment to buy or maintain.  This option could be started this week and allow us to start building membership and allow current members to use available benefits quickly while we decide which option would be best kind term.

Ben Purvis: number 6 & 7 are the only two agenda items he will weigh in on.

  1. Rep Committee: Bob Youngblood

(OLD) Ink and Toner: This issue has been resolved and Mr. Cohen has been apprised of who can order Ink supplies.

(NEW) Reps Committee members: Due to the size of our group we would like to extend an invitation to ALL Reps to be on the committee if they choose.  We feel all Reps should have a voice in the decisions being made.

(NEW) Rep Coordinator Assistant: This request was submitted last month and we are requesting it be created and filled by E.J. Kraus.  Check your email for the original request.

(OLD) Auto-Routing of turn-in boxes: The committee is not against pre-sorting entries to tables. This makes sense, saves handling of boxes and lessens sorting error opportunities.  We are however; adamantly opposed to using a standalone computer program to do it plus, testing of the program is being done by individuals who know nothing about Scorecard.  Why aren’t Reps involved with this testing?  Does anyone remember the early days with Scorecard?  Apparently no one understands that the number on the label you see could be space number or registration number and are not always sequential.  We can’t use that number as an identifier, unless we enter each number by a team’s name to keep track of the relationship.  That would have to be done before turn-in and then when we swap the label to add the control number from Scorecard; we would lose the ability to use this randomization scheme to actually place the boxes on trays.   Any auto-routing of boxes must be inside Scorecard to ensure the integrity of the relationship between the Control Numbers and the team names.  If not, blind judging is out the door.  If you don’t want to upgrade Scorecard, you need to stay with the manual system that’s worked for 15+ years.

(OLD) New Rep Training Program: The New Rep Training Program is just about completed. We are presently either rewriting and/or modifying all ancillary supporting items such as the Reps manual, Rep Policies and etc.

 Judges Committee – Louis Goldman: No report

 New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz:

Date Notified Contest Location Date Contacted Action/Status Follow up Mileage R/T
2/23/2016 Chattahoochee 4/6/2016 2017 possible contest Dec-16
Nothing new
2/24/2016 Marianna 6/15/2016 No change in status-waiting for upgrades
in venue, new organization
Nothing new
9/14/2016 Spoke with Nick Rickman, he wanted to
know if May 4, 5 2017 was open-I advised
it was open and he needed to act to secure 16-Dec
2/26/2016 Mims 5/14/2018 Plans on hold for 2016 10/1/2016
Hope to have someone at the Mims
Mullet Festival Oct 1 to touch base
Nothing new
3/26/2016 Titusville 5/22/2016 No reply to email inquiry Oct-16
Nothing new
5/10/2016 Palm Coast 6/15/2016 They are not interested in putting on a  
contest-Want to have one come to area
Will not contact any further
5/30/2016 Lake Park, FL 5/30/2016 Sent email-No response
6/2/2016 Sent follow up email, no response, no  
phone number-wants event 10/2/2016
16-Jul Sent email-No response
12-Aug Sent email-No response  
Will not contact any further
6/6/2016 Jaguars 5/31/2016 Had a Tele-con scheduled-they did not  
follow through-sent a follow up email
No Response
13-Aug Sent email-No response  
Will not contact any further
6/6/2016 Ft Gaines, GA 6/6/2016 Sent email, left voice mail-no response  
Currently has an event, wants to grow it
No response  
Sent email, no response will not contact
6/9/2016 Davenport 6/9/2016 Contest already sanctioned
16-Aug Winterhaven 8/16/2016 Received notification from Pop Marshall
and Gary Washam that two people at
Citrus Boys/Girls wanted info- contacted
both-awaiting answer  
Have not heard from anyone
8/17/2016 Pompano 8/18/2016 Sent email and started process  Nov 16
9/9/2016 Spoke with Tom and discussed process
He attended Davenport event to gain
insight-Asked him to contact Angela for
more input
9/8/2016 Crystal River 9/23/2016 Lori Frazee will do site inspection this
date-Contest app received for  3/10-11/17
will follow-up after site survey  Sanction approved 16-Oct
9/15/2016 Minneola 9/20/2016 Spoke with Juan De La Cruz -They are
interested in sanctioning for 2017-
Currently successful BY event, want to
expand-  Will conduct site evaluation and work
toward sanctioning Sep 2017 Met with possible organizer.  Not expected to happen for at least a couple of years. 24-Sep-16
9/15/2016 Riverview 9/20/2016  Spoke with R. Burn- They are interested
in sanctioning Nov 2017
Spoke with him at Tavares this year,
Believe this one will happen 12-Oct-16


IT Committee Report: Gary Washam

Following are significant tasks worked and/or completed during the month of September:

  • Website
    1. Updated Event Calendar with new events, updated information / event details
    2. Researched membership plug-ins capable of supporting all planned FBA functionality. Identified MemberPress as most likely solution.
    3. Tested all menus on website for functionality and correct data and turned off menu items not yet ready or under construction.
    4. Added info regarding Restaurant Depot to website SHOP menu
    5. Trained and worked with Ed Shemanski to transfer TOTY management over to him
    6. Correlated MailChimp membership list with Secretary’s current membership list
    7. Created Elections page on website and added candidate information
    8. Created election template on Election Runner application in preparation for November elections
  • Scorecard
    1. No changes to core program operating from old website. Will continue to use Scorecard on the old FLORIDABBQASSOCIATION.ORG site until new site has been fully tested to be reliable.
    2. Testing continues for new site using actual Davenport contest data. Will shift over to new site for Scorecard after testing.
    3. Sent functional requirements for following enhancements to S. Brumm:
      1. Assign boxes to tables in random order
      2. Assign judges to tables within Scorecard
      3. Assign judges to tables within Scorecard including use of scoring history and trend
  • Code Audit
    1. No response from two additional companies to conduct the code audit. Still have two quotes outstanding for roughly $2,000 to conduct the audit.
    2. Unknown if skills exist within FBA membership to conduct the code audit at lower cost or for free.
  • REP Equipment
    1. No changes
  • Misc
    1. Resolved our email server blockage with AOL
    2. Draft maintenance agreement for website and Scorecard software sent to Will Cleaver for first review. He is satisfied with the current wording.
    3. Treasurer’s proposed operating budget of  $1,917 for remainder of year may not be adequate due to the following expected IT costs:
      1. Verizon hotspots will cost $840 for remaining three months
      2. Proposed monthly maintenance agreement for website and Scorecard will cost $750 for remaining three months.
      3. Server renewal costs and plug-in renewal costs are estimated to be $400-$500 before end of year
      4. Reimbursement cost for REP laser printers of $383.34
      5. Possible laser printer toner purchases estimated to be $150
      6. Possible hourly labor by Will Cleaver to make changes to website, Scorecard based on final testing for new site $150 – $300

 Old Business:

  1. Take no further action on the following due to complexity and cost:
  2. Automate the table selection
  3. Automated Judge tracking and automatic route of boxes to trays.

Pat Brannen made a motion to set aside action on #1  Motion died for lack of a 2nd.

Kevin: what was the cost to put this in ScoreCard?:  There were three requirements: Assign boxes to tables $1,700-$3,200.  Assign judges to tables no quote back on that, assign judges to tables via scorecard.  create a trend was never quoted.  more expensive than the first one.

Lou Goldman: not in favor of spending any more money on the specialty items when we need to get the website complete.

There are a lot of different opinions, but the board requested costs be gotten on the three requirements.

We need to get a definitive list of what we want.  The board needs to give Gary Washam direction to get the bids for the functions we want.

Motion to table this agenda item for one month.

Adopt the stand alone program proposed by Jim Elser to automatically route

boxes to trays.  For the time being we need to put this aside and concentrate on getting the membership side of the website in order.  This was not brought up at the general membership meeting.

Table this agenda item because it’s not ready

  1. Request the Cook’s Committee and the Judge’s Committee to finish reviewing the judges’ handbook and update the definitions and criteria for judging tenderness and appearance.

Table this agenda item

  1. Status of the availability and cost of a code audit for the web site. Can this be done in house?

Table agenda this item

  1. Status of support services contract with Will Cleaver. The proposal was sent to him, and he will get back to us this week with a contract for us to review.
  2. Status of availability of program or plug in to automate membership dues. Looking into MemberPress ($99.00) which supports the idea of sending an ID card which can be printed by the member. Previous monies approved for this but the treasury of the FBA was too low, Ed Hartwig (president at the time) halted all payments.
  3. Instruct IT committee to check every tab on the website and make sure it functions correctly and eliminate “Under Construction” areas.
  4. Make a list of all available discounts to FBA members and publicize that list to the membership. (New Business item 7 deals with ID cards)  Gary and Lori will pool their emails searches and find the links to put on the website.
  5. Status of centralized ink and toner supply for Reps.
  6. Status of Rep manual rewrite by Rep Committee. Dennis Schmitz will send Bob Youngblood an email to give the BOD an update on the status of the rewrite

 New Business:

 Elections: Clarify the following two items:

  1. If the amendment stating that two members of the same family cannot sit on the BOD at the same time passes, when does it take effect. Specifically, would it apply to this election or start with the next election?  It is the intent of the BOD to implement this amendment immediately.

Assuming the bylaw change passes, Jim Elser made a motion that if two members are elected to the board, it’s up to the elected member to decide who will vacate their position. Lori Frazee 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.

  1. If the amendment to stagger terms passes, it will take effect immediately and the newly elected director receiving the least votes shall serve the one year term. Lori Frazee “so moved” Jim Elser 2nd. motion carried.
  1. Proposal to require all teams that cook in any FBA event to be FBA members.

Adopt the following proposal:  The FBA shall not require a team to be an FBA member in order to cook in an FBA event.  Prior to each event, the Lead Rep shall send the Secretary a list of teams entered in their event.  The Secretary shall return the list to the Lead Rep with teams that are not FBA members designated.  The Lead Rep or their designee (perhaps a respected cook) shall contact each of the non-member teams and request that they join FBA.

Ben Purvis: he believes that every cook team needs to be a member but with all the concern of the organizers after looking at the data.  there are only 50% of cook teams are members.

David Haskett: I think it’s great that you mentioned it in the cooks team meeting.  We should go to their cook team site and speak to the cook team one on one.

Kevin French made a motion that FBA shall not require a team to be an FBA Member in order to cook in an FBA event.  jim Else 2nd.

Jim Elser made a motion to requiring organizers to include FBA membership status on their cook team application.  Robin Yelverton 2nd  The motion carried

Kevin French – Yes,                        Pat Brannen – Yes                    Lori Frazee – Yes          Jim Elser – Yes

Robin Yelverton – Yes         Connie Washam -No

Since organizers are in the process of rewriting the rep manual, include it there.

Dennis Schmitz: we are taxing the Organizers and Lead Reps with another responsibility of chasing teams for membership.  this should be the responsibility of the Team Committee.

  1. Rep Assistant to the Vice President:

The Rep Committee has proposed the following: The President will appoint an experienced Representative to assist the Vice President in his duties as Rep liaison.  This appointed Rep will be responsible for responding to Rep assignment needs when a sanctioning request is approved by the BOD.  This appointed Rep will be responsible for sending out calls for Reps within one week of sanctioning approval and respond to the Rep calls answers within one week.  Additionally, the appointed Rep will send the sanctioning request to the appointed Lead Rep when selection is approved by the BOD.  And finally the appointed Rep will maintain the Rep assignment sheet and send out to the Reps as changes occur.

Dennis Schmitz: no more explanation other than what is written above.  Keeps continuity regardless of who the VP is.  Take care of the assignments that need to be taken care of in the procedures. 

Jim Elser does not disagree with the idea but will create more work for him.  More emails to keep track.

The BOD showed no interest in adopting this appointment

  1. Upgrade our current email blast capability: Propose that the IT Committee be authorized to upgrade our subscription to the Mail Chimp email blast system to allow us unlimited email blasts per month rather than the limited number we have now. Cost is $15 per month.

Connie Washam made a motion to upgrade the mail chimp, Kevin French 2nd.  The motion carried.

  1. Adopt the following recommendation from the Treasurer to allocate funds for the remainder of the year: This will involve setting up two savings accounts tied to our checking account: one for TOTY money and one Reserve.

Approximate current balance:            $21,000

TOTY account                                    5,000

Reserve account                                 7,500

BBQ News                                          6,583

Operating                                             1,917

  1. BBQ News

The following options were developed by the Treasurer:

Option A:  1142.75 X 12 = 13,713 per year

If we go with electronic which I feel is the right decision here.

That is

Option B:  548.52 X 12 = 6,582.24

BUT we get the 2 pages with that price – to have articles or to sell adds or some of both to help off set the price.

The third option is to just buy 2 pages

Option C:  600 x 2 X 12 = 14,400

This costs more and doesn’t put the paper back in the hands of the members – something they have all been bitching about.

Robin Yelverton moved to table #6.

We will do a survey monkey of the membership to see who wants NBBQN, who doesn’t want it.  Who wants what paper, NBBQN or BBQ Times or not want it at all.

  1. ID cards for cook team members: In order for all of our members to utilize the

various discounts that Lori worked to hard to negotiate, we need to provide members with some form of ID card.  Currently the judges can use the judges badge.  There are a number of options available.

a..  Purchase approximately 130 cook team badges similar to the judges badges.  Cost: 130 x $7 = $910.00

  1. Gary Washam proposed: We can purchase a color badge printer (including Windows drivers), color printing tape and 1,000 blank white badges for $1,330.  This would yield a price per badge of $1.33 each without a lanyard ($.50 each).  After the printer and first 1,000 badges are paid for, the cost per badge would drop to $.38 each without a lanyard.  We hand out most badges so we avoid postage costs now. This would enable us to print badges for all members at significant savings over our current $7 per badge costs.  For 1,000 badges we would save ($7,000 – $1,330 = $5,670 if printer cost is included / $7,000 – $380 = $6,620 for just badges).
  1. Jim Elser proposed: We need a membership card so our members can take advantage of the discounts.  Here’s a link where we can get the type of printer paper for these cards. http://www.lasermembercards.com/.   This would be for ID cards rather than badges.

Robin Yelverton made a motion that we do not adopt any of these proposals and wait until we have fully implemented Member Press so that ID cards would be automatically issued at the time of renewal.  Pat Brannen 2nd.  The motion passed unanimously.

  1. Marketing:
  2. Accept Kell Phelps extremely generous offer to print 1,000 trifold brochures

for $250.   We can work with him to make the brochure appeal to both organizers and

individuals.  (See also consent agenda)

  1. Purchase 250 or so letterhead envelopes to mail brochures in.  The rest can

be handed out or we can get more envelopes.

  1. Pursue forming a marketing committee utilizing members with professional

marketing skills.

  1. Put together a contest where the member who brings in the most new members gets some sort of prize.
  2. Send brochures and contact personally any unsanctioned contests we become aware of.
  3. Look into sanctioning stand-alone back yard contests at a reduced sanctioning fee and make sure every team gets an invitation to join FBA.

Kevin made a motion that we appoint a marketing committee to steer us in the direction of the marketing brochure.  Robin 2nd  The motion carried.

Steve Carrington: we are missing the boat on the $250.00 payout for the brochure.  He would like to have a brochure for them.  he is not going to go empty handed.

Get the marketing committee together as quickly as possible to connect with Kell Phelps to developed a brochure for presentation as quickly as possible.

  1. Pat Brannen would like to use the items donated from the Fun Cook

Kevin French made a motion to give the donated fun cook items to the contest in Perry.  Connie Washam 2nd

motion passed unanimously

  1. Nominations for new officers ends October 11.
  1. Does the BOD want to meet on Halloween or move the meeting up a week.

 President, Steve Brumm, will be on holiday in Hawaii.

Member Comments:

Motion to adjourn.  all in favor hang up.

Meeting adjourned at:

Next meeting: October 24, 2016,  at 8:00 PM EDT via Teleconference. Call in number: 347-989-1121

Respectfully submitted.

Connie Washam