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FBA Board of DIrectors Minutes – April 2019

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

April 29, 2019 at 8:00 PM


Present: Ben Purvis, Ed Shemanski, Shelby Lomen, Matt Barber, Steve Brumm,

Absent: Lou Goldman

Recorder Connie Washam

Guests: Mike Cox, Christi Almond, Chris Yarbrough, Samantha Summerlin, Daniel Tomlinson,

Call to Order: 8:02 PM


Approve BOD minutes for March 2019.  Steve Brumm moved to approve the March 2019 minutes.  Matt Barber second.  The motion carried unanimously.


Business conducted by email:


Financial Report – Shelby Lomen

PNC:  $4,773.70

PayPal:  $9070.37

Total balance:  $13,844.07


Membership Report – Connie Washam

With the class held this weekend we had quite a few new members of whom I am processing.

The end of May will be the beginning of the June renewal period.  I will be encouraging all members renewing to do so through the profile that way their dues will be year to year.


Consent Agenda:



Cook Teams Committee – Matt Barber

Finishing up the Family description so there will be something to send out this weekend.

BBQ Data uploaded FBA scores to their site.  I think they have the scores from January to date.

Smithfield also has

FBA has 3 teams in the top 25 and another 2 teams in the top 30.  Side note: Pig-Chcka-Cow-Cow may ultimately be ranked in the top 5 after their most recent grand in Fort Meyers.


Judges Committee – Jim Frazee: No report


IT Committee – Gary Washam

The Verizon hotspots were suspended and our statement has been reduced significantly.


Rep Training Committee – Gary Washam

Bryan Durta finished his 5 contest and final rep training requirement and Lori and Richard Ware will reenter training in Merritt Island.  Chuck and Kitty Dolan have completed their questionnaires and those have been forwarded to Steve Brumm and Dennis Schmitt and then all final evaluations will be forwarded to Ed Shemanski for presentation to the BOD for approval.


New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz, no report


Rep Committee – Charles Golden, no report


Marketing/Social Media Committee Social committee meeting: Shelby Lomen – not too much going on with Marketing.  The general liability for officers has come due and will be renewed this weekend.

Steve Brumm made a motion that we renew the director and officer liability insurance in the amount of $777.00.  (Same as last year) Ed Shemanski 2nd


Old Business – President


  1. Judges list: Once the list of judges is randomized the list should be published so the judges not picked in the first round will know where they stand for the 2nd or 3rd  Randomize the list.  Ed Shemanski will work on the wording.


  1. Two new Contests: Leesburg Back Yard only competition is for January 2020. This is an established event venue.  The same week as Apalachicola competition.  The Other Competition is in Orange Park, FL held at an agricultural site in October.  This new contest is scheduled for the week after Odessa.  Bob Youngblood will do the site inspection.  However nothing is ready for a vote.


Connie Washam made a motion that Zephyrhills contest be approved for the next 3 years.  Ed Shemanski 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously.


The BOD needs to adjust the wording of the terms and conditions for BY vs. PRO only contests held on the same day.  Shelby Lomen will work on the wording.


New Business:


  1. Move the May meeting to the 21st due to the Memorial Day holiday.

Ed Shemanski made a motion that the May BOD meeting be moved to the 20th of May.  Steve Brumm 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously.

  1. FUN COOK. Is there anyone who would like to organize the Fun Cook? The Boys & Girls Club seems       to be the most central and was successful last year.
  2. Time to consider nominations for the FBA Hall of Fame nominations.

Member Comments:

  1. Mike Cox; as far as the judges selections for someone who has a busy life it was nice to sign up for the first 28 days. But now with the longer sign up window we’ve lost some judges.  Publishing the list will be a good compromise.
  2. Christi Almond; The potential new contest in October will it be a pro only? (the organizers are still in discussions)


The meeting adjourned at 8:58 PM

Next BOD meeting: May 20, 2019 @ 8:00 PM