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FBA Board of Directors Minutes – August 2018

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

August 27, 2018 at 8:00 PM


Present: Ben Purvis, Lou Goldman, Matt Barber, Steve Brumm, Ed Shemanski

Absent: Robin Yelverton,

Recorder: Connie Washam

Guests: Tim Geibieg, Tim & Alison Strachan, Joe Theodoredis, Shelby Lomen, Samantha Summerlin, Nick Wunder, Jim Frazee, Paul Thomas,

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:03 PM


Approve BOD minutes for July  2018 need Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the minutes of July


Business conducted by email:

Connie Washam made a motion to approve the Naples contest.  Steve Brumm 2nd, the motion carried


Ed Shemanski made a motion to have FBA make the State Championship banners for the Valdosta contest for 2017 and 2018.  Matt Barber 2nd, The motion carried

Ed Shemanski – Yes      Lou Goldman – Yes       Steve Brumm – Yes       Matt Barber – Yes

Robin Yelverton – Yes   Connie Washam – No


Financial Report – Robin Yelverton

Received $500.00 from Butcher Shoppe and Flame Boss, two new corporate sponsorships


Membership Report – Connie Washam

  1. did not get any information about the Butcher Shoppe or Flame Boss need a contact name address etc.
  2. Last month we got a new restaurant member, I sent her an email for the name of the restaurant and I never heard back. She did not put her phone number on the Paypal information  Her name is  Stacey Lupo, Odessa, FL
  3. We have roughly 6 new members since last month. 2 individual with a named team, one family membership with named team and 2 individuals
  4. for a total of 670 active members.
  5. we have 3 judges classes coming up and I believe the membership will increase as we get closer to those dates.

Consent Agenda

  1. Approve the following reps for Nov 30th Lake Wales contest. Sheila Lead Rep along with Frank, Gary, and Connie.
  2. Approve the following reps for Sept. 28th Orlando contest. Gary Lead along with Connie, Ed, and Jim.

Steve Brumm made motion to approve the consent agenda, Ed Shemanski 2nd.  the motion carried



Cook Teams Committee – No Report


Judges Committee – still working on judging stats and September he’ll make a final report in December at the Fun Cook.  The judges committee working on more equitable criteria for the Judge of the Year award.

Matt Barber: is there a way to find out of those who judged one contest was it their 1st time judging or had they judged lots of time prior?

Jim Frazee will be figuring out better numbers as we move forward and will try to include this information as to whether or not they were 1st time judges or experienced but not been selected or judged recently.  Some judges are more active than others.


Topic from June was not addressed in the July or August BOD meeting


“The identification of a meat sample hair or brush fiber does not require a DQ unless the FBA Representative deems the number of hairs or fibers unacceptable.  The lack of a remaining clean sample shall be a grounds for that DQ.  It is now the judge’s responsibility to remove, choose another sample or eat around the hair or fiber.  The TC can assist the judge if requested by offering an alternate sample from the two or more remaining pieces or groupings of meat in the box.”  The TC shall hold all boxes until each judge is in possession of an acceptable sample”.

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the recommended wording for a hair in the box.  there was no 2nd.  the board would like to discuss further.  The motion failed.


Discussion; The judges “might” downgrade the score based on discussions with the judges at recent events still allowing the team to regain some points for the overall four-meat score.  Judge training may eliminate this bias but hairs especially are still considered an issue.  We are moving in the correct direction ad time will help resolve this issue as it has in other barbecue organizations.


The industry standard is a hair net for food workers and remains the best way to eliminate this issue.  The above text is considered a reasonable resolution of an issue of concern by cook teams.  Research of existing programs has found that this direction has resolved the issue and the minimal presence of hairs and fibers is resolved.


IT Committee – Gary Washam, we had a problem in Valdosta and we fixed it.  Photos were not showing we’ve fixed that.  Would like to add Charles Golden to the IT Committee.  Ready to try out the box placement will try it at the upcoming Big Belly BBQ in Davenport.


New Contest Liaison, Dennis Schmitz, No news to report.  Have not heard from Milton on sanctioning.


Rep Committee Charles Golden, no Rep report.


Marketing/Social Media Committee


Old Business – President

  1. HOF Plaques and FBA Banners: Hall of Fame plaques are finished, just need a letter from the president to include in the mailing. I don’t have an address for Joby’s family.  FBA banners are not made.  It was more complicated than I thought. I’ll contact Melissa McKay for a price, since they have our Logo and have made our banners in the past.  Valdosta had our logo on their publicity banners, I believe Big Belly does too.
  2. New HOF nominees, Connie Washam has developed a form and would like to send it out in the Smoke Bits September and October. final submissions to be due October 15th.  In time for the committee to make their picks and have the plaques made for presentation at the Fun Cook.
  3. Tri Fold update: Printed? We should be getting them from the printer this week
  4. Backyard Terms and conditions:
  5. Box Routing to tables: Gary Washam is ready to run an actual contest using the new routing system. There were two teams whose boxes landed on the same tables twice in Valdosta.

State Championship.

New Business

  1. Fun Cook: Possibly go with a new location.
  2. Committee Selection hopefully we’ll figure out a way to attract teams.
  3. BY Points and TOTY points:
  4. Payouts:
  5. New Rep Training Richard & Lori are doing well and will complete their 3rd contest.  Bryan Durta is ready to start                 his rep in training and next will be Roy Griffin.
  6. Shirts and Hats …


Comments from members:

Tim Giebeig, wanted to say that he reads the Smoke Bits.


The meeting adjourned at  9:27 PM

Next BOD meeting: September 24, 2018-8:00 PM

Call in number 1-712-451-0294   Access Code: 184732