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FBA Board of Directors Minutes – February 2019

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 25, 2019 at 8:00 PM


Present: Ben Purvis, Matt Barber, Ed Shemanski, Lou Goldman, Shelby Lomen, Steve Brumm

Recorder Connie Washam

Guests: Tim Giebeig, Lee Thompson, Amanda Podlucky, Chris Yarbrough, Nick Wunder, Patrick Coleman, Doug Francis, Rick/Gayle Dimaggio, Charles Golden, Jim Frazee, Steve Carrington, Vladimir Paje, Noel Stephen, Regina Campbell

Call to Order: 8:01 PM


Approve BOD minutes for September, October and November, December 2018 and January 2019 minutes

Lou Goldman moved to approve the minutes from September, October, November and January.  Steve Brumm 2nd. The Motion carried


Business conducted by email:

2/5/2019; Matt Barber made a motion to approve ordering new checks with “No personal names on the checks” under FBA only as well as a debit card to be used for after hour deposits and electronic payments.  Ed Shemanski 2nd.  The motion carried


2/6/2019 Shelby Lomen made a motion to replace Dennis Schmitz with Frank Jones as a contest representative at the Apopka contest.  Steve Brumm 2nd The motion carried


Financial Report – Shelby Lomen

PNC: $5,247.48

PayPal:   $8,059.55


Membership Report – Connie Washam


Consent Agenda:

  1. Reps for Davenport Big Belly BBQ Bash will be Ed Shemanski (lead), Sheilah and Frank Jones
  2. Sanction request for the Odessa BBQ Contest

Connie made a motion to approve the consent agenda, Steve Brumm 2nd the motion carried



Cook Teams Committee – Matt Barber

No report, committee is changing members


Judges Committee – Jim Frazee: continuing on with the judge’s statistics and now is beginning to compare last year to this year.  And hopefully will have some boards to display at a contest in the future.  The judges committee is looking to take over the judges of the Year criteria.  They are also looking into working on a better criteria for choosing.  Maybe look at JOTY from a different angle


IT Committee – Gary Washam

He has cleared out a lot of duplications which has freed up memory.  This is an ongoing process.


Rep Training Committee – Gary Washam

Rep Training Program:

  1. a) Roy Griffin, has decided not to pursue becoming an FBA Contest Representative at this time.
  2. b) Brian Durta worked Davenport and has only one more contest.
  3. c) After their concerns were addressed, Richard & Lori Ware have decided to continue with the rep training and will begin again May 5, in Merritt Island.
  4. d) Chuck & Kitty Dolan shadowed in Haines City and are looking forward to receiving the survey and joining the FBA rep training program.


New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz, no report


Rep Committee – Charles Golden, no report


Marketing/Social Media Committee Social committee meeting: Shelby Lomen She is rebuilding the committee and has sent out a few target items that she wants to see done for this year and is excited for the direction the committee is going


Old Business – President

  1. Great Florida BBQ Fest New Contest in Spring Hill. Possibly will change the location.  Ben does not see a way to sanction the contest for 2019.  We might continue to work with him.
  2. Lake City has cancelled all future BBQ contests. Gary Washam has removed the Lake City event from cancelled to complete removal from the FBA Calendar.


New Business:

  1. New Forms: Meat Inspection, Judges Script, Cook Team Script
  2. Online Payment option for all possible expenses. Check or paypal only.  Shelby will put together a list of types of payments needed for Paypal.
  3. Table Numbers vs. Table Letters; the teams get numbers and then there are table numbers, might be easier to track if the table use letters instead of numbers.  The team number for contest purposes is a 3 digit number.  There is no reason to change the table numbers to letters.
  4. Judges list for contest judging; Judges make other plans because they didn’t get selected in the first round. Also publish the rest of the list so the remaining judges can see where they are on the judges list.
  5. Judge training committee; Rick Dimaggio and Steve Carrington have been selected to see how the judges training seminars can be improved and standardized.
  6. Budgets; FBA has 7 Hot Spots and we need to deactivate 3 (Bob, Ed, Dennis) of them.
  7. Communication between everyone; Communication needs to be better. Keep Ben in the loop
  8. Judge’s Manual; there are specific methods of judging each meat. The table captain should be confident enough to correct them.  If they can’t follow the guidelines maybe that judge should have another job.  Bite a rib in the middle, take the bite of chicken rather than dissect it first.
  9. Table Captains; should be a little more experienced before they are assigned as a table captain. Possible move the number of judging to 8-10 before they are assigned to table captain.  Have the table captain read the proper process for judging each meat.



Tim Geibieg, would just like to let everyone know that Steve Ross passed away.  Steve was a judge and pitmaster of The Ross Team.

The meeting adjourned at 9:38 PM

Next BOD meeting: March 25, 2019 @ 8:00 PM