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FBA Board of Directors Minutes – January 2019

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

January 28, 2019 at 8:00 PM


Present: Ben Purvis, Matt Barber, Ed Shemanski, Lou Goldman, Shelby Lomen, Matt Barber, Steve Brumm

Guests: Sadie Yarbrough, Amanda Podlucky, John Solomon, Heath Albritton, Regina Campbell, Joe Theodoredis, Doug Francis, Faith Harris, Nick Wunder, Ollie Nowakowski, Steve Carrington, Keith Harris, Robin Yelverton


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:06 PM


Approve BOD minutes for September, October and November 2018 minutes; postponed to February


Business conducted by email:

Ed Shemanski made a motion for an email vote to approve Formstack as our form management software at a cost of $60.00 per month.  Steve Brumm 2nd.  The motion carried

4 in favor – 2 against


Steve Brumm made a motion to accept the new TOTY points as written.  Matt 2nd

Steve Brumm withdrew his motion for clarification.


Ed Shemanski made a motion to accept the new TOTY points as clarified.  Steve Brumm 2nd

the motion carried with 5 in favor one against.


Financial Report – Shelby Lomen

Will take a little time to get all the paperwork from Robin Yelverton and the State to officially take over as treasurer.


Membership Report – Connie Washam

The results of the election:

Vice President: Ed Shemanski

Treasurer: Shelby Lomen

Director: Matt Barber

Director: Steve Brumm



2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

Rob “Rub” Bagby, Jady Hill and Ricky Ginsburg.


The December renewal period started out with 350 needing to renew, 114 memberships remain expired.  From November through January 28th, 22 total new members; 8 with newly declared team names and 6 new families.

Several expired memberships are teams and will renew at their first contest and the few judges who have lapsed will renew when they judge next.

Illness and moving away are among some of the reason for not renewing.


Consent Agenda:

Lou made a motion motion to approve Rep changes; Frank replaces Dennis for Winter Haven, Charles replaces Dennis for Apopka, Bob replaces Dennis for Bradenton contest reps. Steve Brumm 2nd   the motion carried




Cook Teams Committee – Matt Barber; Lee Thompson will be working on the BBQ data program to submit to BBQ Scores in the format they want.


Judges Committee – Jim Frazee; No report  


IT Committee – Gary Washam;

Our website was running out of memory storage.  He has been removing all the redundancy in the website.  He will remove Robin Yelverton from the Paypal notification.

Someone used our web address for some spam he upgraded our website protection.


Rep Training Committee – Dennis Schmitz, Bob Youngblood, Gary Washam; issues addressed under old business


New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz – No report


Rep Committee – Charles Golden, no report


Marketing/Social Media Committee Social committee meeting – Shelby Lomen –  She received the document with bullet points.  she was in Apalachicola and will address the bullet points shortly.


Ben Purvis has appointed Hall of Fame member, Rub Bagby to be FBA Historian


Old Business – President

Smithfield National BBQ Championship.  They are tracking the top teams who will get an invitation to their contest.

Because the cost to send our contest data post contest and automated connection to our contest reports will cost $700.  Ben Purvis and  Lee Thompson felt we should not spend the money at this time.  Lee volunteered to compile FBA contest results and send them to BBQ Scores


Rep Training: Richard and Lori Ware started the rep training where are they and are they still interested?  Roy Griffin shadowed, is he still interested?

Gary will speak to the Ware’s and he sent the questionnaire to Roy, but haven’t heard back from him.  Sent a memo to the board regarding Bryan Durta.  He is ready to become a rep.  Gary would like to waive the last two contests.  Ben will contact Dennis Schmitz and Bob Youngblood to see if they agree.


New Business

Great Florida BBQ Fest; the FBA BOD had a phone meeting with Organizer Alex.  Ben has talked with the complex representatives, they are all in.  Alex has agreed to come to the Apopka contest to get a feel for what it is to put on a BBQ Contest.  We will vote to approve or not after he visits Apopka


Jack Daniels Invitational and The American Royal Paperwork; Jim Elser has updated the spreadsheets through 1/28/2019.  He forwarded the paperwork to Ben who will keep the forms updated for now.  Would like to see the responsibility go to the Cook Team.


Committee Priority list has not been sent to IT.  Would like to see things done in order of priority.  Ben Purvis would like to see a list of what IT is working on and where they’re at and what is next.  Some committee lists are short, others are longer.  As things come along they get pushed to the back.


Formstack forms: Ed has sanctioning form and new membership forms 90% done.  he will forward links to the board.


Kids Q Nation; Group new to Ben.  This weekend an event was put on at the Shed.   Kids Q Nation, strictly put on kids events.  Ben sent them his information and will pass along to Organizers who might want to include that in their event or a stand-alone Kid Q event.


Connie Washam made a motion that the Hall of Fame inductees will no longer have to pay FBA membership dues. Ed Shemanski 2nd The motion carried unanimously. Jady Hill, Rub Bagby and Leon Isaacs, to date.


Member Comments:


Robin Yelverton:10-99 went out today.  Charles Golden’s check is in the mail plus a couple more things to Shelby Lomen.

John Solomon: We had a great contest this weekend and wants to thank all the contest reps and board members who came.  Hopes this contest keeps moving forward.  All teams from the last two years have had a blast.


The meeting adjourned at  8:53 PM

Next BOD meeting: February 25, 2019   @8:00 PM