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FBA Board of Directors Minutes – March 2019

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

March 25, 2019 at 8:00 PM


Present: Ben Purvis, Ed Shemanski, Matt Barber, Steve Brumm, Lou Goldman, Shelby Lomen

Recorder Connie Washam

Guests: Jim Frazee, Sheilah Jones, Tillman Lee Nelson III, Ronaki Baker, Tim Giebeig, Sadie Yarbrough, Harriet Rockwood, Nick Wunder, Jim Smith, Bob Youngblood, Lee Thompson, Doug Francis, Tim Maloy, Frank Jones, Thomas Perry, Jerrod Carter

Call to Order: 8:04 PM


Approve BOD minutes for December annual general membership meeting 2018 and February 2019 minutes, is in the consent agenda.


Business conducted by email:

3/11/2019 Ed Shemanski made a motion to replace the current membership application with the Form Stack form.  Shelby Lomen 2nd. The motion carried


Financial Report – Shelby Lomen no report




Membership Report – Connie Washam

Lots of new members joined in March, many with competition BBQ teams.


Consent Agenda:

Contest reps for Perry: Ed Shemanski Lead with Bill Tanner and Bob Youngblood

Approve the Revised minutes for December and February.

Lou made a motion to approve the consent agenda, Ed Shemanski 2nd the motion carried unanimously



Cook Teams Committee – Matt Barber

Something related to the divination of family


Judges Committee – Jim Frazee:

  1. Discussion on what is considered a family
  2. JOTY program and the recommendation right now is to suspend the 2019 JOTY program until the judges committee can review the and evaluate what will be criteria and then come back to the BOD to either discontinue the program for once and for all or come up with a better method. Would like to see it focused on quality of judging as opposed to who/how volunteer.  Pull it together before November so we can resolve before the Fun cook.  Judges committee will work to define and quantify the JOTY nominees.  Reinstitute the program possibly in 2020

Lou Goldman would like to see the Marty Hyde name be transferred from the JOTY to the Judges Seminar if we discontinue the JOTY program.  If we continue with the judge of the year, we’ll keep the MH name.  It will take several months to come to a final conclusion. The current system is not working and the information was not being forwarded to where it needed to be forwarded because JF only had information for 5 contests in 2015.

Shelby Lomen would like to see a little historical piece on the website regarding the history of Marty Hyde.


IT Committee – Gary Washam

No significant issues, one plug in license expired and he paid for it and sent a reimbursement receipt to Shelby for payment.  The Verizon account took quite a bit of effort to establish a corporate account.  3 of the MyFi have been disabled.  He will be deactivating the MyFi devices as a pause in contests occurs.  Shelby is now on the account.  Billing can be switched to the corporate credit Card.  He can log onto the account and put the FBA card for the billing.


Rep Training Committee – Gary Washam


New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz, no report


Rep Committee – Charles Golden, no report


Marketing/Social Media Committee Social committee meeting: Shelby Lomen

Nothing super specific had a conversation with Kevin from the Butcher Shop.  Maybe will work into a sponsorship.  A few things she is working through.


Old Business – President

Steve Brumm made a motion that we suspend the JOTY program for the 2019 to let the Judges Committee work on a better criteria.  Shelby Lomen 2nd the motion carried unanimously.


Table Captains: the BOD needs to re-evaluate how they are chosen or move it to a minimum number of contests judged so that the TC will have more confidence in the responsibility.  There is a place to check if a judge wants to be a table captain.  The judges committee will take charge of this


Judge list: publish the judges list so judges will know where they stand on the list.  Hopefully this will help judges from getting discouraged and make other plans.  Matt Barber would like to see the randomized the list published.  That way the judges should know where they stand. Ed Shemanski has no problem with publishing the list.  We should not be making adjustments to the list based on experience.  If judges are looking to judge more events they can go to any event and if there are no shows, they might get seated.  The best option is to keep the list random and publish it that way.  (not that long ago the organizers signed up the judges they didn’t know who was a master judge or a new judge they handed the list to the rep to place them at the tables)


  1. Matt Barber made a motion to publish the randomized list of judges interested in judging a particular contest they signed up for. Connie Washam 2nd the motion. The motion failed. 


  1. Steve Brumm made a motion that a contest Lead Rep can pick milestone recipients or to balance the first four tables from the randomized list for the first 28 selected judges, what remains will be published. Lou 2nd the motion is a tie 3 Yay, 3 Nay; President Ben Purvis voted no. The motion failed. 


Both motions failed, table this discussion


Judge Training Committee: is not going to happen the way Ben had hoped it would.  The judges Seminar and its content will be the responsibility of the judges committee.  Review the entire process.  What is the content of the course, how the content is being delivered.


New Business:

Leesburg sanctioning: 7th charity Chile Cook-off and charity BBQ Contest. Back Yard only, Peoples Choice.   The dates for this contest fall on the same date as the long standing Zephyrhills contest.

Membership Fees:  Dues will remain the same if pay by check, but if they pay on line there will be a convenience fee.

Ed Shemanski made a motion that a processing fee be rolled into the dues of those who renew their FBA membership via Paypal. Shelby 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.

Rep Check List: mailing photos of awards to Gary, Audrey Campbell for BBQ Times and Doug Francis for our

The checklist needs to be seriously revised because it is outdated.  Steve will work with Charles Golden on the Rep Check List revision.


Definition of Family concerning judges and teams: “

  1. The definition of family is both a residential and family entity.
  2. Individuals living under the same address are considered family. Significant others are considered family whether they live at the same address of not.
  3. Persons within the 1st degree of kinship by blood. Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister is considered family
  4. These categories apply to all members of a cook team and not just the head cook.

Individuals that are defined

Matt Barber; the cook teams discussed narrowing it down to under the same residence/address.  We need to define a family and we have to define a cook team member.

Ed Shemanski; living under the same roof, what is the definition of significant other?  Doesn’t believe we should make a motion regarding this right now.

Jim Frazee; Sent the board a document with wording from another sanctioning body.

The BOD will be looking at this issue as a whole.  Members are welcome to send an email comments.


Member Comments:

  1. Tillman Lee Nelson III; the delema for me as a cook team decided to judge.  My problem is I couldn’t even tell you what their books looks or tastes like because he is constantly trying to beat me.  I am not there to find out whose box is whose.  As a cook team am I not going to be allowed to judge?
  2. Sheilah Jones;When you open that can of worms, whose is going to keep the database of who cooks with who, who sleeps with who…I would like to keep faith that we are honest souls. Transparency is important.
  3. Nick Wunder; was one of the people who sent the board the other organizations definition of family. Would like to see FBA completly eliminate the family definition and let everyone who is FBA trained judge, judge.  The majority of judges just judge what they get.
  4. Pat (Brian) Coleman; by use of the randomization of judges list, are we trying to exclude certain judges? On the family issue, are we worried about perception and questioning FBA integrity or judges integrity.
  5. Lee Thompson; no one is questioning Tillman’s integrity we have rules in place for those who want to violate the rules. The rule is pretty black and white as it is.
  6. Tim Geibieg; Ben you are right on target on the judges selection note to the BOD Transparency, Transparency, Transparency
  7. Tim Maloy;Regarding judging, if they don’t live in the house they should be able to judge


Shelby will follow up on a contest interest with a check she received

Ed will get a hold of Leesburg Harley Davidson


The meeting adjourned at PM

Next BOD meeting: April 29th @ 8:00 PM