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FBA Board of Directors Minutes – May 2019

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

May 20, 2019 at 8:00 PM


Present: Ben Purvis, Ed Shemanski, Shelby Lomen, Steve Brumm, Lou Goldman

Absent: Matt Barber

Recorder Connie Washam

Guests: Dennis Schmitz, Tim Giebeig, Kenny Shiflett, Jim Frazee, Steve Carrington

Call to Order: 8:02 PM


Approve BOD minutes for April 2019.  Sent 5/9/2019

Ed Shemanski made a motion to approve the April minutes, Steve Brumm 2nd

The motion carried


Business conducted by email:

Shelby Lomen made a motion to approve the “Ham Jam” October 18-19, 2019 in Green Cove Springs, FL.  Matt Barber 2nd.  The motion carried


Financial Report – Shelby Lomen



PayPal:  $11,094.60.  Approximately $6080.90 is Big Belly’s

Total balance: $


Membership Report – Connie Washam

Renewal reminders will be going out the end of the month for those whose memberships expire June 31st


Consent Agenda:

  1. Approve Reps for the 1st Coast Ham Jam; Gary Washam (Lead) Connie Washam, Jim Dehne

See business conducted by email.



Cook Teams Committee – Matt Barber, no report


Judges Committee – Jim Frazee: judges committee is working on the issues discussed over the last couple of meetings when Matt Barber returns we will work on the verbiage to define family


IT Committee – Gary Washam

Just worked with Shelby and all hot spots are suspended until we need them individually again in August.


Rep Training Committee – Gary Washam


New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz, no report


Rep Committee – Charles Golden, no report


Marketing/Social Media Committee Social committee meeting: Shelby Lomen – No report


Old Business – President, No old business


New Business:

Terms and conditions for Back Yard contests:

The following steps must be done for FBA Contest Sanctioning! Request for Sanctioning Form – All Contests, new and repeat, MUST submit this form, signed and dated where indicated. The FBA Board of Directors will not approve sanctioning without a signed and dated copy of this form.  The FBA Board of Directors reserves the right to wave any requirement listed below via a majority vote.

Ed Shemanski made a motion that the above sentence, The FBA Board of Directors reserves the right to wave any requirement listed below via a majority vote, be added to the sanctioning agreement. Connie Washam 2nd

The motion carried with 4 in favor and 1 opposed vote.


  1. Leesburg Contest; January 24th & 25th. Plenty of power and water.  Police & Fire Department hosting, held at the Harley Davidson.  If any competitor needs to leave early will be positioned so they can leave early.
  2. Back Yard only; their payout is $3,200. Total payout is more than our maximum of 2,500.
  3. They want to up team participation to 30 teams as opposed to the 24 max teams.

Shelby Lomen made a motion to approve the new contest in Leesburg with payout and team number changes, Connie Washam 2nd.  The motion carried unanimously


  • Contests are color coded on the website so we need to color designate Back Yard only contests a different color.
  • State Championship: There is a letter that will be sent out to all contest organizers that qualify.
  • Big Belly has more than doubled its competitors from last year.

Member Comments:

John Solomon: glad the BOD received his letter requesting the state championship designation.  Apalachicola contest would truly benefit from being the Florida State Championship.


The meeting adjourned at 8:58 PM

Next BOD meeting: June 24, 2019 @ 8:00 PM