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FBA Board of Directors Minutes – November 2018

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

November 26, 2018 at 8:00 PM


Present: Ben Purvis, Matt Barber, Ed Shemanski, Lou Goldman, Robin Yelverton, Connie Washam

Absent: Steve Brumm

Guests: Shelby Lomen, Lee Thompson, Tim Giebeig, Christi Allman, Noel Stephen, nick Wunder, Bob Youngblood, Marie Yarbrough, Allen Pomerleau

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:00 PM


Approve BOD minutes for September and October 2018 minutes; postponed to January


Business conducted by email:


Financial Report – Robin Yelverton

PNC $8497.20

Paypal $13,714.94

Total: $22,212.19

All contests reps have been paid for contests to date.

Will cut checks for the contests for rest of the year.

We still have outstanding payout for TOTY

Will has been paid through December


Membership Report – Connie Washam

Elections are ongoing

December Renewal will begin the first of December.


Consent Agenda:

Sheilah Jones step down as lead for lake Wales contest and Gary Washam will step in as lead for Lake Wales and Ed Shemanski step in as the 4th rep.

Matt Barber made a motion to make rep changes to the Lake Wales Contest. Robin Yelverton 2nd, the motion carried.



Cook Teams Committee – No Report


Judges Committee – Jim Frazee: No report  


IT Committee – Finally got hold of Will Cleaver as he has been deployed with OBR.  They will talk 11/27/2018 two subjects increasing our memory and

updated our license fees for all servers for next year.  Will then be able to upload photos for the contest results.




New Contest Liaison – No report


Rep Committee – no report


Marketing/Social Media Committee Social committee meeting: Matt Barber – the only thing the marketing committee is working on is the Fun Cook.  Trying to reach RecTech to help sponsor.


Old Business – President

  1. New HOF nominees: Three have been selected and plaques need to be made.
  2. Tri Fold update: Matt needs holders. Ed dropped some at the Butcher Shop, at Megabyte and Whiskey Bent is ok to put some in their shop.  Ben has a couple of possible locations in Okeechobee.  Shelby Lomen will help with distribution.  Gave one of the new FBA banners to Gary Washam, and the 2nd one could be handed to Ben.
  3. Fun Cook Update: 30+ t-shirts were sold there are 13 pro teams and 4 Back Yard teams. going to have a Judge the Judge “Anything But” contest where a judge cook and the teams judge. Also there is a cocktail crawl
  4. BBQ Data: No one is getting a response from Will Cleaver. We need to give them (BBQ Scores) access to the database.  The Data is stored in multiple datasets that are used to create the contest reports.  Have they given us a format that they want to work with?  One of the main reasons for doing this is our contests will all be listed on their site and apply for the Smithfield points contest, the King of Smokers.  We’ll have a lot better shot for FBA teams to compete in it.  We’ll figure out what is involved to find out how much it’s going to cost.

Ed Shemanski spoke with Luke Darnell at Pig Jam and shared our contest data from Pompano that he copied out of Scorecard into and Excel spreadsheet. It was not in a format that was 100% compatible with what they needed so we need to engage Will Cleaver.  Luke has tried to contact him on a few occasions but had had no response.  What will the cost be to us for Will Cleaver to make adjustments to our data to be compatible to BBQ Data.  Possibly the teams who this will benefit should pool their money together to pay for the service.

  1. FBA Elections: Can we see how many people have voted? they are underway and Gary Washam can see how many have voted and who voted, but not how anyone voted. 208 have voted 32% have voted.  Mail in ballots have been sent waiting on them to be returned.


New Business


  1. TOTY: Everyone should have received the TOTY rules.   Paying to 15th place is a good idea.  He would like to get more cooks involved.  FBA President Ben Purvis would like to have this settled before the Fun Cook.
  2. FormStack vs. the Word Press plug in that will do the same thing for a lot less money, no monthly fee and we keep the data in house. Ed Shemanski likes FormStack has never had any problems for as long as Ed has used it for the 9th circuit court.  FBA doesn’t use forms as much as the court does.

There is no transaction fee to use the plug in.   The cost of the Plug-in was $49 plus PayPal option $15.00 total $64.00 one time purchase.  If we offer this to our organizers, they are paying us for the service, and this will offset the cost.

Robin is looking at the paypal fee we pay for every transaction.  Our fee to paypal depends upon the amount paid through paypal.  We all have a better understanding of our options.  $708 annually to use FormStack.  Ben would like to see a comparison of options then a more educated decision can be made by the BOD.

  1. Ben has been hacked he would like to have a new Facebook messenger group for incoming board of directors and use this for our BOD communication.
  2. O. Box for Treasurer one spot where all mail goes for FBA treasurer.  Treasurer should be handling all money coming in and going out.  Connie will change the address on the membership form on the website.
  3. Detailed treasurer report should be sent to the board starting 2019. There are 50 different entries in QuickBooks accounting program.
  4. Cintas report Ben spoke to Jerry Addison from Cintas, they are cutting us a check for $286.36, for misc. team sales. Also, 30 shirts have been sold, so that will be another $60./$70.
  5. 2017 Fun Cook: The FBA never gave the Boys and Girls Club any donation to help cover their electricity costs. Matt has been trying to get an appropriate amount to give them, but they’ve not given any appropriate amount.

Robin Yelverton made a motion to donate $1,500 to the Boys and Girls Club for use of the facility in 2017.  Lou Goldman 2nd the motion.  The motion carried.  Robin will mail a check to the Boys & Girls Club for the 2017 Fun Cook.

Teams are paying a fee to the Boys & Girls Club for use of the power at the 2018 Fun Cook.  There is a toy drive for the club and a 50/50 to benefit the Boys and Girls Club.  If we had to go somewhere else it would be a lot more expensive.



The meeting adjourned at  9:32 PM

Next BOD meeting: December 7, 2018-8:00 PM

Call in number 1-712-451-0294   Access Code: 184732