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FBA Board of Directors Minutes – October 2018

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

October 29, 2018 at 8:00 PM


Present: Ben Purvis, Matt Barber, Steve Brumm, Ed Shemanski, Lou Goldman, Robin Yelverton

Absent: Connie Washam

Guests: Tim Giebeig,  Jim Frazee, Shelby Lomen

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:00 PM


Approve BOD minutes for September 2018; postpone until November meeting


Business conducted by email: No business conducted by email  Motion made to change the dates of the nominations for the FBA BOD moved back from the 15th to the 20th.  Motion carried


Motion made to change the date of nominations


Financial Report – Robin Yelverton

PNC $9,962.23

Paypal $9,292.17

Total: $19,260.40

Will clever is paid through December


Membership Report – Connie Washam

No report


Consent Agenda-no consent agend items



Cook Teams Committee – No Report


Judges Committee – Jim Frazee:  I am still working on the stats and will have a final report at the fun cook.  He will  work closely with Gary Washam to get final numbers and will create graphs and visuals.  We’re talking about other issues but that’s it for this month.


IT Committee –


Rep Training Committee


Following are significant REP training activities during the month of September 2018:


  • Bryan Durta started REP training with his first contest at Davenport and will attend the Orlando contest as his second training event
  • Roy Griffin has committed to shadow the Pompano Beach contest as his first step towards entering REP training
  • Have identified two more candidates for REP training (husband & wife team). Will be in touch with them to discuss overall training plan and determine if they are ready to shadow a contest to assess their real interest level.


New Contest Liaison – No report


Rep Committee – no report


Marketing/Social Media Committee Social committee meeting: Matt Barber – would like to see the contests rotating on the website. Ed as the lead has more information on the Fun Cook.  The T-shirt order form is on line to purchase Fun Cook T-shirts.


Old Business – President

  1. New HOF nominees, not sure how many there are. last year’s nominees were mostly the founders.  Lou Goldman believes it should be limited to 3 nominations for 2018.  Maybe next year we could put the previous inductees as a committee for the next year.  It will be easier once some of the old timers have been inducted.  Lou thinks it should go out to the membership.  Final decision should be made by the board members.
  2. Tri Fold update: Where to put them. We can also pass them out at contests.  We need to work on a list of locations.
  3. Box Routing to tables: The box routing accomplished the initial goal and that was to eliminate any teams on the same tray, but pairings are more pronounced. We weren’t going to use it for a couple of contests and Gary would get with Will Clever to try to iron the pairings out.  The program cannot do the math for it.
  4. Fun Cook Update: All applications are on line. competition, t-shirts, cook site Cocktail crawl and judges application.  November 15th is the last day to order a t-shirt for the Fun Cook   What happened to the Generic t-shirts and caps.  Not many were sold.  But the remainders will hopefully be available at the Fun Cook too.  5 teams are signed up so far.  8 shirt orders so far.  once we finalize the BY TOTY rules that will help
  5. BBQ Data: they want to track BBQ Data and they want to track some of our data. There’s a large payout, but not sure what that’s about.  How does this benefit our members?  All members will not benefit, we do have some of our cook teams that do stand to benefit from it.  There used to be a website that calibrated all BBQ contest standings and each competing team every cook team visited this site to see where they stood.  No benefit to the judges.  We are trying to figure out what the cost to FBA is.

Lee Thompson: Smithfield is holding the national BBQ Cup.  They are taking the top 25 teams in the country and holding a contest in New Orleans.  Possibly 3-4 FBA teams might get invited.  Smithfield is using BBQ Scores to gather their data.  All the information is on the Smithfield website.

  1. FBA Banners: We still don’t have the banners as of this meeting. If it’s ok with the board, Ben is going to just have Terry McKay make them.    Robin Yelverton moved that we authorize FBA banners to be made at whatever budget was set.  Steve Brumm 2nd, the motion carried

New Business

  1. Back Yard TOTY: Everyone should have received the TOTY rules. There are lots of different opinions.  if we kick teams out of BY if they win money or they can be in BY forever.  We don’t want the same guy to win TOTY always

Steve Brumm moves that we accept and approve the latest version of the Back Yard rules, Robin Yelverton 2nd.  The motion carried.  Someone needs to add this to our team rules.

  1. Elections Ed Shemanski is running unopposed for VP, Shelby Lomen Running unopposed for Treasurer.  there are 4 candidates for two director openings.  Brian Tongue, Matt Barber, Steve Brumm and Allen Pomerleau.  The elections will run from November 24th through November 30th.


Comments: Lou Goldman; What are we doing about the contests that have not paid out for their contest.  Ben believes that money orders should be out this week for the FloLoco contest.  Shelby will get them distributed as soon as possible.  What can we do in the future to prevent this from happening again.  Ben is looking into this.  lots of ideas presented but so far none are viable. We cannot insure a contest that we are not putting on.  but if we don’t do something we’ll have less and less teams signing up for the new contests.


no member comments. 

The meeting adjourned at  9:27 PM

Next BOD meeting: November 26, 2018-8:00 PM

Call in number 1-712-451-0294   Access Code: 184732