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FBA Board of Directors Minutes – September 2018

Florida BBQ Association

Board of Directors Meeting

September 24, 2018 at 8:00 PM


Present: Ben Purvis, Matt Barber, Steve Brumm, Ed Shemanski, Lou Goldman, Robin Yelverton

Recorder: Connie Washam


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 8:00 PM


Approve BOD minutes for August 2018 need

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the August minutes. Matt Barber 2nd.  the motion carried


Business conducted by email:

Paperwork for the contest in Milton, FL has been receivedSteve Brumm made a motion to approve the contest held in Milton FL.  Ed Shemanski 2nd, the motion carried unanimously


Robin Yelverton made a motion to have Cintas make 24 hats and leave the T-shirt’s at 72.   That’s 12 of each size. Ed Shemanski 2nd.  The motion carried

Robin Yelverton – Yes Ed Shemanski – Yes     Steve Brumm – Yes      Lou Goldman – Yes     Matt Barber – Yes

Connie Washam – Abstain


Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the new sanctioning terms and conditions to include Back Yard contests.  Connie Washam 2nd.  The motion carried

Steve Brumm – Yes      Connie Washam – Yes Ed Shemanski – Yes     Lou Goldman – Yes     Robin Yelverton – Yes

Matt Barber – no response


Ed Shemanski made a motion to allow up to $700.00 for Team of the Year Trophies.   Steve Brumm 2nd  The motion carried unanimously


Financial Report – Robin Yelverton

PNC $11,013.77

Paypal $9,013.49

Total $20,426.26


Membership Report – Connie Washam

we got 16 new members this month

686 members

A judges class was held and there are 16 new FBA Certified BBQ Judges.

545 judges


Consent Agenda

  1. Approve the following reps for Milton contest Ed Shemanski will be the lead along with Charles Golden and Bill Tanner
  2. Approve Reps for the Fun Cook contest Ed Shemanski will be Lead along with Steve & Lorne Brumm
  3. Approve Rep changes for Pompano Gary Washam will be Lead along with Connie Washam and Sheila Jones
  4. Approve Ed Shemanski as the additional Rep for Odessa.
  5. When the judge sign up for an event opens, the IT committee shall send an email blast to all judges to announce the opening and closing dates.

Steve Brumm made a motion to approve the consent agenda, Matt Barber 2nd the motion carried



Cook Teams Committee – No Report


Judges Committee – Jim Frazee: produced statistics of judge attendance in central south Florida there were 2/3 master judges and 1/3 pre master judges.  In those contests held north Florida it was reversed 2/3 pre master and 1/3 master judges.  Of the 545 judges we have only about 300 are applying to judge.  There are judges that just show up and will get a seat, to replace those who don’t come for one reason of another.  most contests have a seat or two available, and the lead representative will try to fill the seat.  Back Yard competitions will give more opportunities for that number to increase.  we have new events this year so we’ll see more and more getting to participate in the events.


IT Committee – Gary Washam, nothing major.  Following are significant IT Committee tasks worked and/or completed during the month of September 2018:


  • Website
    1. Ran into problem with SSL certificate use when the PayPal option for Paid Membership Pro was enabled for testing. Locked the entire website.  Worked with Bluehost to restore the website to normal operations.  Working with PMPRO technical support to address the issue.
    2. Enabled the Elections 2018 page and main page button for members to review election process and nominations.
  • Scorecard
    1. Auto box routing software was used at Perry contest and appears to have worked correctly. Routing was significantly faster with the auto routing option but there are a couple user interface issues that may require tweaking the interface and labels.
  • REP Equipment
    1. Assigned ED the task of loading one of the FBA laptops with UNIX type operating system to determine if leaner O/S will extend life of our laptops in the face of constant changes to Microsoft O/S and software. First test looks encouraging.
  • Misc
    1. Lori Ware continues to process all the judge signup sheets and randomize the names for Lead REP judge selection. The randomized spreadsheet has been enhanced to include all necessary data from judge’s history and Lead REP suggestions to simplify the selection process.
    2. Charles Golden will start testing Scorecard migration onto new website this coming week. Test contest is enabled for him to conduct testing.




Following are significant REP training activities during the month of September 2018:


  • Bryan Durta started REP training with his first contest at Davenport and will attend the Orlando contest as his second training event
  • Roy Griffin has committed to shadow the Pompano Beach contest as his first step towards entering REP training
  • Have identified two more candidates for REP training (husband & wife team). Will be in touch with them to discuss overall training plan and determine if they are ready to shadow a contest to assess their real interest level.


New Contest Liaison – Dennis Schmitz; No Report


Rep Committee Charles Golden, the routing software worked really well at the Perry contest.  there were some quirks but nothing major.  He would like to see the ones who do not show up nor do they call there should be a list kept.  there really is no excuse not to call.  Thankfully there were several Master Judges that helped.  There was only one no show no call in Perry.  He would like the Lead reps to send in the names of those who do not show up or call.


Marketing/Social Media Committee Social committee meeting  Matt Barber working on more sites for the Fun Cook…working with Rectek to sponsor the Back Yard Contest. Trying to set up some other side activities.  The FBA trifold marketing brochures are printed and we need to purchase brochure holders.

Steve Brumm made a motion to spend up to $50.00 to purchase 20 plastic brochure holders.  Ed Shemanski 2nd  the motion carried unanimously.


Old Business – President

  1. New HOF nominees, We have one submission for the HOF so far
  2. Tri Fold update: Printed and we are ordering plastic holders for them.
  3. Backyard Terms and conditions approved in an online vote. they are up on the website now.
  4. Box Routing to tables: We tried in Davenport but was unsuccessful because of the team to table ratio. The box routing was used in Perry. Time saver as part of the routing system. Clearly opened up the back end time wise.  There were no duplications as far as tray placement.  prints the table numbers and got a little close to the numbers of the swap label.  ON the swap label thing, when this one was printed out the tells us the table It was suggested that we use a letter as opposed to a number.  might confuse the program because numbers are easier to work with.
  5. Fun Cook new location? hoping to pull together some ancillary contests at the Fun Cook.  Back Yard contests will not necessarily be a four meat contest.  So a TOTY point system needs to be established.

TOTY is a marathon.

New Business

  1. Back Yard TOTY: Ben would to see a backyard TOTY begin at the Fun Cook. Ben did not want to see the BY turn into a marathon, but let the best 10 contest scores (number random)  If you cook 15 BY teams you can drop your low scores and just count your top ten contests.
  2. The Milton contest says on their website and they only want 20 teams but all teams have to vend. She would like to know what’s happening with regard to this contest.  Willing to work with us but is BBQ challenged.
  3. First mention of automatic forms, IT is testing different plug in options. FormStack is an independent company they charge a monthly fee for its use.


Comments from members:

no comments.

The meeting adjourned at  9:27 PM

Next BOD meeting: October 29, 2018-8:00 PM

Call in number 1-712-451-0294   Access Code: 184732