This year there are three scheduled board positions up for election; Vice-President, Treasurer and One Director seat. For the Director seat the single nominee with the most votes will be considered the winner. Listed below are the people nominated to run for those positions.  Since Ed Shemanski has been nominated to run for the VP position, and he is a current BOD member with a year remaining in his existing term, and he has won the VP position, a second Director position is eligible for filling with a new member.

After the elections are completed, in accordance with the current ByLaws, Ben Purvis, FBA President, will nominate a member to fill Ed’s vacated Director position.  Ben has committed that the person he nominates will come from the list of candidate who ran for Director but did not win, if there are any candidates remaining that did not win.  If there are no remaining candidates, Ben will accept personal nominations from the membership as candidates to fill the vacated Director position.  The individual Ben nominates must be approved by the BOD before taking office.

Below is a sample ballot:



Email invitations to vote will be sent out the week before the election opens.  Paper ballots will be sent out earlier to account for mail delivery delays.   Your username is your email address.  The voting software will be configured such that you should not have to enter your username or the Voter KEY but you will click on the link provided by the software that will automatically log you in to vote.
The candidate names will automatically be shuffled on the ballot to avoid providing an advantage to any candidate based on alphabetical listing.  You must vote for at least one candidate in order for your vote to be tallied.  You can vote for up to 2 candidates.

Most of the voting will be done via email ballots sent out by the election software. Those without valid email addresses will be mailed a paper ballot. Actual voting will open on November 24, 2018 at 1:00 AM and all votes must be in or postmarked by 11:55 PM, November 30, 2018. Terms begin on January 1, 2019.


Ed Shemanski



Shelby Lomen



Matt Barber

I am nominating myself to run for the office of Director.
Matt Barber is the Founder and President of Hot Wachula’s Inc., an all natural gourmet food manufacturer located in central Florida. Matt is also the pitmaster for Hot Wachula’s competition BBQ team and is two time FBA Team of the year.
Matt started his career as a Graphic Designer at a small agency in Spartanburg South Carolina and eventually became Senior Art Director for Publix Super Markets in Lakeland, Florida. He has collaborated with such agencies as WestWayne in Tampa, Florida, Communication Arts in Boulder, Colorado and Hornall Anderson Design Works in Seattle, Washington. His portfolio includes work for Publix Super Markets, Atlanta Bread Company, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves and Yahoo. Matt has also been involved in public service work for the SPCA of Lakeland, Florida as well as the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa, Florida.
Strength, character and ethics need to be the backbone of the FBA and that will be what makes us succeed.

The FBA is a great organization and I feel I represent it well wherever I may be traveling or competing. I feel my background, education and business experience would be a great asset to the FBA board and  I would appreciate your vote for Director at Large. Feel free to talk with me at any contest with any comments or concerns, just not during turn in time, lol.” Matt Barber.

Brian Toung

I am running for the position of FBA Director at Large.

I have been a foodie for as long as I can remember. I have attended several cooking schools including Cordon Bleu and CIA as well as being tutored by a Northern Italian chef named Rosario Vinci.

I have always loved BBQ and I became a judge after talking to my lifelong friend, Lou Goldman about it.  My wife and I attended FBA BBQ school in Oviedo in May of 2013 and KCBS in June in Apex North Carolina.  However, we have not followed up with KCBS due to a lack of Florida contests.  Since then I have judged 30 FBA contests becoming a Master Judge, and several unsanctioned backyard events, joined and judged in the Steak Cook-off Assn. several times, as well as the World Food Championships last year.  I also regularly judge in the local South Daytona Grillers gone wild contest.

I have been running a successful criminal/civil law practice for 35 years and my wife is a successful distributor of pool furniture and playground equipment.  I was recently the President of the Port Orange Chamber of Commerce and we are considering hosting a BBQ event in the future.  I have been a member of and leader in multiple legal, civic and aviation organizations over the past25 years.

I work full time, teach part time at Embry-Riddle, but I am no stranger to multi-tasking, and would generate as much time as needed to be on the board of the FBA in order to see it prosper and grow.  I believe I have a depth and breadth of experience that could be very beneficial to FBA.

Thank you for your consideration.


BS – Business Administration /Finance – Auburn University
Juris Doctor – Florida State University College of Law
MS – Aeronautical Science – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
PhD – Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition – University of Natural Health

Allen Pomerleau

I am nominating myself to run for the office of Director.
Allen has been with the FBA as a professional competitive cook team since 2012 and has been a certified judge since 2016. The founder and CEO of GitChewSum Barbecue, LLC, a catering company located in Southwest Florida, Allen is also the pitmaster for competition BBQ team GitChewSum BBQ.
Allen started his career at PGT Industries (formally known as Vinyl Tech) in Venice, Florida. During his 23 year career with PGT, he had the luxury of being able to move around within the company and was tasked with turning around struggling business units. During his journey he became known as the leader who liked to show his appreciation for his team members by cooking for them. This turned into him cooking for the entire company (2,200 strong) on multiple occasions, in hind site this was a pivotal part in the inception of GitChewSum Barbecue, LLC.

In 2012 Allen joined the FBA as a cook team in order to be able to vend at the Suncoast Blues & Brews BBQ Bash in Venice (his hometown). What initially started as an opportunity to make a few bucks as a vender, quickly turned into a friendly bet between a couple local rivalry’s to on all out commitment to the FBA primarily as a competitive cook team. Since 2012, we have competed in 30+ competitions and have not missed one this year. Allen is a straight shooter who values himself on ethics and is determined to be open minded and committed to help drive change for the better.

With my experiences and background I feel that I would be a great addition to the team and would appreciate your vote for Director at Large. Please don’t hesitate to reach out or stop me at any contest or e-mail me at gitchewsumbbq@gmail.com with any questions, suggestions, comments and/or concerns.


Allen Pomerleau

Steve Brumm

I am a long time FBA member. I am a master judge, a contest Rep, and a judges’ seminar instructor. I have served the FBA for a term as a Board Member, two terms as Vice President, and a term as President. As President, I led the FBA from what was probably the lowest point ever to a viable entity. As Vice President, my primary duties have involved matching Reps to contests to ensure smooth administration of the contests.
The FBA is growing and Ben Purvis is leading us on to bigger and better things. I would like to continue to be part of that growth. To the best of my knowledge, every
member who has contacted my with a question or problem over the years has received an answer. I firmly believe in listening to the membership.

I am currently retired and live with my wife Lorne in what remains of Panama City, Florida. I have been able to devote a great deal of time to the FBA as a retiree and hope the members will allow me to continue to do so.

I am a retired Air Force officer and have attended many fine management courses along the way. In another life, I was a College administrator and professor. I taught Forensic Science and have a master’s degree from University of Florida in Forensic Toxicology. At the same time I worked 22 years as a part time police officer with the Panama City Police Department and retired as a Lieutenant.

If you have questions, please feel free to attempt contact by sending a text to 850-624-2882. Phones are off and on and Internet is non-existent at the moment.

Steve Brumm