Florida BBQ Association’s Hall of Fame


Each year a few individuals of the Florida BBQ Association are awarded for their significant contributions to the Association and to the BBQ community.



Joby Stanaland, Inducted 2017

  • Co-Creator of FBA and elected president during its initial six years.
  • A consummate southern salesman who used his skills to attract the attention of potential sponsors, judges and cooking teams to join the FBA family.
  • Solicited and received input from many cook teams which formed the basis for the development of many of the FBA rules and regulations.
  • Even as a successful and intense competitor on Saturdays, he always found the time on Fridays to have a party in his tent for anyone who dropped by to eat, drink and swap tales.


Les Price, Inducted 2017

  • Co-Creator of FBA and elected member of the Board of Directors during its initial three years.
  • Organized the FBA introductory ’start-up’ meeting.
  • Wrote the FBA organizational documents and rules and regulations.
  • Organized and ran the first FBA sanctioned BBQ contest.


Norm Spradlen, Inducted 2017

  • FBA’s first President (un-elected).
  • FBA founding member.
  • He wrote the FBA’s first scoring program.



Rob “Rub” Bagby, Inducted 2018

  • A member of the FBA since 2003, began competing as Swamp Boys in 2004
  • Competed in over 300 FBA contests
  • Won his first Grand Championship in 2006 in Quincy, FL
  • Voted to the Board of Directors 2006, Secretary 2007 and 2008, Vice-President 2008, President in 2009 and 2010
  • Won his first State Championship/Qualifier in 2007 in Newnan, GA
  • Earned the first Perfect Score in the FBA, 2010, Newnan, GA
  • Won the FBA State Championship in FL, GA, AL
  • Won the FBA Triple Crown
  • Represented the FBA four times at The Jack Daniel World Championships
  • Taught BBQ Classes to hundreds of people from across the country, Canada, and Europe
  • Since 2006 has been in the top 3 TOTY 9 times & top 5 TOTY 4 times
  • 2008, 2009, 2017 Team of the Year
  • Won over 110 Grand and Reserve Grand Championships